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Extreme Fortunes Summit with JL Yastine and Paul Mampilly [Review]


Trading and investing in the stock market today may seem like a gamble, but the right moves can make an investor even 1,000% richer. While this kind of investment can seem far-fetched, it is exactly the type of money moves that JL Yastine and Paul Mampilly will be teaching investors at the Extreme Fortunes Summit, which can be found at here.

The summit is only open to the first 1,000 people who register, and the massive gains that they claim will only be possible with the strategy that Mampilly plans to reveal to consumers. Rather than just making this reveal a one-time event, consumers will have the chance to pursue opportunities that are much like the investments that could’ve made over 1,000% profits withe Clearfield Inc., Northern Star Resources, and others. The only way to expand on the tips in the free Extreme Fortunes Summit video is to become a member of Extreme Fortunes.

The market is admittedly inconsistent, and there’s no promise that the stocks will perform in the way that is expected. However, if the strategy even works slightly in the way that is being advertised, participants will notice a massive change in their financial portfolio. Annually, there are almost four dozen stocks that see a 1,000% surge, and Mampilly plans to unravel his three-phase investing strategy to readers who want to make it big.

By purchasing an Extreme Fortunes membership, consumers will have exclusive access to:

Monthly trade alerts on a new stock that could make massive gains.
The recommendation will include Mampilly’s explanation of how the product fits into his strategy, and he will reveal all of his research to support the stock pick.

Audio “Flash Alerts” and corresponding transcripts.
The commentary will include details on market performance, how it could impact the profits being made by readers, and how it will change the near future of certain stocks.

Complete 24/7 access to the official website for Extreme Fortunes.
Readers will require a login and password to get into the encrypted website, which will reveal every issue, trade, special report, and video that Mampilly has put out. Consumers can verify every time that his recommendation has made a profit for the reader.

Access to the Extreme Fortunes portfolio.
Mampilly refers to this access as “one of the most important parts” of the Extreme Fortunes membership, revealing all of his recommendations with unlimited access.

The access doesn’t end there. Along with all of the consistent updates and website access, consumers will have access to a few guides that aren’t available as a separate purchase, starting with the Extreme Fortunes Quick-Start guide. Also titled “Your Road to Massive Gains,” Mampilly explains that the guide will act as a “road map” for how they can use this service to the fullest extent for massive profits.

The Next Stock Market Windfall is a “confidential investment dossier” that shows the five best stocks that Mampilly recommends purchasing at this exact moment. If the stock market makes the turns that he expects, these stocks could see 1,000% profit or more. The report also shows a company in the medical field that he’s been watching, which could see a profit that is 35x its current value.

Registering for the Extreme Fortunes Membership

For a year-long membership to Extreme Fortunes, the total cost is $2,995 right now, which automatically renews every year. However, with the membership, consumers will get all of the aforementioned content, and will be able to learn more about what is revealed at the Extreme Fortunes Summit today.

The claims that Mampilly makes are massive, but he’s confident that his picks will work out for the best. If any follower of his program makes less than $100,000 in profit for his/her own financial portfolio, Mampilly promises a second year of membership to Extreme Fortunes at no additional cost.

To Learn More About the Extreme Fortunes Summit

The easiest way to learn about the Extreme Fortunes Summit is to register to attend, but the customer service team can clear up any inquiries via phone call at 1-866-584-4096.

The website for the Extreme Fortunes Summit also offers a chat window that will allow consumers to speak to customer service in real time electronically.

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