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Research In Motion Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) Q10 to Release in UK Soon

Ever since Research In Motion Ltd(NASDAQ:BBRY) has become BlackBerry, there have been numerous theories and predictions regarding the company’s future. The company, which had been struggling to stay afloat in the smartphone market amidst heavy-duty rivals like Apple and Samsung, then announced the introduction of the powerful BlackBerry 10 platform and revealed that two brand new smartphones with this software will be launched soon.

The all-touch Z10 met with more or less favorable response although the predictions that the product will catapult the company to the top once again turned out to be over-optimistic. Sales have not been as per expectations even if the smartphone has been praised for its hardware design and a couple of features.

Now the company is pinning its hopes on the BlackBerry Q10, which is the next product up for launch soon. According to reports, it is a smartphone to watch out for. It is not that the Q10 is a beast that threatens to chew benchmarks like there’s no tomorrow and is certainly not a threat to the full-touchscreen market once it arrives. But then again, there are not too many QWERTY handsets around nowadays and there must be consumers who prefer this input method over the virtual keyboard a full-touch device provides.

The BlackBerry Q10 sort of fills a space in the market and even though it doesn’t have major competition yet, its hardware specifications look worthwhile. The Q10 is supposed to hit the shelves in UK soon, as per news from a particular carrier.

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