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The At-Home Revolution: Joel Litman Hidden Alpha Review

Joel Litman and the Hidden Alpha team have launched a new ‘The End of The Office' marketing campaign discussing the At-Home Revolution and its impacts on investors.

In a video and webpage, Joel explains how you can use the At-Home Revolution system to earn an extra $4,000 per year without investing a single penny. To learn about the system, you need to subscribe to Hidden Alpha.

What is The At-Home Revolution? How does the system work? Find out everything you need to know about The At-Home Revolution, Hidden Alpha, and Joel Litman today in our review.

What is The At-Home Revolution?

The At-Home Revolution is a moneymaking system marketed online by Joel Litman and the Hidden Alpha team.

Joel is the founder and CEO of Valens Research, an investment analysis company. 9 out of the 10 biggest financial institutions in the world read Valens Research’s analysis, with some clients paying $100,000 per month for the firm’s research.

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Valens Research shifted to a work-from-home model. Employees started to work from home for obvious reasons.

Valens Research noticed something: employees were equally productive working from home – if not more productive. Although the company was initially hesitant about the work from a home model, they’ve found it to be very successful:

“Thankfully, we've discovered what many other business owners are finding, too: Employees are happier, more productive, and saving a ton of money by working from home.”

Joel claims the work from home model is so successful that many companies will continue to work from home even after lockdown restrictions are lifted.

In fact, Joel claims the coronavirus didn’t cause the work from home shift – it just accelerated it. It was always happening, but the coronavirus forced many businesses to adapt suddenly.

Investors who recognize this shift today and take action could reap the rewards:

“Now, white-collar workers everywhere have proved they can work at home without the slightest dip in productivity. The implications are truly phenomenal for investors…Working from home will continue to be a massive trend this decade, even after the coronavirus is completely wiped off the earth. Because the truth is, this trend didn't start with the coronavirus. We were already on our way here. The pandemic accelerated us to the tipping point we see today…”

Joel adds that working from home is a huge investment opportunity. By taking the right action today, you can purportedly earn huge returns.

How Can Investors Make Money by Working from Home?

It’s no secret that more people are working from home than ever. But how can you use this shift to make more money? How does work from home translate into increased investment earnings?

According to Joel and the Hidden Alpha team, working from home is one of the biggest investment opportunities you will see in your lifetime:

“People are staying home more now than ever. And that will give you the biggest investment opportunity of the decade.”

Joel’s At-Home Revolution is based on three pillars, including:

  • Work at Home
  • Play at Home
  • Supply Your Home

Joel targets other less important pillars, including Protect Your Home, Learn at Home and Care at Home.

The point of Joel’s pillars is that investors who invest in companies related to these pillars today can reap future rewards.

Work at Home: This pillar covers companies like Zoom Technologies (ZM), which has been one of the year's best investments. Zoom rose 665% between August 2019 and July 2020. Nobody expected Zoom to achieve such impressive growth during its IPO. However, Joel does not recommend buying Zoom. In fact, he recommends investors avoid Zoom altogether, choosing a different stock instead. He mentions DocuSign (DOCU) as another underrated Work at Home stock that took off. Joel claims to have identified other Work at Home stocks that should experience similar rises in the future, claiming that Zoom’s rise to success is “just the beginning.”

Play at Home: This pillar covers stocks like Peloton Interactive (PTON), which sells at-home workout equipment and exercise bikes. Between March 2020 and July 2020, Peloton surged 250%. Joel also mentions video games and related technologies, as more people are turning to interactive entertainment than ever. NVIDIA (NVDA) has gained 2,209% between 2014 and 2020 (although much of this was linked to bitcoin instead of coronavirus). Roku (ROKU) and similar stocks fall into this category.

Supply Your Home: This pillar covers companies that supply homeowners with the items they need during the work from home revolution. Joel mentions eCommerce platforms like Shopify (SHOP) and Wayfair (W) as stocks that have made impressive returns in recent months. He also mentions telehealth services like Teladoc Health (TDOC), as these companies keep people safe and healthy while working from home.

Joel shares some of this information for free upfront, although his detailed investment recommendations are found in the At-Home Revolution report from Hidden Alpha.

Your welcome package includes a report called The Top Five ‘Work From Home’ Stocks You Should Buy and The Top Three ‘Play at Home’ Stocks You Should Buy.

That report details other investments you can make to capitalize on the work from home revolution, including specific steps to take today to maximize profit as a growing number of people, work from home, as well as the specific stocks you should buy based on the pillars listed above.

