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Back to Your Financial Future: Rob Booker, Lou Basenese Micro-Cap Advantage

The Back To Your Financial Future by Rob Booker and Lou Basenese is happening on October 14, 2020 at 1PM EST where two of America’s most trusted financial experts will reveal the Micro-Cap Advantage service.


Back to Your Financial Future is a webinar scheduled for October 14 at 1 pm. It’s marketed online by the Micro-Cap Advantage team.

During the Back To Your Financial Future webinar, investors will hear from “two of America’s most trusted financial gurus” as they explain how you could have turned a $500 investment into $1.1 million – and how you can use the same system to make similar returns today.

Is Back to Your Financial Future a legitimate opportunity? What will you learn during the webinar? Can you turn a $500 investment into a $1.1 million windfall?

Find out everything you need to know about Back to Your Financial Future today in our review.

What is Back to Your Financial Future?

Back to Your Financial Future is a webinar scheduled for October 14 at 1 pm. The webinar features Rob Booker and Lou Basenese, described as “two of America’s most trusted financial gurus.”

During the webinar, Booker and Basenese will purportedly explain “how a little-known secret could have turned $500 into $1,118,480” with the power of time travel. Although time travel is impossible, Booker and Basenese claim investors “can use this same secret today” to rewrite their financial future.

It’s no secret that time travel could lead to impressive investment returns. If you could travel back in time, you would probably buy bitcoin in 2009, for example, or stock in Amazon or Google during the 1990s.

Booker and Basenese’s moneymaking system goes beyond simple stock tips, however. The two recommend making four simple financial movements to write your financial future – and the financial future of your family.

By following the pair’s investment system, you could purportedly earn millions of dollars in less than half a year:

“We’re talking about turning $500 into $1,118,480 in warp speed. So let me ask you…How would having millions sitting in your bank account…in as little as just six months from now…How would that change your future?”

The sales page is filled with testimonials from people who earned tens of thousands by following Booker and Basenese’s recommended investment system. One man claims to have turned $13,000 into $34,000 in just four months by following their investment recommendations.

The webinar is free for anyone to attend. Viewers will then have the opportunity to subscribe to Micro-Cap Advantage to discover the full details of the system.

To discover the financial system, you need to subscribe to Micro-Cap Advantage for $1,495 per year. New subscribers receive an eBook called The Future Millionaire’s Playbook: 2021 Edition, which explains how to earn massive ROIs with a $500 investment.

There are plenty of get rich quick investment schemes found online, so how is Lou Basenese and Rob Booker's Back To Your Financial Future any different? Let’s take a closer look at how Back to Your Financial Future’s investment system works.

What Will You Learn During the Back to Your Financial Future Webinar?

During the Back to Your Financial Future webinar, investors will learn how to turn a small investment into a multi-million dollar fortune.

We can’t reveal the moneymaking system here without spoiling the webinar. However, we’ll discuss some of the claims Basenese and Booker make about the course.

“But what you’re about to learn has been proven to work for more than 81 years. Basically, it’s a little-known stock-market secret…And it could help you turn as little as $500…into a $1.1 million fortune…”

You don’t need a lot of money to get started. In fact, you could start with just a $500 investment.

You also don’t need any special financial accounts. You can use this moneymaking system with any ordinary brokerage account.

The moneymaking system has nothing to do with options, day trading, complicated foreign currency trades, or other unique investment systems.

The moneymaking system is part of Basenese’s “Future Millionaire’s Playbook.”

The system consists of five specific “plays” that could make you a future millionaire. Basenese claims he has personally invested $200,000 into his five recommended plays, so he’s put his money where his mouth is.

At the end of a compelling video presentation and sales page, you get to the main thesis of the moneymaking system. By buying the right micro-cap stocks before they explode with growth, you can, with a small investment, become a millionaire.

Of course, finding the right micro-cap stock is difficult, which is why Basenese recommends running each micro-cap stock through his five-stage filtration system.

