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Lipper Data – Asia Pacific (Ex Japan) Funds Weekly Analysis

In the week ended 01/02/2013, the Weekly Only reporting dataset of Asia Pac (Ex Japan) funds (totaling $1.965 Bil, excluding ETFs) reported net investor inflows of $7.9 million. This represents the first weekly inflows by active money managers since the first week of November 2012, and the largest weekly inflows since mid-August 2011 (+$20 million).

When looking at the same data set inclusive of ETFs, we see a second consecutive week of inflows (+$209 million).  The data set inclusive of ETFs (totaling $17.925 billion) significantly dwarfs that of the active-only funds, and has seen a two-week inflow of $440 million, the largest two-week increase since the first half of April 2011 (+$488 million).

The data suggests that fund managers were more aggressively using the regional ETF exposure for a bullish hedge ending 2012 and beginning 2013.  The active managers conversely reversed a seven-week bearish run that nearly closed out 2012, with a strong bullish reversal to start 2013.  Data from both sets indicates a bullish finish to 2012, as the majority of that final period includes just one trading day in 2013.


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