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Blitz Tracker Summit: WealthPress’ Lance Ippolito’s Weekly Shadow Blitzes

The Blitz Tracker Summit by Lance Ippolito of WealthPress features the Weekly Shadow Blitz alerts where investors have the opportunity to profit from 24-hour market windfalls based on his proprietary stock market research service.


The Blitz Tracker Summit is a webinar airing online at regular intervals.

During the webinar, the team discusses “shadow blitzes” in the stock market. By spotting these shadow blitzes, investors can purportedly earn 5x returns in 24 hours.

What is the Blitz Tracker Summit? What are shadow blitzes, and how do they work? Find out everything you need to know today in our Blitz Tracker Summit review.

What is the Blitz Tracker Summit?

The Blitz Tracker Summit is a webinar airing regularly on When you visit the Blitz Tracker Summit webpage, you’ll see the next available webinar time.

Typically, the next available webinar is within 5 to 15 minutes of arriving on the page. If you visited the page at 4 pm on July 23, for example, then the webpage might list the start time at 4:15 pm that same date.

To access the event, just enter your email into the online form at You’ll receive a link to the ‘invite-only’ event. The website claims the webinar is typically priced at $199. As part of a special discount offer, however, you can attend the event online for free.

Overall, the Blitz Tracker Summit is a cleverly-marketed online video designed to look like a webinar.

What Will You Learn During the Blitz Tracker Summit?

The Blitz Tracker Summit discusses the role that ‘shadow blitzes’ play on stock markets. Periodically, stock markets experience shadow blitzes. During a shadow blitz, stock prices fluctuate wildly. Investors who know how to take advantage of these fluctuations can earn enormous returns on investment, including returns as high as “5X in 24 hours”, according to the official website.

The webinar features Lance Ippolito, who discusses how ‘shadow blitzes’ work. Ippolito describes shadow blitzes as unusual groups of trades that signal a stock is about to explode in a matter of hours. Ippolito’s program spots these blitzes and identifies moneymaking opportunities for investors. During the Blitz Tracker Summit, you’ll learn how Ippolito’s system works and why you should subscribe.

Some of the specific topics covered during the webinar include:

A Profitable Trading Strategy: The Blitz Tracker Summit discusses “the disgusting truth” about a trading strategy that can lead to huge ROIs. This trading strategy purportedly makes 24-hour windfalls “so frequent and so profitable” that even average investors can earn huge, market-beating returns.

Bad Financial Data: The hosts of the webinar claim that 70% of public companies could report bad financial data. By learning to spot this corrupt data, however, investors can use this information to their benefit and earn “larger abnormal returns.”

Trading Signals to Boost Returns: The webinar discusses a mysterious trading signal that can protect your trades from market conditions. By spotting this trading signal, you can earn returns whether markets are sliding upwards, downwards, or sideways, including in high-volatility and low-volatility markets.

How to Get Returns Higher than 7%: The hosts of the Blitz Tracker Summit claim that investors “should never settle for 5-7% returns ever again”. By following the hosts’ investment recommendations, investors can earn “consistent 24-hour paydays” that beat average returns.

The hosts of the Blitz Tracker Summit claim this “isn’t just another chart pattern” that only works some of the time. Instead, they claim it’s a signal that “virtually guarantees” a stock is on the verge of exploding, allowing investors to earn huge returns every 24-hours repeatedly:

“It’s like being able to spot the invisible tremors right before a volcano explodes. Once you know how to see the explosion coming, you can tap into overnight windfalls again, and again, and again…Each windfall offers the chance to 4x your money overnight…We’ve even seen 5x and 10x in very rare cases.”

You should be skeptical any time an investment guru advertises returns as high as 10x – especially in a short-term window like 24 hours.

ROIs of 4x to 10x are insane over a long investment period. They’re downright unrealistic within a 24-hour trading window. There’s limited evidence that the company’s investment recommendations can lead to consistent overnight profits for average investors. However, the Blitz Tracker Summit’s hosts are confident in the success of their investment strategy.

Who’s Behind the Blitz Tracker Summit?

The Blitz Tracker Summit is led by Wealth Press, a financial analysis organization that publishes a range of free and paid content online.

Wealth Press’s premium content includes the Weekly Blitz Alert, 7 am Super Surges, Jump Trade Profit Alerts, and On The Clock Stocks, among other newsletters. Most company products emphasize simple strategies that beat the market and earn huge, fast returns on investment.

Wealth Press is led by Roger Scott (listed as a ‘Senior Trader’ with the company’). Roger Scott launched his first trading education and advisory company in 2008. He also has 25+ years of experience as a commodity broker and hedge fund trader and has been featured on CNBC, CNN, Fox Business News, and other major media.

You can contact Wealth Press via the following:

  • Email:
  • Email Form:
  • Phone (US): 1-888-203-6695
  • Phone (International): 1-904-404-8873
  • Mailing Address: 495 Town Plaza Avenue, Ponte Vedra, FL 32081

About Lance Ippolito

The Blitz Tracker Summit is hosted by Lance Ippolito, described as “The Blitz Tracker.” Ippolito has worked with hedge funds and investment banks. Today, he shares his analysis with the world via his investment analysis newsletter Future of Wealth.

Ippolito focuses on shadow blitzes, which he describes as “an unusual group of trades that signals a stock is about to explode in just a matter of hours.”

To spot these signals, Ippolito developed his Blitz Alerts system. His system locates stocks that are about to explode. By investing in these stocks, investors can purportedly earn gains of $9,430, $7,330, or $12,100 per trade.

Is the Blitz Tracker Summit Free? What’s the Catch?

You should be skeptical any time someone gives you something for free online. In most cases, they expect something in return.

The Blitz Tracker Summit is no exception. Viewers will see promotional information during the Blitz Tracker Summit event, including advertisements for other Wealth Press products.

Additionally, it appears your email is added to a mailing list. You may receive future communication from Wealth Press for upcoming webinars or events, for example, and other paid subscription services.

Here’s how the company’s privacy policy explains how they use each person’s email address:

“To personalize user’s experience and to allow us to deliver the type of content and product offerings in which you are most interested.

To allow us to better service you in responding to your customer service requests.

To send periodic emails regarding your order or other products and services.”

Wealth Press does not claim to share your information with any third parties. The company appears to keep your contact information exclusively to itself.

Final Word

The Blitz Tracker Summit is an online webinar that occurs throughout the day. Depending on when you visit the website, the Blitz Tracker Summit could be airing within minutes of your visit.

You can attend the webinar for free simply by entering your email address into the online form. You may receive advertisements for other Wealth Press products, including paid investment analysis services and newsletters. However, you can watch the presentation for free just for entering your email address.

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