Market News Call

Large Caps Reporting Results Wednesday

Apple reports results with its shares down some 30 percent from a record high in September, in part on worries that its mobile devices are no longer as popular. Investors are unusually nervous because

Large Caps Making Noise on Friday

General Electric, the largest U.S. conglomerate, is expected to report higher quarterly results, reflecting Chief Executive Jeff Immelt’s efforts to boost operating margins at the world’s largest maker of jet engines and electric turbines.

Large Cap Stocks Making News Wednesday

BlackRock, the world’s biggest money manager, reports results, with profits expected to be bolstered by record-breaking customer inflow to its iShares line of exchange-traded funds. But with the stock price near a three-year high,

Early Earnings Results Point to Slow Recovery

Alcoa (AA) is scheduled to report its fourth quarter earnings results tomorrow which means the earnings “preseason” has drawn to a close. As the focus returns to earnings, the results of these early reporting companies