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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB): German data commissioner observes facial recognition policy changes

The social networking giant Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) started a slew of policy changes last week and one of them is addition of facial recognition in the data protection policy for the European users.

This has attracted attention of data protection commissioner of Hamburg, which had put aside legal proceedings against the company last year after deactivation of facial recognition in EU and promising to delete the templates.

The German data protection commissioner has restarted legal proceedings against the site in August 2012 because of the facial recognition policy stating that it either gets permission for using the facility or stop using it. He said that if nothing is done, then a lawsuit would proceed against the firm.

This resulted in Facebook shutting down the feature for European users in September along deleting data of the users. This made the commissioner drop the legal proceedings against the firm and all this existed until latest privacy changes were detailed.

Johannes Caspar, Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, stated that it was shocking to see the firm add the feature in the new proposed privacy policy published by the firm.

He added that the company officials have been contacted to check if there was a change in the policy or it was a mistake of translation.

The response would lead to the next chain of events. Only in an extreme case, the social networking giant may find itself dealing with a lawsuit or it may just be a blunder at work as the company would avoid running afoul for bringing back facial recognition feature in EU.


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