What’s Included with Hidden Alpha?

As part of a new promotional campaign, Joel Litman and the Hidden Alpha team have created a “welcome package” for new subscribers. That package includes various digital reports, including all of the following:

Monthly Issues of Hidden Alpha: Hidden Alpha is an email newsletter that aims to share the best investment strategies with subscribers. You receive a new issue of Hidden Alpha every month with the company’s top investment recommendations, model portfolio updates, and buying instructions (including entry and exit points) for each stock.

5 Work at Home Stocks: Work at Home was one of the three core pillars mentioned above. In the report called The Top Five ‘Work From Home’ Stocks You Should Buy, Joel recommends specific stocks investors should buy today to capitalize on the home revolution work. The report mentions stocks similar to DocuSign and Zoom that Joel expects will grow in the coming years as more people work from home.

3 Play at Home Stocks: In this report called The Top Three ‘Play at Home’ Stocks You Should Buy, Joel recommends specific stocks he expects will rise in the coming months as more people entertain themselves at home. Think of stocks like NVIDIA, Peloton, and Roku as examples. Joel has identified the next versions of these stocks, and he recommends buying them today for maximum upside.

3 Supply your Home Stocks: In this report called The Top Three ‘Supply Your Home’ Stocks You Should Buy, Joel explains how certain companies generate huge returns by supplying people at home. Think of stocks like Shopify, Amazon, and Wayfair. Again, Joel claims to have identified the next versions of these stocks, including stocks he expects to grow over the coming months.

Bonus #1: Protect Your Home Stock: In The One ‘Protect Your Home’ Stock You Should Buy, Joel describes how investing in one home protection-related stock today can lead to huge investment returns. It’s no secret that gun sales have spiked during the coronavirus pandemic. Joel claims people are keeping more value in their homes than ever, but they’re not upgrading their home protection systems at the same time. He recommends buying a specific home protection stock to maximize returns.

Bonus #2: At Home Revolution Stocks to Avoid: In 14 Office Armageddon Stocks to Avoid Today, Joel lists specific stocks you should not buy today because he feels they’re overvalued or due for a correction.

Altimetry Daily Authority: Altimetry Daily Authority is a free daily newsletter bundled with your subscription. The newsletter covers a new stock every day, recommending certain stocks while telling you to avoid other stocks.

Hidden Alpha Pricing

To receive access to all of the materials above, you need to subscribe to Hidden Alpha today. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

1 Year: $49 ($199 per year thereafter)

You pay $49 for your first year of Hidden Alpha. One year after you subscribe, Altimetry will automatically charge your credit card again for an additional year, although this time, you will be charged the full price of $199.

Altimetry will continue to charge you every year until you cancel. You can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting Altimetry.

Hidden Alpha Refund Policy

Hidden Alpha comes with a 30-day refund policy. You can request a complete refund within 30 days during the ‘trial period’ of your subscription.

After those 30 days are over, you cannot receive a refund.

Who is Joel Litman?

Joel Litman is Chief Investment Strategist and Managing Director at Valens Research and Valens Securities, Inc. He’s also a member of the Board of Directors of COL Financial Group, a brokerage firm in Asia.

Professor Joel Litman has an MM/MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management and a BS in Accountancy from Northwestern University. He’s also a Certified Public Accountant in Illinois.

You can learn more about Joel Litman at his DePaul University faculty page here.

About Altimetry

Altimetry is a financial analysis firm powered by Valens Research. The company aims to identify investments that others have missed.

Popular services from Altimetry include Hidden Alpha, High Alpha, and Microcap Confidential, all of which are financial newsletters that recommend various stocks.

Key members of the Altimetry team include Joel Litman (Chief Investment Strategist), Rob Spivey (Director of Research), Paulo Gutierrez (Chief Information Officer), and Sam Latter (Editor in Chief).

You can contact Altimetry via the following:

  • Email:
  • Email Form:
  • Phone: 1-800-701-9346
  • Mailing Address: 110 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02141

Final Word

The Hidden Alpha team has launched a new marketing campaign for its financial subscription service. By subscribing to Hidden Alpha today, you receive a bundle of bonus reports, including a package of reports discussing specific stocks to buy during the work from home revolution.

To learn more about Hidden Alpha’s recommended work from home stocks, subscribe to Hidden Alpha today for $49 through the special promotional offer.

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