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5G Master Key: Dave Forest’s Biggest 5G Investment Story of 2020?

A new look at Dave Forest’s 5G Master Key presentation by Casey Research about a tiny company that offers high-tech master keys that could be responsible in taking 5G technology countrywide.


The investment advisory firm Casey Research just came up with a new online marketing campaign with Dave Forest called the 5G Master Key. 5G Master Key is included in the Casey Research Strategic Investor newsletter headed by industry expert Dave Forest. It tries to convince people that 5G wireless technology is one of 2020’s biggest stories. Casey Research says that 5G is going to bring $12 trillion to the tech market, as it will provide download speeds that are super-fast, also open the road for remote surgeries, artificial intelligence, and self-driving cars to be possible.

What Does Strategic Investor Have to Offer?

While 5G is far from being perfect when it comes to how it works, Strategic Investor’s masterminds have identified a small company with more than 124 patents, a company that has rolled out the so-called 5G Master Key. According to Dave Forest, it seems the 5G Master Key can fix all the flaws of 5G, which means the company that developed it is one of the best investment opportunities in the future tech market.

Strategic Investor is now available for a $49 yearly subscription as opposed to the $129 usual yearly price, in a response to the 5G Master Key report.

The Strategic Investor subscription also includes the 5G Master Key program and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

What Is the 5G Master Key?

As mentioned earlier, the 5G Master Key includes a set of new technologies that one company has created. This company managed to identify 5G’s most dangerous flaws and is trying to fix them. It will revolutionize the tech world and help with the expansion of 5G over the next few months. Those who want to understand what 5G Master Key is all about the need first to understand 5G, this 5th generation’s wireless technology for mobile networks, a technology that started being deployed back in 2019. At the moment, almost all essential telecom companies in the world are working on 5G antennas and making plans on how to implement these devices.

The speeds at which 5G runs are in the 50Mbits\s to 2 Gbps range and 100 times faster than the ones of 4G technology. Only in the US alone, the biggest mobile networking carriers such as Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile have already started deploying 5G since 2019.

There are three companies that have provided the 5G infrastructure on which the 5G networks in America are built. These companies are Nokia, Samsung, and Ericsson.

Why do People need to Know About the 5G Master Key?

According to Strategic Investor, the 5G Master Key company can record as much as 9,700% gains for as long as 5G is sweeping the internet. People can buy a share in this company for under $10 at the moment. What’s also important to know about this company is that it has national governments, the US military and telecommunication giants offering it contracts.

The 5G Master Key program that comes with Strategic Investor can change lives because those who invest in the company that has the solution for 5G’s flaws are going to make huge profits soon, seeing the 5G technology is starting to be implemented everywhere.

What Can the 5G Master Key Fix?

One of the 5G’s flaws is that this wireless technology works on short waves. Such waves can be easily blocked by walls and other solid objects. For 5G to remain connected, there’s a need for a 5G cell antenna in the proximity of the devices that use this type of connectivity. In case there’s something in between the device and the antenna, the 5G signal won’t be received.

This leaves telecommunication companies with only two choices: they can either place 5G antennas all over the place, a few hundred feet across from each other, which would imply using tens of millions of antennas, or they can pay the company that came up with the 5G Master Key to offer them a solution, as this company has the technology capable of transmitting the 5G signal through any barrier.

The 5G Master Key uses microsatellites that are placed above the Earth and will soon launch the SKY satellite into orbit, just to cover the 5G signal. In other words, the company that came up with the 5G Master Key will provide 5G coverage for the entire world.

How Much Can People Make with Strategic Investor and the 5G Master Key?

Strategic Investor and 5G Master Key can help people make incredible profits. According to Casey Research, the company that had the 2G Master Key registered 17,600% profits, whereas the one with the 4G Master Key also recorded 17,672% gains.

The 5G Master Key company is believed to record a minimum of 9,700% in profits. Even Warren Buffet, the famous billionaire investor, put $2.1 billion in a company that’s testing 5G in 6 of the US states at the moment. In the meantime, Bill Gates made a direct investment in the Crown Castle 5G stock. Crown Castle has telecom towers that will work only with the 5G Master Key.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet aren’t the only two wealthiest people in the world to invest in 5G. Even George Soros bought stock in the small Liberty Broadband company. This is proof that Strategic Investor and 5G Master Key programs are going to work by helping people gain explosive profits after they invest in the companies presented in these 2 Casey Research reports. 5G won’t be successful without the 5G Master Key, so it’s crucial for those who are serious about making money from their investments to know everything about the company that has developed the 5G Master Key technology.

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