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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Lync Server 2013-Skype federation soon

Interoperability of services under one roof is all the rage. Google has done it and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is also following suit.

The company’s communications product Lync Server 2013 will be integrated with Skype, the company it acquired.

Lync Server 2013, offers a host of services right across instant messaging, presence, enterprise telephony, conferencing and collaboration features out of the box.

The latest version of the product offers better integration with Microsoft office as well as a robust mobile version for the three major platforms.

“Lync Server federates today with the major public IM providers such as MSN, Yahoo and AOL Instant Messenger, as well as XMPP based services like Google Talk. The genius in adding federation support for Skype is how this will significantly change the way many see the product as a solution for bridging business and consumer communications.”

Skype federation will initially support audio calls and instant messaging, but video support will soon follow.

This will allow users to communicate from their mobile clients with Skype users in a new way. By enabling seamless communications from business to consumer products, Microsoft sheds some light on the plans it has for Skype.

“Skype federation is founded in what Microsoft terms as a B2X strategy. At a basic level, this places the emphasis on human interaction and enabling fluid communications from business to consumer, and vice versa, rather than communications as disparate technology silos focused on a single task. Simply put, unified communications is becoming truly unified.”

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