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Hidden Alpha by Joel Litman: Altimetry’s Stock X-Ray Machine Research Report

The Stock Market X-Ray Machine by Professor Joel Litman of Altimetry is the newest feature presentation for the Hidden Alpha financial newsletter research service that features 59 grade-A opportunities to start investing into today.


Financial analysis newsletter Hidden Alpha has launched a new marketing campaign for its Stock X-Ray Machine.

By purchasing an annual subscription to Hidden Alpha today, you can gain access to the Stock X-Ray Machine, giving you 80% gains in just a few weeks.

What is the Stock X-Ray Machine, and how does it work? Should you subscribe to Hidden Alpha? Is Stock X-Ray Machine legit or a scam? Find out everything you need to know about Stock X-Ray Machine and Hidden Alpha today in our review.

What is Hidden Alpha?

Hidden Alpha is a financial analysis newsletter. Each month, subscribers receive an email containing investment recommendations and insightful analysis.

Hidden Alpha focuses on large-cap stocks, particularly companies whose profits and earnings are hidden from Wall Street and the mainstream media.

“By finding companies who are more profitable and better run than what 99% of investors believe, you have hidden alpha,” explains the official website.

Hidden Alpha is a financial research product from Altimetry, which is a subsidiary of Valens Research.

As part of a summer 2020 marketing campaign, Altimetry has launched a sales page and video titled, “Stock X-Ray Machine.” In that advertisement, Altimetry explains why 90% of the world’s top money managers rely on a “Stock X-Ray Machine” to pick stocks. They also explain why clients pay up to $100,000 per month to access this mysterious machine. Now, for the first time, the general public can access this machine and discover independent research.

By taking advantage of the Stock X-Ray Machine, you can purportedly generate “80%+ gains over just the next few weeks”.

If you subscribe to Hidden Alpha for $49 per year today, then you get to access the Stock X-Ray Machine (also known as The Altimeter) for three months. Then, you pay $99 per month to maintain access.

How Does Hidden Alpha Pick Stocks?

Hidden Alpha picks and researches stocks, then recommend those stocks to subscribers every month.

As mentioned above, the Hidden Alpha team recommends larger companies whose financial information is hidden from the public.

To identify these companies, Hidden Alpha audits companies. The Hidden Alpha team analyzes each company’s financial picture, breaking down everything and identifying discrepancies.

Here’s how the company describes its stock-picking method:

“…we have a small army break down companies’ “As Reported” financial statements and rebuild them in a Uniform format. We have found that there are more than 130 meaningful discrepancies in the GAAP “As Reported” numbers compared to what is TRUE. Understanding these discrepancies and what they mean for the future of a company can lead to massive gains, even on safe stocks.”

In other words, the Hidden Alpha team verifies each company’s financial information. The team claims to regularly find discrepancies even among major, large-cap, publicly-traded stocks. These discrepancies have made it past regulators, auditors, and armies of accountants – but somehow, the Hidden Alpha team can spot them.

  • Once Hidden Alpha has identified discrepancies on a company’s financial statement, Hidden Alpha either:
  • Shorts the stock (if the company is over-reporting profits or revenues)
  • Buys the stock (if the company is under-reporting profits or revenues)

A company’s financial statement might impress the public. It might exceed expectations. The stock might surge after the release of that financial statement. However, the Hidden Alpha team checks the details, discovering information that the general public does not see.

What is the Stock X-Ray Machine?

Altimetry makes a big presentation of its Stock X-Ray Machine. The company makes big claims about the machine, including:

  • You could earn 80%+ gains over the next few weeks using this machine
  • Clients pay up to $100,000 per month to access the machine
  • The device identifies stocks that could rise 100% to 500% in the next year
  • 9 of the world’s top 10 money managers rely on this machine
  • The creators of the Stock X-Ray Machine are now offering it to the public for the first time

The Stock X-Ray Machine, also known as The Altimeter, is a proprietary, in-house tool created by Valens Securities. The company claims to charge clients $100,000 per month ($1.2 million per year) to access the tool. The company also claims its clients include some of the biggest names in the money management space, including BlackRock ($6.84 trillion assets under management), Vanguard ($2 trillion AUM), and UBS Group ($26 trillion AUM), and Allianz ($36 trillion AUM), among many others.

The company claims of the top 300 money managers in the world, “over half” subscribe to the Valens Securities Stock X-Ray Machine.

Valens Securities has kept this tool private for a long time. Now, they’re ready to share it with the world.

“But now my team and I are offering you a rare chance to enter the realm of the world’s most elite billionaire insiders by giving you access to this tool…and HANDING you the name of the Number One stock this proprietary software just uncovered – right here in this presentation FOR FREE on a silver platter. And here’s the thing – this stock is being COMPLETELY ignored by the mainstream right now.”

