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Crypto 101 Black Box Review: Get Crypto Revolution’s Guides

Crypto 101 Black Box is a digital guide package explaining how to make money by investing in cryptocurrencies.

Made by Crypto Revolution, Crypto 101 Black Box teaches you how to earn huge returns by investing in cryptocurrencies today. The guide explains how to make money by investing in altcoins and using crypto savings accounts, among other strategies.

Does Crypto 101 Black Box really work? What will you learn in this crypto investment education guide? Find out everything you need to know about Crypto 101 Black Box today in our review.

What is Crypto 101 Black Box?

Crypto 101 Black Box is a digital guide and PDF file sold online through

The guide walks beginners through the process of investing in cryptocurrencies – and earning huge returns from cryptocurrencies.

The guide is published online by the Crypto Revolution, which claims to be making returns of 493%, 520%, and 928% by investing in just three cryptocurrencies (none of which are bitcoin).

Crypto Revolution is best-known for the Crypto 101 podcast, one of the largest podcasts in the cryptosphere.

Instead of keeping its 928% returns to itself, the Crypto Revolution team wants to share its investment wisdom with the world. The company has packaged its advice into Crypto 101 Black Box, a comprehensive guide on investing in cryptocurrencies – and maximizing returns on investment.

Crypto 101 Black Box is priced at $97. As part of a recent promotion, Crypto Revolution packages the guide with 9 other guides, giving you 10 total guides for one's price.

What Will You Learn in Crypto 101 Black Box?

Crypto 101 Black Box is marketed to investors who have heard about big returns in the crypto space – and want to get a slice of the returns.

The Crypto 101 Black Box sales page is filled with claims of the Crypto Revolution team, “making a fortune” by investing in cryptocurrencies. The company claims to be making 493% to 928% returns by investing in three specific cryptocurrencies.

Obviously, all of us would like to make 9x returns on our investment. Crypto 101 Black Box gives you a package of 10 digital guides explaining various crypto investment topics to achieve those returns.

Crypto 101 Black Box Guides

Crypto 101 Black Box comes with one main guide and 9 bonus guides, giving you 10 total guides. Each guide is individually valued at $97.

Guide #1: How We’re Making 493%, 520%…And As Much As 928%…Investing In Three Alt-Coins

Here are some of the topics covered in the first Crypto 101 Black Box book:

Three Recommended Altcoin Investments: The Crypto Revolution team recommends investing in three specific altcoins in Crypto 101 Black Box. The team claims to “show you which three alt-coins you should invest in” today to earn huge returns.

How to Invest in Crypto: Crypto 101 Black Box is marketed mostly to beginners who have heard about huge crypto returns – but aren’t sure how to start. Crypto 101 Black Box walks you through the process of investing in crypto for the first time.

Why the Three Recommended Altcoins Will Surge: Crypto 101 Black Box explains why their three recommended altcoins are expected to surge in value, including their mindset behind the trade, the historical performance of each altcoin, and the factors that will push the altcoin to the next level.

How to Limit Your Risk: Crypto investing is always risky. However, the Crypto Revolution team will share strategies “to limit your risk,” which means “you don’t lose sleep over your investments.” By following these strategies, you can position yourself for maximum returns with lower risk.

Overall, Crypto 101 Black Box’s first guide aims to be a clear, easy-to-understand guide to crypto investing. It’s a user-friendly, colorful guide that walks beginners through the investing process.

When you buy Crypto 101 Black Box for $97 today, you get the main guide (mentioned above) and 9 bonus guides featuring additional crypto investment analysis.

Guide #2: Retire in the Next Crypto Bull Run

This guide explains the Crypto Revolution’s exact blueprint to retire during the next crypto bull run. Crypto Revolution’s team plans to buy crypto and hold it for 10+ years, although they believe they can position themselves to maximize returns in the 2020 and 2021 crypto bull run.

Topics covered in this guide include:

  • How the 2020 and 2021 bull run will be radically different from the 2017 bull run
  • How new, under-utilized strategies can swing the investment odds in your favor
  • How to discover altcoins with 1,000% profit potential before experts hear about them, including Crypto Revolution’s unique research process to identify these cryptocurrencies
  • What time of year the crypto market historically skyrockets, including how to buy the dip and obtain coins at rock-bottom prices
  • How to turn “small investments like $100 into $10,000…or even $100,000,” among other big returns
  • A failsafe strategy that allows you to keep 90% of your gains even if you miss the right time to sell and are no longer at the peak

Guide #3: Make Money in Any Crypto Market

In this guide, the Crypto Revolution team explains how you can make huge returns whether the crypto market is in a bear or bull run. Some of the specific topics covered in this eBook include:

  • The simple moneymaking strategies to use to maximize profit in any bear or bull market
  • The Wall Street strategies that can be applied to any crypto market to maximize returns
  • How investing in blockchain assets can lead to huge returns, even if you’re not actually trading altcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

Guide #4: Finding the Next Bitcoin

Since bitcoin was launched in 2009, investors have been obsessed with finding the next bitcoin. What’s the next cryptocurrency expected to surge as bitcoin did? Crypto Revolution’s team claims to identify that coin in this guide. The guide covers topics like:

  • How to earn 500,000% returns on investment by buying the next bitcoin today
  • Why the next bitcoin may not be a cryptocurrency – it might be a blockchain company, a token, or some other unique type of asset.

