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Richard Shaefer

General Manager and contributor to Market News Call. Previously editor for Consumer Media. Richard worked in India, Singapore and Canada and am currently based in New York.


Robert Decoste

Robert is’s earnings and stocks editor. He also writes about journalism, writing and media topics.


Alastair Macmahon

Editor for market news across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In 21 years, has reported widely on conflict, elections, society, economics, culture and sport from postings in Paris, Moscow, Berlin, London, Baghdad and Jerusalem.


David Lanson

David keeps a close watch on the UK economy, the Bank of England and the British government debt market. Previously he worked in Frankfurt, covering the European Central Bank and euro zone economy, and in Brussels where he reported on everything from EU summits to Belgian supermarkets.


Jennifer Burke

Jennifer covers the media industry, financial markets, social media companies and is based in New York.


Heather Coleman

Heather is an associate editor and contributor to Market News Call.


Andy Rainey

Andy covered presidential elections, hurricanes, corruption scandals and computer hackers since 2000.

Carla Adams

Carla is the Small Cap Editor for Market News Call. She has been working in Toronto since January 2003.

Editorial Staff

Michael Aragon

Michael, a senior fellow at the Economics Institution, and Senior Editor of Market News Call.

Jill Farley

Jill is a former Slate columnist whose writing has appeared in The New Republic, and The New York Times Magazine, among others. She also is an Associate Editor for Market News Call.

Marc Nielsen

Having started his news life on the sports desk Marc now tackles the big players in the central banking world. He also serves as Associate Editor for Market News Call.

Terry Manning

Terry covers earnings and company analysis for Market News Call.

Richard Frank

Rich is currently the Asian editor for the Front Page and Market News Call International and was formerly the Bureau Chief for Australia and New Zealand.


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