By subscribing to Hidden Alpha today, you get access to the Stock X-Ray Machine’s investment recommendations – at a 99.9% discount compared to what professional money managers pay.

Altimetry claims to charge clients $100,000 per month to access The Altimeter. However, out of the goodness of their hearts, the company now sells access for just $99 per month (charged to your credit card automatically after your 3-month trial expires).

How Does the Stock X-Ray Machine Work?

As a new subscriber to Hidden Alpha, you get a 3-month subscription to the Stock X-Ray Machine. The machine is a proprietary software tool that lists specific companies and investment recommendations.

When you open the machine, you view a list of the 1,700+ companies recently analyzed by the Stock X-Ray Machine. The software grades companies from A through F, depending on their investment potential.

Click on a specific company to discover more information about that company. The software lists the performance of that stock, the earning power, the earning power trend, the price to earnings ratio, and the valuation, among other information.

The Stock X-Ray Machine is priced at $99 per month. After your 3-month subscription ends, you can choose to pay the $99 per month subscription fee – or cancel your subscription.

About Joel Litman

Joel Litman is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a professor at Hult International Business School, a private business school with campuses in London, San Francisco, Dubai, New York City, and Shanghai. Litman is also the Chief Investment Strategist and President / CEO of Valens Securities.

As President and CEO of Valens Securities, Litman is also in charge of Hidden Alpha. He’s listed as the Chief Investment Strategist at Altimetry, and he’s responsible for much of the information in Hidden Alpha.

Hidden Alpha Pricing

Hidden Alpha is priced at $49 per year.

One year after signing up for Hidden Alpha, Altimetry will automatically charge your credit card $199 per year.

Additionally, three months after signing up for Hidden Alpha, Altimetry will charge your credit card $99 per month to access the Stock X-Ray Machine (also known as The Altimeter).

To avoid any automatic renewal fees, you must contact the company at or 1-800-701-9346 to cancel.

Hidden Alpha Refund Policy

Hidden Alpha comes with a 30-day refund policy. You can request a complete refund in 30 days with no questions asked. If you’re not completely satisfied within the first 30 days, just contact Altimetry to request a refund.

Contact the company at or 1-800-701-9346 to initiate a refund.

What’s Included with Hidden Alpha?

As part of a 2020 promotion, Hidden Alpha is bundling several bonus products – including Stock X-Ray Machine information – with new subscriptions.

Here’s what’s included with your new subscription to Hidden Alpha:

12 Month Subscription to Hidden Alpha: You get a 12-month subscription (12 issues, delivered to your email once per month) to Hidden Alpha. Each issue features market analysis and investment recommendations.

3 Month Access to the Stock X-Ray Machine: New subscribers get a 3-month subscription to the Stock X-Ray Machine, allowing them to view investment recommendations based on information uncovered by the machine. The company claims to sell this Stock X-Ray Machine for $100,000 per month. After your 3-month trial expires, you can continue your subscription for $99 per month.

Stock X-Ray Machine QuickStart Guide for Locating Hidden Gains of 100% to 500%: Altimetry claims that their Stock X-Ray Machine can recommend stocks that have potential gains of 100% to 500% every year, giving investors huge returns on investment.

High Conviction Pick of the Month: Each month, the Hidden Alpha team gets behind one specific stock. The company recommends this stock to subscribers based on the research and analysis of the 100+ researchers on the team.

Live Portfolio Tracker: Subscribers can view the Hidden Alpha portfolio, which includes a constantly-updated list of all open positions. The portfolio also includes specific recommendations, including the price you should buy up to, the rate at which you should sell, and other investment recommendations.

About Altimetry

Altimetry is a financial analysis firm offering a range of investment analysis newsletters online. The company is a subsidiary of economic research organizations Valens Research. The company’s core subscriptions include High Alpha, Microcap Confidential, and The Altimeter.

Key members of the Altimetry team include Joel Litman (Chief Investment Strategist), Rob Spivey (Director of Research), Paulo Gutierrez (Chief Information Officer), and Sam Latter (Editor in Chief).

You can contact Altimetry via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-800-701-9346
  • Email Form:
  • Mailing Address: 110 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02141

Final Word

Hidden Alpha’s investment recommendations are based on the idea that CEOs and corporations lie. Some corporations inflate earnings. Others under-report earnings. Some make mistakes, while others engage in deceitful tactics.

The Hidden Alpha team uses its Stock X-Ray Machine to spot companies engaging in these dirty tactics, then shorts or buys companies depending on the machine’s analysis.

To gain access to the Stock X-Ray Machine’s latest recommendations, subscribe to Hidden Alpha today. The company is giving new subscribers access to exclusive investment insights and advice.

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