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Andy Snyder’s Manward Letter: The Coronavirus Emergency Financial Video

The Coronavirus Emergency Financial Video presentation by trading expert Andy Snyder features The Manward Letter and its five free research reports starring the The #1 Tech Stock of 2020.


Investor, Andy Snyder Unveils Investment Opportunities and Mistakes to Avoid Amidst the Coronavirus

In a recent recording that investor, Andy Snyder refers to as “The Coronavirus Emergency Financial Video,” the expert goes on to argue that now is the best time to invest in the stock market. In addition, he believes that many investors are making mistakes that should be avoided altogether. To summarize his thoughts, these are the points that he made in regard to the current stock market:

People are currently making three common portfolio mistakes

  • Why now is the best buying opportunity of the decade
  • How a $5 tech stock is positioned to grow 1,513%
  • Six iconic companies on suicide watch

Three industries set to skyrocket

Though all of the listed points are interesting here, the first needs to be highlighted. Snyder believes that many people are ‘hunting for a coronavirus curve’, ‘betting against America’, and ‘buying obvious work-from-home stocks’ all of which are crucial mistakes that need to be avoided.

‘Hunting for a coronavirus curve’

In his viewpoint, looking to invest in a company that claims to have found a vaccine is unrealistic because it could take 12 to 18 months before something effective is rolled out.

‘Betting against America’

Next, he notes that those who are trading inverse ETFs right now aren’t going to make much if the markets don’t move to one’s expectations. Matter-of-factly, this move can result in losses, leading to a complete “portfolio wreckage”.

‘Work-from-home stocks’

Since the lockdown, businesses across the globe had to readjust their operations so that people can work from home. While work-from-home stocks have seen a spike, there’s one unheard of a company that can be the showstopper, even more so than Zoom Communications. Details regarding this company has been unveiled in a report called, #1 Tech Stock to Buy During the Coronavirus Pandemic, but to gain access to this, individuals will have to become a member of the Manward Letter.

What is the Manward Letter?

Manward Letter is an in-depth research service that uncovers stock recommendations likely to grow one’s investment so that financial security can be achieved. Without any limitation, editor Andy Snyder will hold discussions regarding an array of assets ranging from dividend stocks to gold.

Why is Andy Snyder suitable for the Manward Letter?

According to the claims made, Snyder has been part of the independent financial research community for well over 17 years. During these years, he claims to have helped investors out of the 2008 financial crisis, notified them of stocks with triple and quadruple-digit gains, and encouraged investors to buy when most were likely to sell. His passion in investing and his risk-taking abilities (with the right knowledge) is what supposedly makes him a suitable editor for the Manward Letter.

What are the benefits of the Manward Letter?

As soon as one signs up to the Manward Letter membership, Snyder will send out his report on #1 Tech Stock to Buy During the Coronavirus Pandemic. He reasons that this very company is positioned to grow 1,513% because:

  • Its customers include Roku, DirecTV, BBC, Marvel Entertainment, Cigna, and Tencent among others
  • It has exposure to 5G, IoT, cloud computing to name a few
  • It is the leader of a “powerful type of technology” that will one day become essential
  • It has already partnered with 600 media companies

In addition, he’ll send out a report called, The Bankruptcy Watch List: Six American Icons on Suicide Watch. As the name suggests, these are companies that typically have low cash, high debt and are gradually making cuts to different facets of their business.

Next, members will be able to enter the 3D printing industry with his insights offered via Three Sure-fire 3D Printing Stocks to Buy Immediately report. The companies found in this report aim to address medical mask shortages in the country.

Lastly comes Snyder’s report on businesses that focus on the cannabis sector. Called, Five Essential Cannabis Stocks Set to Skyrocket, this report will include five stocks that are likely to have the biggest impact on this respective industry. Not only are they cheap, but they are poised to become “the best cannabis stocks to own” in the months to come.

As for the Manward Letter, the year-long membership includes:

  • 12 monthly issues
  • Weekly updates on the market and what’s happening globally
  • Weekly 10-minute video calls that cover ways to protect one’s wealth and health amidst the coronavirus
  • Access to a professional support team

Is the Manward Letter affordable?

The Manward Letter is currently offered at $49. Besides the low rate, the Manward Letter will be backed by a 365-day money-back guarantee. Given that this service is evidently risk-free, and relatively low in price compared to the typical $100 to $2000 memberships, the Manward Letter seems quite affordable. For more information, call customer service at either (800) 682-5210 or (443) 353-4263 and reference the promotion code: WMWLW412.

Final Thoughts

Manward Letter is an entry-level, monthly research service that covers a wide range of industries for potential wins. Based on the analysis above, Snyder doesn’t seem to place emphasis on any particular industry, as the only thing that seems to matter here is finding win-worthy investments. As far as research goes, he supposedly focuses on short term investments and at times recommends both stocks and options.

With that in mind, this service is definitely affordable given that it only costs $49 per year. However, it is unclear as to what the original price is and if prices will change once the first year is up. On the Brightside, a 365-day money-back guarantee is a long enough period to fully review Snyder’s approaches and to see if it aligns with one’s own trading styles.

One thing that investors might find upsetting with this service is that he tends to stray away from discussing his analyses and focuses solely on sending out recommendations. This might not sit well with people, as some investors’ interest in such services is to be able to learn and acknowledge the areas that need to be assessed prior to investing. To learn more about the Manward Letter, click here.

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