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Jeff Brown 4X Window: Brownstone Research Penny IPO Secrets

The 4X Window event by Jeff Brown of Brownstone Research reveals a secret class of IPOs on Wednesday, September 23rd where world-renowned angel investor shares Silicon Valley’s most controversial secret about pre-IPO deals.

Jeff Brown 4x window

Brownstone Research just announced an upcoming webinar called the 4X Window.

Anyone can sign up for the webinar online for free simply by entering an email address into the online form at During the webinar, Jeff Brown and the Brownstone Research team will reveal “a secret class of IPOs” that could purportedly generate enormous returns for investors.

What will you learn during the 4X Window online event? Can you early earn huge returns by investing in pre-IPOs? Find out everything you need to know about Brownstone Research’s 4X Window today in our review.

What is the 4X Window?

The 4X Window is a financial webinar scheduled for Wednesday, September 23, 2020.

During the webinar, Brownstone Research head Jeff Brown will purportedly reveal “a secret class of IPOs” that could generate massive returns for investors.

Anyone can attend the webinar for free online simply by entering their email address into the official online form at The company claims space is “limited,” although we’re doubtful the company is limiting webinar access to any number of people.

The webinar is called the ‘4X Window’ webinar because we’re approaching a time of the year when investors can expect big returns on their penny IPO investments. Jeff Brown describes it as the ‘4X Window’, and he claims now is the time to buy companies before they IPO.

What Will You Learn During the 4X Window Webinar?

The goal of the 4X Window webinar is to share moneymaking strategies with investors. Brownstone Research claims to be revealing companies that are available today before their IPO. By investing in these companies today, you can get an early stake in the next “Uber, Lyft, and Zoom.”

Here’s how Brownstone Research describes the power of its webinar:

“On Wednesday, September 23rd, world-renowned angel investor Jeff Brown will reveal a secret class of IPOs 100 to 300 times cheaper than overhyped stocks like Uber, Lyft, and Zoom…And which could go vertical in the rapidly-approaching “4X Window”…”

Some of the specific topics covered during the event include:

  • How venture capital firm Sequoia made 343x returns on investment on Google before the company went public
  • How Lightspeed Venture, another venture capital firm, made 250x returns on Snap before its IPO
  • How Softbank made 4,000x returns on Alibaba before its IPO

As Brownstone Research explains, a small investment in any of these companies would have created a fortune.

Now, Jeff Brown and his team claim to have identified investment opportunities similar to the ones above. Jeff calls them “penny IPOs” – just like a single penny stock can make you rich, a single penny IPO can generate a fortune.

Jeff Brown claims his previous investment recommendations have generated returns as high as 432% in just 41 days:

“Here, $2,500 turned into a cool $10 million. When was the last time YOU had a 4,000X gain? Thankfully, there’s still a way for the “little” guy to get VC-like returns. Thanks to what Jeff Brown — world-renowned angel investor — calls “Penny IPOs”… In fact, last year, Jeff Brown recommended a small Penny IPO called Synthorx that went up 432% in just 41 days…”

The sales page for 4X Window is filled with stories of investors earning huge returns through similar investments.

What Are Penny IPOs?

Penny stocks are cheap stocks for smaller, lesser-known companies. The penny stock world is lesser-regulated than the conventional stock world, and most penny stocks are worthless.

Now, Jeff Brown has coined the term ‘penny IPO,’ which refers to non-public, pre-IPO companies that have the potential for huge gains.

Here’s how Jeff Brown explains his penny IPO idea:

“Penny IPOs are these incredibly small, explosive early-stage stocks that go public almost every week. And, yet, nobody knows about them.”

When a major company has an IPO, the media goes crazy. Facebook, Google, Amazon, and other companies all had well-known, heavily-promoted IPOs. Most investors have heard of these IPOs, and these IPOs are unlikely to lead to 4,000x gains.


Instead, Jeff Brown recommends focusing on lesser-known IPOs from lesser-known companies. By investing in these companies, you can earn huge returns – assuming you select the right companies.


Jeff Brown claims these IPOs are not just unfamiliar: he claims Wall Street actively hides these IPOs from ordinary investors to “keep the lion’s share of profits to themselves.”

What’s Included with the 4X Window Webinar?

By attending the 4X Window webinar, you get access to all of the following:

  • A guaranteed, reserved spot for the 4X Window event
  • Private access to the 4X Window event website, which includes a trader training series of videos
  • $100K by May Penny IPO Blueprint eBook described as “your executive workbook and journal” for the 4X Window event
  • The name and likely ticker symbol of the next hottest penny IPO that is expected to hit the market
  • Access to a question and answer session with Jeff Brown

What is the 4X Window?

During the webinar, Jeff Brown will explain why Q4 2020 is the ‘4X Window’ for penny IPOs. Jeff claims investors can expect over-sized gains during this time of year.

Jeff claims one of his recommended investments returned 830% in 6 days:

“The “4X Window” Starts Soon… Penny IPOs are explosive by nature…But during one specific time of the year — which starts on October 1st — they go into “hyper mode,”…Often returning hundreds of percent more. Even as much as 830% — in just six days!”

By buying Jeff’s recommended companies today, you can purportedly get a stake in a firm before it enters “hyper mode” and enters the 4X Window.

4X Window Webinar Pricing

The 4X Window webinar is a free event that anyone can attend. Just enter your email address into the online form at

Because the webinar is free to attend, you can expect to receive marketing emails from the company in the leadup to the event. Brownstone Research offers a range of free and paid publications ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per year.

Final Word

The 4X Window is a webinar scheduled for September 23, 2020. During the webinar, Jeff Brown will explain the benefits of investing in small companies before they announce an initial public offering (IPO). By investing in these “penny IPOs”, investors can purportedly earn returns of 830% to 4,000%.

Jeff claims now is the time to invest in his penny IPO companies. He claims Q4 2020 is the start of a ‘4X window where investors can earn over-sized returns.

Overall, the goal of the 4X Window webinar is to convince you to sign up for other Brownstone Research products. However, the webinar is free for anyone to attend, and you can learn more by signing up online at

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