Five Filters to Identify the Best Micro-Cap Stocks

Lou Basenese’s moneymaking system isn’t anything dramatic. He recommends buying under-valued micro-cap stocks from good companies and then waiting for those companies to explode.

To separate good and bad micro-cap stocks, Basenese recommends using five filters:

Filter #1: Must Be Under $500 Million in Market Capitalization: Tiny, micro-cap stocks can explode in value quickly, which is why Basenese likes them. He claims stocks under $500 million in value are ignored by institutional investors. As these companies grow, Wall Street notices them, and the stocks surge.

Filter #2: These Stocks Must Have the Potential to Explode 1,000%: Basenese claims he avoids stocks with annual returns of 5% to 10%. Instead, he recommends buying stocks that will gain 1,000%. By purchasing these stocks, you’ll earn the maximum returns. Why hasn’t anyone else thought of that?

Filter #3: We Want Minimal Risk: By nature, penny stocks and micro-cap stocks are riskier than blue-chip stocks. However, Basenese recommends choosing stocks that have minimal risk. He suggests they are determined on buy and sell prices based upon support and resistance, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis. Basenese claims his risk is “as close to zero as possible” because of this system.

Filter #4: Must Attract Fresh Capital: Basenese only buys micro-cap stocks that have the potential to attract fresh capital “like a magnet attracts iron shavings.” He recommends following the smart money, focusing on micro-cap stocks that already have financial backing independent of Wall Street. This shows where the smart money is headed, but it also lowers risk.

Filter #5: Must Have an Immediate Catalyst: Basenese recommends buying micro-cap stocks with an immediate, upcoming catalyst. A small pharmaceutical company might soon receive FDA approval for a new drug, for example. Or, a small software company might announce a major takeover.

Basenese’s Micro-cap Millionaire Stock Picks

By subscribing to Micro-Cap Advantage today, you get an eBook of Basenese’s recommended micro-cap stocks. Basenese claims to invest in micro-cap stocks based on his five filters above. He has identified five companies that he expects to “soar 1,000% very quickly”, turning you into a millionaire from a small investment.

We can’t reveal the specific names of the stocks without spoiling the report, but we’ll explain the necessary details of each recommended stock:

Future Millionaire Micro-Cap #1: This recommended stock is a small biotech company purchased by a pharmaceutical giant in the near future. Basenese claims you buy stock in this company for “chump change” today “because the bonehead analysts on Wall Street are ignoring it.” Basenese claims this stock “could be a 1,000% winner” for investors.

Future Millionaire Micro-Cap #2: This stock is a New Jersey-based micro-cap that could launch a cure for diabetes and currently “trades for peanuts.” That company is submitting its diabetes drug to the FDA for approval. Basenese claims the company’s drug could be “a total cure” for diabetes, which is why he believes the stock “could soar 1,000% very quickly.”

Future Millionaire Micro-Cap #3: This stock is a tiny company launched by a professor in England. That professor claims to have beat Moore’s Law, breaking through previously-conceived barriers to computational innovation.

Future Millionaire Micro-Cap #4: This company owns 200+ patents related to 5G technology yet trades for less than $2. Some of the world’s largest telecommunication companies need to license patents from this company, yet it’s relatively unknown. Basenese claims the stock “could soon be worth $20…$50…or more”, generating huge returns for investors.

Future Millionaire Micro-Cap #5: This recommended stock is artificial intelligence (AI) company sitting on a hidden fortune. The company is purportedly developing a “brain on a chip” that will explode onto the scene in 2021. Basenese predicts “at least 1,000% returns from this stock in the next 12 months” for investors.

What’s Included with Micro-Cap Advantage?

As part of a 2020 marketing campaign, Micro-Cap Advantage is bundled with all of the following:

Monthly Issues of Micro-Cap Advantage: Micro-Cap Advantage is a financial newsletter that identifies micro-cap stocks poised for huge returns. You receive a copy of the newsletter in your email inbox each month.

