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America Reborn: Teeka Tiwari Palm Beach Letter Review

America Reborn by Teeka Tiwari is a new presentation for the Palm Beach Letter that shares why blockchain technology may be the number one investment of the century and what to do about the upcoming Cryptocracy to boost your wealth.


Palm Beach Research Group just launched a marketing campaign for The Palm Beach Letter called ‘America Reborn.’

In a video and webpage, the Palm Beach team describes a 279,000% blockchain opportunity and an “unstoppable trend” that will create 800,000 millionaires over the next three years. By taking advantage of these trends as American rebounds from the pandemic, investors can reap huge rewards.

What’s the story with America Reborn? Should you subscribe to The Palm Beach Letter? Find out everything you need to know about America Reborn and The Palm Beach Letter today in our review.

What is The Palm Beach Letter?

The Palm Beach Letter is a financial analysis newsletter led by editor Teeka Tiwari. It’s the flagship newsletter from Palm Beach Research Group.

In The Palm Beach Letter, investors discover unique investment ideas. The newsletter frequently discusses cryptocurrencies, for example, and off-the-beaten-track stock ideas. Instead of emphasizing the significant recommendations on Wall Street, Teeka and his team look for smaller opportunities suited for ordinary investors.

In the sales page for The Palm Beach Letter, the company claims you could have gained 119% to 550% by following their investment ideas:

“Since launching in 2011, our stock recommendations have given subscribers the opportunity for gains such as 119% on J&J Snack Foods, 112% on Anthem, 219% on Boston Scientific, and even 550% on Nvidia.”

As part of a 2020 marketing campaign, Palm Beach Research Group has created a promotional video and sales page titled America Reborn.

About America Reborn

The America Reborn video makes impressive claims about the rebounding American economy. Some of the claims made in the America Reborn sales page include:

One unstoppable trend is set to create 828,236 new millionaires in the next three years

Those who don’t buy into this trend today could be left in poverty

America is heading towards a crisis due to skyrocketing debt, civil unrest, and eroding trust in institutions

According to Teeka and The Palm Beach Letter team, there’s one solution: blockchain. Teeka is a massive supporter of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. He has recommended cryptocurrency investing for years. In addition to being editor of The Palm Beach Letter, Teeka edits the company’s two cryptocurrency newsletters, including Palm Beach Confidential and Palm Beach Crypto Income Quarterly.

Teeka doesn’t just believe blockchain is a good investment: he thinks it’s one of the best investments anyone can make in the next 100 years:

“I’ll go out on a limb and say blockchain technology is the #1 investment of the century. Yes, I realize that’s a BIG prediction…It might seem crazy. Yet I’m not the only one who sees the growth potential here…The World Economic Forum predicts blockchain will account for 10% of world GDP by 2027. That’s an estimated $12.7 trillion.”

Just like the internet changed the world, so too will blockchain. Teeka claims smart investors are already looking for the next Amazon, Google, and Microsoft of the blockchain space. By spotting these companies today and investing, you can make huge gains.

Teeka claims you won’t have to wait long to make these gains. Instead, blockchain is snowballing so much that investors will reap considerable rewards in less than a decade:

“As you can see, blockchain is BIG. And the growth forecast is even BIGGER… and much FASTER. Because the World Economic Forum expects the blockchain to grow 279,000% in the next seven years! Teeka adds that the military is already investing in blockchain, as are some of the world’s largest banks. They see enormous potential in blockchain technology. It can change the way we transmit money. It changes the way we bank. It changes technology and the internet.”

In other words, blockchain changes everything – including the future of the United States:

“The titans of banking and finance — and the tech world — which have dominated for decades appear to be in firm control. But this is a dangerous illusion. Behind closed doors, they’re silently scrambling… as they race to adapt — or risk getting left behind. We’re on the verge of a HUGE transition. America is about to be reborn — thanks to this new technology.”

Ultimately, you get to the point of Teeka’s ‘America Reborn’ presentation. He believes that America will ultimately be transformed into a cryptocracy. America will no longer be a democracy or any other type of modern political system. Instead, America will be a cryptocurrency-based democracy, with blockchain-based voting and other blockchain-centric features:

“The biggest wealth and a power shift in modern history are already underway. Soon, we’ll see the birth of an entirely new system. When it’s through, we’ll no longer live in a democracy…America will be reborn into what I call a “Cryptocracy.”

It’s a bold prediction – and Teeka admits it. However, Teeka claims he has been predicting world-changing trends for centuries. He wrote about cryptocurrency in early 2017, for example, just before the market exploded.

By subscribing to The Palm Beach Letter today, you get access to a report called America Reborn: How Blockchain Will Transform our Country and Generate Life-Changing Wealth. That eBook describes all of the information mentioned above, including the transformative effect blockchain will have on America.

What’s Included with The Palm Beach Letter?

Your subscription to The Palm Beach Letter includes a handful of bonus guides and eBooks, including the America Reborn report that describes how cryptocurrency and blockchain will transform America.

Here’s what you get with a new subscription as part of a 2020 marketing campaign:

  • 12 monthly issues of The Palm Beach Letter
  • Research Report #1: America Reborn: How Blockchain Will Transform our Country and Generate Life-Changing Wealth
  • Research Report #2: Blockchain Millionaire: How to Turn $675 into $1 Million
  • Research Report #3: America’s Untouchables: The Ultimate Portfolio Protection
  • 14-part Crypto Corner video series
  • Access to Teeka’s full financial research report archive
  • Email and text alerts for new trade recommendations and market events

Teeka claims these materials have massive value for investors. Teeka claims that the information contained in his reports could help investors “turn a small stake into over $1 million”. Teeka also claims his stock picks “have averaged 180% per year since 2011”. By following the investment advice in The Palm Beach Letter, you can purportedly make significant gains.

The Palm Beach Letter Pricing

The Palm Beach Letter is priced at $49 per year.

One year after you buy your subscription, your credit card will be automatically charged for one more year at the regular price of $129 per year. Your subscription will continue to automatically renew until you cancel.

About Palm Beach Research Group

Palm Beach Research Group is an investment advisory company best-known for its financial newsletters. The company offers investment ideas, stock tips, and financial recommendations through various newsletters.

The Palm Beach Letter is the company’s flagship financial newsletter. The company is also known for newsletters like Palm Beach Daily, Palm Beach Insider, Palm Beach Confidential, and Palm Beach Trader. The financial newsletters range in price from $200 to $5000 per year.

You can contact Palm Beach Research Group via the following:

  • Email:
  • Mailing Address: 55 NE 5th Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33483
  • Phone: 1-888-501-2598

Final Word

Palm Beach Research Group’s summer 2020 promotional campaign features the story of ‘America Reborn’. In a promotional video and page, Palm Beach editor Teeka Tiwari describes how blockchain will fuel the transformation of America as the economy rebounds. Teeka believes blockchain and cryptocurrency have huge investment potential for ordinary investors today, and they’ll ultimately create millionaires across the United States.

By subscribing to The Palm Beach Letter today, you get access to a report explaining how America will rebound, and how blockchain will turn American into a ‘cryptocracy’.

If you want to learn more, head to their official website, here.

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