The Crypto Revolution team claims to spend a significant amount of time every day searching for the next bitcoin. They share that analysis in this book.

Guide #5: How to Avoid All Crypto Scams

Like any new industry, crypto has its fair share of scams. This book explains various strategies you can use to avoid major crypto scams.

Topics covered in this eBook include:

  • How to make your crypto invincible to even the smartest scammers
  • How to implement strategies today that prevent you from ever having to worry about being scammed
  • How today’s smartest crypto scams operate, including how even tech experts are falling for major crypto scams

Guide #6: Buy Coins at Rock Bottom (And Sell at the Peak)

Timing the market is tough with any asset, and it’s particularly tough in crypto. This guide, however, explains strategies you can use to optimize the timing of your investment:

  • How to spot altcoins that are undervalued or overvalued and due for a correction
  • Why the mainstream media and peer pressure push you into bad coins
  • How to identify key metrics that reveal the true value of a coin
  • How to cut through an altcoin’s hype to analyze its fundamental worth, making you a better investor and crypto analyst

Guide #7: How to Get Everyone Around You Excited About Crypto

Some of the biggest crypto evangelists in the world are current crypto users. If you’re one of the few people in your family who owns bitcoin, then you’ve probably been asked about it at some point. This book explains how to get better about evangelizing bitcoin:

  • How to explain crypto to your family and friends
  • The numbers, facts, and statistics to use to support your crypto arguments.
  • Concise, fascinating points that will make strangers interested in crypto
  • Key arguments backing cryptocurrency, including arguments everyone should know before investing

Guide #8: Your Generation’s Optimal Crypto Portfolio

An 18-year old investor and a 50-year old investor have different goals. This guide explains the different crypto investment strategies a crypto investor could use at any age. Covered topics include:

  • Ideal portfolios for every major age group
  • Model portfolios customized to the unique timeframes of each age group.
  • Long-term and short-term crypto investment analysis

A 60-year old investor preparing to retire in 5 years has different investment goals than a 25-year old investor with 40 years of work ahead. This guide walks you through the process, allowing investors of any age to maximize cash flow and returns.

Guide #9: Earn Passive Income by Lending Crypto Like a Bank

Various crypto investment platforms let you lend crypto and earn a return on your investment. By placing your cryptocurrency on these platforms, you can grow your crypto fortune over time. This eBook walks you through the process, explaining things like:

  • How to lend money and make money from crypto savings – just like you would with an ordinary savings account
  • How to make a more passive income than any bank is paying.
  • How to get into the crypto lending space safely while maximizing returns

Even the most trusted crypto savings account platforms available today pay returns of 4% to 8%, depending on which coin you’re holding. Although there’s always a risk, investors can earn a significant ROI by lending bitcoin via the right platforms.

Guide #10: How to Turn $50 into $5,000…and $5,000 into $1,000,000

The Crypto 101 Black Box is filled with claims of investors earning huge returns with small investments. This eBook collects all of that information in one place, explaining how investors can earn huge returns in a step-by-step way:

  • How to turn a small investment into a big fortune with crypto investing
  • How to earn 100x to 1,000x returns on your investment

Crypto 101 Black Box Pricing

Crypto 101 Black Box is priced at $97 USD.

You can also split it into 3 payments of $32.

The sales page for Crypto 101 Black Box has an upgrade offer for Hedge Fund Secrets. It’s a digital guide featuring private video call recordings with the top crypto hedge funds, including the moves they’re making today to maximize ROI.

Crypto 101 Black Box Refund Policy

Crypto 101 Black Box comes with a 60-day refund policy.

You can request a complete refund within 60 days with no questions asked.

About Crypto Revolution

Crypto Revolution is a San Diego-based crypto publishing company launched by Bryce Paul and Aaron “PizzaMind” Malone.

The two are known for the world’s largest crypto podcast, Crypto 101. That podcast has 300+ episodes and 6.5 million total listeners to date.

They have interviewed Changpeng Zhao (founder and CEO of Binance), Joe Lubin (founder of ConenSys), Brock Pierce (Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation), and James Altucher (hedge fund manager), among other well-known names in the cryptosphere.

Crypto Revolution also does business under the name Boardwalk Flock, LLC. You can contact the company via:

  • Email:

Final Word

Crypto 101 Black Box is a package of 10 digital guides explaining various crypto investing topics. There’s a core guide featuring 3 recommended altcoin investments – along with 9 bonus guides – for $97.

Like other crypto investment guides sold online today, Crypto 101 Black Box dazzles investors' claims of earning huge returns with limited risk. Investing is always risky, and returns are never guaranteed – and this is particularly true in crypto.

However, Crypto 101 Black Box is backed by a generous 60-day refund policy, allowing you to request a complete refund on your purchase with no questions asked. To learn more or to buy online today, visit

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