Top 5 Future Millionaire Stocks for 2021 eBook: This eBook recommends five specific stocks that Lou Basenese expects to grow by 1,000% or higher in the near future. By investing in the recommended stocks, investors can purportedly earn huge returns, turning a $500 investment into a $1.1 million fortune.

The Future Millionaire’s Playbook: 2021 Edition: This report explains how to filter micro-cap stocks to minimize risk and maximize profit. By running micro-cap stocks through five filters, you can earn huge returns on investment in 2021.

The 3 Pillars to Safely Making a Fortune in Micro-Caps: This report builds off the information in the previous report, highlighting three pillars for generating huge returns in the micro-cap stock market. Pillar #1 is related to maximizing profits with minimum risk by avoiding putting all your eggs in one basket. Pillar #2 involves maximizing profits using a $4 office supply item. Pillar #3 is a “can’t lose way to learn all the ins-and-outs of my system of micro-cap investing – even if you’re a brand new investor and you’ve never invested in stock your entire life,” according to Basenese.

How to Instantly Boost your Micro-Cap Advantage Profits by 37%: A simple strategy can boost your returns on investment from micro-cap stocks by 37%.

Micro-Cap Advantage Pricing

Micro-Cap Advantage is priced at $1,495 per year.

The Back To Your Financial Future webinar is free to attend. Just enter your email address to receive a link to the event.

If you subscribe today, it’s possible your subscription will automatically renew one year from now. It’s also possible your subscription could renew at a higher price (the “normal” price of $3,000 per year), so check the terms and conditions carefully to avoid any surprises despite Rob Booker and Lou Basenese being two of the most prominent investment advisors in the world right now.

Micro-Cap Advantage Refund Policy

Micro-Cap Advantage comes with a 30-day refund policy. You can request a complete cash refund with no questions asked within 30 days.

About Rob Booker

Rob Booker is a trader and author. He has been a full-time trader for 20 years, and he has written two books: Trading by Faith and Adventures of a Currency Trader. He also hosts a podcast called Trader’s Podcast.

Rob publishes investment ideas online through Daily Profits Publishing, a Ponte Vedra, Florida-based company.

You can contact Rob via the following:

  • Email:
  • Email Form:
  • Phone (US): (888) 203-6792
  • Phone (International): +1 321 888-3962
  • Mailing Address: 495 Town Plaza Ave, Ponte Vedra, FL 32081

About Lou Basenese

Lou Basenese is an investor who founded Disruptive Tech Research, a financial publishing company. Basenese directed over $1.5 billion of assets for Morgan Stanley, then spent 16 years as an independent analyst and investor.

Basenese founded Disruptive Tech Research (DTR) in 2014 to provide high-quality, easy-to-understand stock market research.

You can contact Lou Basenese and the Disruptive Tech Research team via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (931) 246-6599
  • Mailing Address: 1113 Murfreesboro Rd Ste 106-252, Franklin, TN 37064

Final Word

As part of the Back To Your Financial Future marketing campaign, the Micro-Cap Advantage team has released a video and webpage explaining how you could turn a $500 investment into a $1.1 million fortune.

If someone had a guaranteed way to turn a $500 investment into a $1.1 million fortune, then that person would be the richest person in the world. Lou Basenese claims to have identified at least five micro-cap stocks that he believes will grow 1,000% or more in the next year, generating huge returns for investors.

It’s possible Basenese is right, and that his investment recommendations will generate huge returns for investors and help them turn a $500 investment into a $1.1 million fortune. However, micro-cap investing is risky, and you’re not guaranteed any returns. Returns of 1,000% are unlikely, and some investors will lose everything.

To learn more about the Back To Your Financial Future investment system, visit online today at or subscribe to Micro-Cap Advantage today.

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