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Research In Motion Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY)’s New Operating System Is Being Tested By Developers

The new operating system by Research In Motion Ltd(NASDAQ:BBRY) has currently been sent to developers so that they can figure out the new and improved features of the operating system. The Blackberry OS 10.1C SDK has been distributed to the developers to get feedback on the new features. The new code, it is said, has added a bunch of new and improved features to Blackberry’s operating system, which is still in its nascent stages.

The developer code is compatible with the Blackberry Dev Alpha B, Alpha C as well as the Z10 hardwares, and the best part is that just about anyone can install it, because the installation process is very easy. However, this version, which has been given out to the developers, is not for consumers, and also other casual enthusiasts. The version sent out to the developers is not a complete version of the operating system which will officially be released. The Blackberry 10.0, the version to be sent out to the consumers, is different from the one the developers are handling.

The developers have had to new OS for about a day, and they are already being able to pint out the various new features that the new code offers. HDR photography being installed into the camera application is one of the features. The keyboard has also undergone improvement. The highlighted text now appears in green instead of blue, and Text Picker has also been improved and is now easy to maneuver through. The Blackberry World, the application store, now has a coupon redemption system. It is also easier to locate application on the operating system, now.

The new OS helps unlock the screen through the power button of the phone, and the walkthroughs and demonstrations by the operating system are also interesting. Users can turn the alerts off on various applications if they wish to do so, and there are many more changes apart from these, which the developers are discovering in the new Blackberry OS.

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