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Jeff Bishop’s Portfolio Creator Review: America’s $2.3 Trillion Revival

Raging Bull ( has launched a new promotional campaign featuring America’s $2.3 trillion revivals.

Announced on November 5, the promotional campaign encourages users to enter their email address to view a video presentation.

By entering your email, you get instant access to a free presentation explaining how one Indiana-based company will play a role in America’s $2.3 trillion revivals.

Let’s take a closer look at America’s $2.3 trillion revivals and what you can expect from Raging Bull’s new campaign.

What is America’s $2.3 Trillion Revival?

The global economy ground to a halt in March, creating severe economic repercussions around the world.

As the world opens up and economies start growing again, there are opportunities for investors.

As part of a new marketing campaign, RagingBull founder and CEO Jeff Bishop explains how a little-known tech stock is at the heart of America’s upcoming $2.3 trillion revivals.

That tech company is based in Indiana. The company owns crucial technology that will be the “linchpin” of the upcoming recovery, according to Jeff Bishop.

By investing in this tech stock and similar assets today, Jeff claims investors can “bank returns of hundreds even thousands of percent” as the global economy recovers.

Jeff is so confident in his prediction, in fact, that he has invested his own money into the little-known tech company. The sales page mentions Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and other tech investments that have delivered enormous returns for investors over the years.

To learn more about the tech company and why Jeff believes it’s a great investment, enter your email address into the online form at You’ll receive a link in your email inbox. You will also receive marketing materials from RagingBull.

What is RagingBull?

RagingBull is a financial analysis firm found online at

The website’s slogan is “Real Experts. Real Trades. Real Profits.”

At, investors can discover market news and analysis, upcoming events and webinars, and other information.

The company is led by founder and CEO Jeff Bishop. Some of the posts on are written by Jeff, while others are written by other investment analysts.

In addition to offering a free blog, RagingBull offers several newsletters, trading education services, and premium services. The company sells newsletters like Bullseye Trades and Fast5 Trades, education services like Total Alpha and Profit Prism, and premium services like Profit Prism Platinum and Dollar Ace, among others.

Raging Bull is based in Lee, New Hampshire.

By entering your email address into the online form on the $2.3 trillion revival sales page, you can expect to receive advertisements for all of these newsletters.

What is the Tech Company Poised for Big Returns?

The point of the $2.3 trillion recovery sales presentation is to tell you about a tech company poised to make big returns.

In the video, Jeff highlights the massive returns from Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and other tech stocks. If you bought $10,000 of Amazon shares when the company went public in 1997, you would have over $12 million today, giving you returns of 120,000%.

As Jeff explains, spotting the right tech trend early is crucial for investors. A single tech investment can build a retirement.

We can’t reveal the tech company without spoiling the presentation. However, here are some of the key points mentioned in Jeff’s video:

The $2.3 trillion American revivals will come from “good, old-fashioned, made-in-America manufacturing,” according to Jeff.

Over the past few decades, America’s largest corporations have pushed manufacturing overseas, weakening the economy, and taking away jobs.

The coronavirus pandemic highlighted the importance of bringing American manufacturing home. It’s not just about jobs: it’s about national security. When a single country manufactures, say, 90% of the world’s face masks, it makes that country powerful during a pandemic.

To make a long story short, Jeff claims to have found a small tech company poised to have a big impact on America’s upcoming recovery.

After mentioning Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and other tech giants, Jeff describes this tech company as having “unparalleled growth potential,” claiming their technology is “essential to the American manufacturing revival.”

Some investors are targeting artificial intelligence (AI) companies for similar reasons. America cannot compete with other countries in terms of labor costs, but it can use artificial intelligence to replace those labor costs. If an AI company can build a system that runs a manufacturing plant, then that AI company would be very valuable.

What’s Included with Jeff Bishop’s Portfolio Creator?

You can learn basic details about the tech stock from the free video.

However, you need to subscribe to Jeff Bishop’s Portfolio Creator to get full details about this tech stock, including the name and ticker symbol of the company.

By subscribing to Portfolio Creator today, you get access to a range of bonus guides. Here’s what is included with your subscription:

Monthly Newsletters: Jeff and his team at RagingBull send a monthly newsletter with investment ideas. Jeff claims his investment ideas have “the potential to surge hundreds – even thousands – of a percent over the coming weeks, months, and years.” Each month, he aims to identify undervalued stocks. Then, he shares those stocks with subscribers. Jeff also claims his ideas have “maximum upside and minimum risk.”

The #1 Tech Stock at the Heart of America’s Trillion-Dollar Revival: This eBook explains the tech company mentioned above. It explains how a tech company could play a role in America’s $2 trillion recoveries, and why an investment in this stock could be like buying Apple, Amazon, or Microsoft early in their lifespans. In the book, Jeff explains why this stock is poised to profit from American manufacturing, how the stock could explode in value in the coming months, and how to invest in the stock today before it surges.

Bonus #1: The 10X Portfolio Blueprint: This eBook explains Jeff’s investment strategy he has developed over the past 2 decades. The manual explains Jeff’s strategies, knowledge, and insights from 20+ years of trading. You’ll learn how he manages his money and how he identifies stocks with 10x potential. He describes it as “easily one of the most important guides you’ll ever read.”

Bonus #2: The Rebound Report: Three Stocks Poised to Bounce: This eBook features three stocks poised to bounce in the coming years. Jeff believes these stocks are underpriced and preparing to surge to all-time highs as the market recovers.

Bonus #3: The Seven Tech Sectors to Own Right Now: This report lists the names of additional tech companies Jeff believes “will eventually become the next, Netflix, Microsoft, and Google.” By investing in these companies today, you can earn profit as they explode into multi-trillion dollar industries.

RagingBull Investor Subscription: Your purchase also comes with a subscription to RagingBull Investor, an email newsletter sent 3 times per week. The newsletter features market analysis, investment ideas, and other info.

Jeff Bishop’s Portfolio Creator Pricing

Jeff Bishop’s Portfolio Creator is priced at $49 to $149, depending on your package.

Standard Plan ($49)

  • Access to The #1 Tech Stock at the Heart of America’s Trillion-Dollar Revival
  • One year membership to Jeff Bishop’s Portfolio Creator
  • Three bonus eBooks (listed above)
  • One bonus subscription (to RagingBull Investor)

VIP Platinum Plan ($149)

  • Everything included in the standard package
  • Lifetime membership (just pay $1 per year after your first year)

Jeff Bishop’s Portfolio Creator Refund Policy

RagingBull does not typically offer refunds on any products or services.

However, the company is offering a 365-day refund for its new Jeff Bishop’s Portfolio Creator promotion.

Contact RagingBull

You can contact RagingBull via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1 (833) 498-5428
  • Mailing Address: 62 Calef Hwy. #233 Lee, NH 03861

Final Word

RagingBull has launched a new marketing campaign for Jeff Bishop’s Portfolio Creator. The marketing campaign discusses America’s $2.3 trillion revival – including the small tech company at the heart of that revival.

To learn more about the tech company and get other investment ideas from RagingBull, subscribe to Jeff Bishop’s Portfolio Creator today for $49 to $149 per year.

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