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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s Suppliers And Investors Upset With Slackening Demand

Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL)’s suppliers and investors are getting a bit restive at what they feel is the lack of enthusiasm for the company’s devices.

Demand, they feel, is no longer what it has and they are still coming to grips with it. Samsung and other companies such as Nokia and Blackberry are rapidly gaining market share and all at the expense of Apple.

The iPhone maker was once the darling of investors and provided a steady source of work to its suppliers. But no longer, it seems. Indications of reduced shipments of Apple’s phones and tablets have sent chills throughout the company’s supply chain network.

Lack of innovation seems to be one of the main criticisms being levelled against the company, especially in the post-Steve Jobs era.

Reuters, which spoke to several Asian suppliers, said that with uncertainty surrounding the launch dates of various Apple products, they were trying to reduce their dependence on the company. At one time, these companies were basking in the glow of Apple’s success and were even thrilled to be part of rumours which would speculate on them being an elite group of suppliers to the company.

That thrill is now missing, since Apple’s demand is no longer of the level that it is before.

Apple will be reporting its quarterly results on Tuesday and the market will be waiting for some outlook and its future direction, including some idea about the launch of low-priced phones.

Supplier sources in Japan and Taiwan, home to dozens of Apple suppliers, said they initially expected mass-production of the next iPhone to begin in June, Reuters said.

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