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Lou Basenese’s Biotech Breakout: Stock Market Tracking Numbers Webinar

Lou Basenese and the Trend Trader team just announced a webinar featuring “stock market tracking numbers.”

During the webinar, Lou Basenese and the team explain how to take advantage of these recently-released tracking numbers to make winning trades and earn 13x ROIs.

What is the stock market tracking numbers? What will you learn during the webinar? Find out everything you need to know about Lou Basenese’s Trend Trader and the stock market tracking numbers webinar today in our review.

About the Stock Market Tracking Numbers Webinar

In November 2020, Lou Basenese and the Trend Trader team announced a webinar addressing stock market tracking numbers.

The webinar is scheduled for November 18 at 1 pm EST.

During the webinar, Lou and the Trend Trader team will explain why the United States federal government was recently “caught red-handed” releasing stock market tracking numbers.

Investors who understand these stock market tracking numbers and take advantage can expect to earn ROIs of “1,311% or more,” by making the right trades.

Obviously, you should be skeptical when an investment guru claims you can expect 13x returns or higher from a single trade. Let’s take a closer look at these stock market tracking numbers and what they mean.

What Are the Stock Market Tracking Numbers?

Lou claims to have identified certain market indicators that lead to highly profitable trades.

During the stock market tracking numbers webinar, Lou will explain how these numbers work, how you can take advantage of these numbers to get consistent profit, and how you can follow Lou’s investment recommendations to repeatedly earn returns of 1,000% or higher.

Lou claims his system is so successful, in fact, that investors can earn 10x returns “over and over again,” repeatedly making highly profitable trades by identifying the right stock market tracking numbers.

Lou’s investment system is based on identifying “profit delivery dates.”

By buying the right stock before its profit delivery date, you can earn huge returns when that profit delivery date arrives. The rest of the market buys the stock on that profit delivery date, while you reap the rewards by buying that stock early.

Lou claims his investment system leads to “potential gains of 1,000% or more…over…and over…and over again.”

In fact, Lou claims many of his followers are already using stock market tracking numbers to earn returns of 46% to 949%.

Without spoiling the webinar, stock market tracking numbers are specific dates when stocks are expected to make big moves. When a publicly-traded company announces its earnings for the quarter, for example, those earnings could beat expectations or not. By buying the right companies before their profit delivery dates, you can consistently earn huge ROIs.

The tough part is identifying the right stocks to buy before their profit delivery dates. That’s where Lou Basenese claims to help. Lou claims to identify stocks that consistently turn a profit on their profit delivery dates. By repeatedly following his advice, you can earn huge returns over and over again – at least, that’s what Lou Basenese seems to suggest.

What Will You Learn During the Webinar?

Some of the topics Lou and the Trend Trader team will cover during the webinar include:

  • How to take home profits of 46% to 949% by taking advantage of stock market tracking numbers
  • How to earn returns of 1,311% or higher with a single trade
  • The specific stock you should buy before December 5, 2020, to take advantage of its profit delivery date, buying the stock now before the rest of the market hears about it
  • What the number CG806 means and why it will lead to profits of 1,311% for investors
  • The names and symbols of two other tracking numbers Lou expects to explode over the next 3 months

As with most financial webinars, Lou will reveal some information during the webinar, although other information will be kept for paid subscribers to Trend Trader.

Stock Market Tracking Numbers Webinar Pricing

The stock market tracking numbers webinar is free for anyone to attend.

Just enter your email address into the online form, and you will receive a link to the webinar on the date it’s scheduled (November 18).

By entering your email address, you agree to receive Trend Trader Daily’s email newsletter, although yo can subscribe at any time. You may also receive other marketing materials from the company.

About Lou Basenese and Trend Trader

Lou Basenese is an investment analyst best-known for his Trend Trader email newsletter, where he analyzes market conditions, discusses specific stocks, and helps investors maximize returns.

The goal of Trend Trader is to help investors profit from tomorrow’s biggest tech trends today. Lou and his team aim to discover major tech trends before they go mainstream.

Prior to running an online investment analysis newsletter, Lou managed $1.5 billion of assets for Morgan Stanley. He has 700,000 daily readers across his financial publications and grew his financial publishing company to earn $20 million+ in annual revenue.

Lou publishes Trend Trader through Crowdability. You can contact Crowdability via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-844-562-7228
  • Mailing Address: 295 Madison Avenue, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10017

Final Word

The stock market tracking numbers webinar is an investment webinar highlighting an opportunity that could lead to gains of 1,311% or higher. The webinar is marketed online with dramatic claims about how much money investors could earn by following the specifically recommended moves.

Overall, it’s possible that Lou’s investment ideas will lead to returns of 1,311% or more. However, as Lou admits, “making 10 times your money in the stock market should not be this easy” – and we’re skeptical whenever investment gurus try to dazzle investors with claims of 13x returns or higher.

The stock market tracking numbers webinar from Lou Basenese and the Trend Trader team is scheduled for November 18 at 1 pm EST. You can sign up for free today by entering your email address into the online form.

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