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Bear Bull Traders Review: Active Trading Simulator and Community


Bear Bull Traders is a community of traders with weekly webinars and trading lessons.

By joining the Bear Bull Traders community, you can learn how to trade, receive feedback on your trading strategies, and interact with like-minded investors.

Are Bear Bull Traders worth joining? What will you learn by joining Bear Bull Traders? Find out everything you need to know about the trading community today in our review.

What is Bear Bull Traders?

Bear Bull Traders, found online at, is a community of traders featuring trader education, psychological training, trading simulators, and more.

The company emphasizes using psychology to expand trading performance. Bear Bull Traders members get access to psychological advice from Jonathan F. Katz, Ph.D., Kenneth Reid, Ph.D., and retired United States, Marine Mike Baehr.

Dr. Katz is a licensed psychologist who created High-Performance Associates (HPA), a specialized team of performance coaches that maximize the performance of individuals and teams, including traders. Dr. Reid, meanwhile, is a trading coach with a background in clinical psychology. Mike Baehr is a retired Sergeant Major in the United States Marine Corps who recently retired after 23 years of service.

Today, the three offer psychological training to Bear Bull Traders members, helping ordinary traders maximize performance.

In addition to psychological training, Bear Bull Traders members get access to trader education sessions from investment experts, trade review feedback, trading simulator access, and more.

You can get lifetime access to the Bear Bull Traders community for $1999. Or, you can pay $99 per month. Subscribers get access to weekly webinars, trade reviews, trading lessons, and dedicated psychologists, among other advantages.

Bear Bull Traders also hosts official meetups around the world, allowing traders to meet other members of the community. The company is headquartered in the greater Vancouver area of Canada, although they host meetups all over the world.

Bear Bull Traders Membership Advantages

Bear Bull Traders offers a range of advantages to members, including all of the following:

Trading Lessons: Bear Bull Traders provides education for all levels of traders – from beginners to experts. As a member of the community, you can learn about beginner trading concepts, advanced trading concepts, how to choose a broker, how to maximize performance, and more.

Weekly Webinars: Bear Bull Traders invites industry veterans to share their advice with the community through weekly webinars. Members can get each professional’s perspective and insight on investment strategies.

Trade Reviews: Bear Bull Traders is vague about its trade reviews. The company claims to provide technical analysis and advice, telling investors how to improve their trading strategies. Generally, uncertified financial research firms are not able to provide customized investment recommendations (due to legal issues). However, Bear Bull Traders claims to review trades for users to “better your strategies, indicators and overall trades,” among other advantages.

Trade-Ideas Scanner: Looking for investment recommendations? Bear Bull Traders community members can access the Trade Ideas scanner, receiving investment recommendations across the industry.

Dedicated Psychologists: Bear Bull Traders has a team of dedicated psychologists and performance coaches. This team helps traders “accomplish their best trading results” by giving them a psychological edge over other traders.

Regular Meetups: Bear Bull Traders hosts official meetups and member-run meetups regularly around the world.

Moderation Team: The Bear Bull Traders community is moderated by a team with a diverse set of trading strategies and backgrounds, allowing community members to get a unique perspective on any type of trading style.

DAS Simulator (Extra $300): Bear Bull Traders lets you check a box on checkout to add the DAS Simulator to your purchase. The DAS Simulator is a trading platform. Your $300 purchase enables you to access the platform for three months, after which you pay $100 per month. The simulator lets you test and implements different trading strategies. It’s a paper trading simulator from DAS Trader Pro, allowing you to back-test trades in different market conditions, minimize losses, and gain trading experience based on real market conditions.

Bear Bull Traders Pricing

Bear Bull Traders offers several pricing options, including trial subscriptions, lifetime subscriptions, and month-to-month subscriptions:

  • 7 Day Trial: $39
  • Month-to-Month: $99 per month
  • Lifetime: $199 per month for 12 months (or a one-time payment of $1,999)

With the month-to-month subscription, you can cancel any time. Bear Bull Traders also has regular discounts on lifetime memberships, including sales of up to 40%, which means you can subscribe for a one-time fee of $1,200.

Bear Bull Traders Refund Policy

Bear Bull Traders offers a 14-day refund policy on all membership plans with no questions asked. You can request a complete refund on your monthly memberships and lifetime memberships within 14 days.

However, Bear Bull Traders does not offer a refund on the DAS Simulator bonus option ($300). Bear Bull Traders pay to use the simulator, so they cannot refund the purchase. All other purchases, however, are completely refundable within 14 days.

About Bear Bull Traders

Bear Bull Traders is an online community headquartered in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. The company has hosted official meetups around the world, including in New Zealand, Indonesia, Australia, France, Italy, the United States, and Canada.

You can contact the Bear Bull Traders team via the following:


Final Word

Bear Bull Traders offers trader education sessions, live trading webinars, teaching sessions from investment experts, investment analysis, and more.

You can join Bear Bull Traders for $99 per month (or get a lifetime membership for $2000). Bear Bull Traders comes with a 14-day refund policy – something we don’t see with other financial analysis firms. You can sign up, check out Bear Bull Traders for free, then request a complete refund within 14 days if you are unhappy with your purchase.

To learn more about Bear Bull Traders and the community of traders, visit online today at

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