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American Recovery Event: Steve Sjuggerud, Matt McCall’s True Wealth Investment Opportunities

The American Recovery Event from Dr. Steve Sjuggerud and Matt McCall presents True Wealth + Investment Opportunities research about why investors need to get out of cash now and how to prepare for the biggest stock market move of the next ten years.


The American Recovery Event is an online event created by Stansberry Research and the True Wealth team.

The online event features former hedge fund manager Dr. Steve Sjuggerud and investment analyst Matt McCall. During the event, the two discuss upcoming investment trends, including how the American economy could recover.

The American Recovery Event is available for free online for anyone to view. Attendees receive advertisements for various Stansberry Research products – including a subscription to True Wealth.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about The American Recovery Event and True Wealth.


What is The American Recovery Event?

The American Recovery Event is an online event hosted by Kelly Brown. The event is available for anyone to view online for free. You can watch a video of the event. Or, you can read a transcript.

During the event, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud and Matt McCall discuss how the American economy will recover over the coming months.

The event focuses on contradictory media messages: while the American economy is starting to recover, the media is highlighting fear.

If you only watched the news, you’d assume the American economy is in shambles with no chance of recovering. In reality, The American Recovery Event’s hosts argue the American economy is fine.

Matt McCall describes the media as a “circus”, claiming they’re pushing narratives for advertising revenue:

“One word: circus. That's what's going on right now. I try to not watch the news unless I'm on. But I will tell you this: Being behind the scenes, and actually being paid by a major news corporation for many years, we get these emails in the morning, and they'd be pushing certain topics. And a lot of the topics you hear right now are bearish. Because all networks care about their advertisers. And to get advertising, you need more viewers. So, if we scare people, they tend to watch more. Get this, the week after President Trump declared a national emergency Fox News saw its ratings climbed 89% over the same time… CNN saw 193% growth… and MSNBC saw 56% growth.”

The hosts describe that the economy was hit with a major, unexpected event: the COVID-19 pandemic. That pandemic wreaked havoc on markets.

However, the fundamentals of the market have hardly changed:

“Unlike the Dot-Com Crash or the Great Recession… there were no fundamental cracks in our economy that led to this crash.”

The American Recovery Event discusses a melt up and melt down expected to occur over the coming months. Smart investors sell stocks during the melt up, then buy stocks during the melt down.

Click Here to Watch the Get Out of Cash Now Presentation from Steve Sjuggerud and Matt McCall to see the True Wealth Investment Opportunities available right before the biggest stock market event of the decade.

Melt Up and Melt Down

The hosts discuss a “melt up”, where markets push to an all time high before retreating. We’ve seen melt ups in previous economic crashes and recoveries. Investors who invested after the melt up reaped rewards, while investors who sold during the crash lost.

Every melt up is followed by a melt down. As investor enthusiasm peaks, it eventually dwindles and melts down:

“Folks, this is it. The Melt Up is coming… followed by the inevitable Melt Down. And 99% of Americans are going to be flying blind through one of the most exciting financial events in history.”

Eventually, The American Recovery Event gets to its point: they want attendees to subscribe to True Wealth to get specific stock recommendations.

The hosts mention some of the “double and triple-digit gains” they have recommended since launching True Wealth in 2001. The company claims readers made 123% by investing in Petro China, when recommended, for example, and 165% by investing in Texas Pacific Land Trust.

What’s Included with True Wealth?

As part of The American Recovery Event promotion, your True Wealth subscription comes with a variety of event-related materials. You get bonus reports discussing the melt up and melt down, for example. You receive actionable recommendations on specific investments to make to take advantage of America’s tumultuous recovery.

Your True Wealth subscription includes all of the following:

  • 1 year of True Wealth
  • 1 year of Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities
  • Dr. Steve Sjuggerud’s model portfolio of leading melt up stocks
  • Dr. Steve Sjuggerud’s Melt Up Blueprint
  • Five Stocks That Could Soar During the Melt Up
  • How to Get Out Before the Melt Down

True Wealth

True Wealth is a financial newsletter that recommends specific stocks and investments. The newsletter analyzes markets, then alerts investors to unique opportunities. You receive one copy of the newsletter each month highlighting different opportunities. Future issues will focus on “making the most money during the coming melt up”.

True Wealth publication as viewed on desktop and tablet devices

Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities

Matt McCall has a portfolio of “shoot for the moon” recommendations, including sectors that “could soar higher than anything else in the months to come”, including tech stocks, biotech stocks, cryptocurrencies, and more. If you want investment opportunities that could make you rich quick, then Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities model portfolio may be the right choice for you.

Investment Ops

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud’s Melt Up Blueprint

This bonus report highlights top investments to target during the upcoming ‘melt up’, including specific instructions on how to buy those investments.


How to Get Out Before the Melt Down

This report explains how to protect yourself from the inevitable melt down and secure any melt up profits. Steve purportedly collaborated with a team of data scientists to identify the perfect time to sell each individual investment before the crash. By following Steve’s advice and timing the market perfectly, you can maximize investment gains.

B4 the Crash

Five Stocks That Could Soar During the Melt Up

Matt McCall claims to have run thousands of stocks through his 10X investment analysis system. Based on these thousands of tests, he has picked five stocks that he believes will soar 500% to 1,000% in the coming months. By investing in these stocks today, investors can purportedly make huge gains.

5 Stocks

True Wealth Pricing

True Wealth is priced at $50 to $130 per year, depending on your subscription option:

Standard ($49 Per Year)

Includes all bonus materials and reports listed above

Premium ($79 Per Year)

Includes all bonus materials and reports listed above

Includes 3 bonus reports, including The Brains Behind Self-Driving Vehicles, The Great China Trade, and The Block-Wave Investor’s Guide

Deluxe ($129 Per Year)

Includes all bonus materials and reports listed above

Includes 3 bonus reports, including The Brains Behind Self-Driving Vehicles, The Great China Trade, and The Block-Wave Investor’s Guide

Includes 3 deluxe bonus reports.

True Wealth special reports

One year after signing up for True Wealth, your credit card will automatically renew at $199 to keep your annual subscription active. Your subscription will automatically renew every year until you contact the company to cancel. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

True Wealth Refund Policy

True Wealth comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. You can request a complete refund within 30 days with no questions asked.

About Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research is a financial analysis firm founded in 1999. Today, the company specializes in providing actionable investment recommendations and research, catering to people who self-manage their portfolios.

Here’s how the official website describes the company:

“We aim to bring our subscribers the safest, most profitable investment ideas in the world, no matter what’s happening in the markets.”

Popular Stansberry Research newsletters include True Wealth, Retirement Millionaire, DailyWealth Trader, Stansberry’s Investment Advisory, and Extreme Value, among others. The company offers dozens of newsletters (free and paid) catering to different areas of the market.

You can contact Stansberry Research via the following:

Phone: (888) 261-2693


Stansberry Research is based in Baltimore, Maryland.

Final Word

The American Recovery Event is a free online webinar hosted by the Stansberry Research team. The website describes how the upcoming American economic recovery could include a melt up and a melt down. Smart investors sell during the melt up, then buy during the melt down.

By investing in True Wealth today, you can discover how to capitalize on America’s economic recovery over the coming months. Your subscription includes multiple bonus reports highlighting the melt up and melt down – including specific stocks and sectors to target as America’s economy recovers.

To learn more about The American Recovery Event and True Wealth, subscribe today.

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