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Lou Basenese Trend Trader Review: The Perfect 5G Stock Profit Wave?

The Trend Trader by Lou Basenese and Crowdability features the presentation on the PERFECT 5G stock, known as the trend of the decade, that investors have the opportunity to jump in on to start riding the 5G Profit Wave and be a part of the fifth generation wireless technology revolution.


Lou Basenese’s Trend Trader is a financial newsletter that aims to spot trends before they become mainstream, helping investors earn profits.

As part of a new summer 2020 marketing campaign, Lou Basenese discusses a tiny 2mm device that is the key to unlocking the 5G revolution. Lou Basenese claims this component is as small as a grain of sand – yet it’s crucial for 5G.

What is the tiny 2mm 5G device? Should you subscribe to Trend Trader? What will you learn with Trend Trader? Find out everything you need to know about Trend Trader and how it works today in our review.

What is Lou Basenese’s Trend Trader?

Lou Basenese’s Trend Trader is an investment research service. You subscribe to the service, then receive new investment recommendations every month.

The goal of Trend Trader is to alert investors to significant new trends before they become mainstream. By following the company’s recommendations, investors can reap huge returns:

“With Trend Trader, you’ll always know about the most exciting and profitable trends — far before you read about them in The Wall Street Journal.”

Each month, subscribers receive an issue discussing the latest trends. Previous trends identified by the Trend Trader team include:

  • 5G
  • Cannabis
  • Space-based internet
  • Autonomous self-driving cars
  • Artificial intelligence
  • 3D printing
  • Biometric authentication
  • Mobile payments

All of these trends have become mainstream in recent years. By investing in the right companies before the rest of the world knows about them, investors can earn huge profits.

Each copy of Lou Basenese’s Trend Trader features investment ideas, including specific stock recommendations and analysis. Lou Basenese and his team identify ground-breaking investment trends, then discuss the top companies in that space. They analyze why each company is an excellent investment opportunity, then tell subscribers what to buy.

By following Trend Trader’s investment ideas, subscribers can purportedly earn “real-world returns of 50% to 100%+ in short order – without taking an unnecessary risk”, according to the official Trend Trader website.

In recent months, the company has recommended investments with returns like:

  • 1,223% gains in OptionXpress
  • 358% gains in Apple
  • 187% gains in Control4
  • 749% gains in Energous Corp
  • 972% gains in Tesla

Trend Trader is managed by Lou Basenese, who publishes the newsletter online through Crowdability.

About the 2mm 5G Device

As part of a new marketing campaign, Lou Basenese and the Trend Trader team are discussing a patented device crucial to 5G technology.

That device is purportedly just 2mm in size, yet it’s needed for 5G equipment. The company that owns the patent for this technology is a “tiny penny stock.” The Trend Trader team believes this company’s stock will explode over the coming months as 5G continues to roll out.

“This critical component is as small as a grain of sand … one tiny penny stock has just been granted the key patent on its breakthrough… and soon every major player like Samsung, Apple, Verizon, AT&T, and LG will be forced to pay this firm to use this component…”

By investing in this company today, investors can get a piece of “a potential 1,976% surge” starting “as early as October 1”.

Lou Basenese publishes the patent for the device on his sales page. He does not disclose the patent number, although it’s 10,491, XXX. The device is labeled as a Transversely-excited Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator. Without this device, 5G equipment doesn’t work. The company filed a patent for the invention in December 2018 and received the patent in November 2019.

We can’t spoil the name of this company. However, if you subscribe to Trend Trader today, you get a report disclosing the name of the company and why it’s a great investment opportunity. Today, that company’s stock trades at under $2 per share.

Why is the company’s stock expected to grow from $2? Trend Trader claims Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and other telecommunication giants have no choice but to use this company’s technology because other critical 5G patents are locked up:

“You can imagine what would happen to the share price of this tiny $2 stock when word starts to spread on the streets…In other words…Now that all the critical patents are fully locked up, it means all the big 5G players have NO CHOICE but to pay this tiny firm a royalty for its device. We’re talking the Telecomm giants like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint T-Mobile… AND smartphone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, and LG.”

In any case, you can learn more about the patent and the company that owns the patent by subscribing to Trend Trader today.

About Trend of the Decade: Ride the “5G Profit Wave.”

Lou Basenese and the Trend Trader team have collected all of their 5G research information into a report titled Trend of the Decade: Ride the “5G Profit Wave”.

That report lists the name of the company above, the type of patent that the company owns, and other information that could help investors get a huge windfall.

You get a free copy of the report when you subscribe to Trend Trader today.

What’s Included with Trend Trader?

By subscribing to Trend Trader today, you get access to the report above and other bonuses.

Here’s what is included in your Trend Trader subscription:

Monthly Issues of Trend Trader: Lou Basenese and his team send subscribers one issue of Trend Trader every month. Each issue discusses the latest trends in tech and other spaces. Readers learn about breakthrough trends – and the leading companies within those trends – before they become mainstream.

Report: Trend of the Decade: Ride the “5G Profit Wave”: This report is part of a new sales campaign for Trend Trader. It highlights a small 5G technology company that owns the patent for a crucial component required for 5G communication technology. That company’s stock is currently priced under $2 per share, although it could grow enormously in the coming months as 5G continues to roll out.

Bonus Report #1: Race For The Cure – How to Capture Your Share of the $8.3 Billion Biotech Windfall: This report highlights the leading biotech companies racing to create a cure for COVID-19. The report highlights five specific biotech companies developing a coronavirus vaccine. Basenese claims several of these companies have already jumped 100% since the publication of the report – and one of these companies could skyrocket in value up to 1,150% if it successfully develops a vaccine.

Bonus Report #2: Four Micro-Caps to Profit from the Marijuana “Gold Rush”: This report lists several major companies in the marijuana space poised to make considerable gains in the coming years. Marijuana is no longer a secret investing space. However, by investing in the right companies within the space, you can still get your piece of the cannabis gold rush.

Trend Trader Pricing

Trend Trader is priced at $100 to $150 per year, depending on your subscription option:

Basic Subscription: $99 for a 12-month digital-only subscription.

Premium Subscription: $149 for a 12-month digital-only subscription + extra bonus reports + premium customer service.

All subscriptions consist entirely of digital products. No physical products are delivered.

You can pay online via credit card.

Trend Trader Refund Policy

Trend Trader comes with a 30-day refund policy. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, then you can request a complete refund within 30 days. The company does not charge any processing or restocking fees, and this isn’t a ‘store credit’ refund like other financial services. This is a genuine cash refund.

About Lou Basenese

Lou is known as “America’s #1 disruptive tech expert”. He specializes in identifying tech trends before they become mainstream. He runs Disruptive Tech Research (

Before offering investment analysis online, Basenese managed $1.5 billion for Morgan Stanley. He has spent the last 16 years as an independent analyst and investor. In 2014, he launched Disruptive Tech Research.

You can contact Lou Basenese and the Disruptive Tech Research team via the following:

Phone: (931) 246-6599


Mailing Address: 1113 Murfreesboro Rd Ste 106-252, Franklin, TN 37064

About Crowdability

Crowdability is an online investor education platform offering a range of training products, newsletters, and more. Crowdability launched intending to educate investors on how to buy shares in high-risk startups – something the US government legalized with the passage of the JOBS Act.

Today, Crowdability offers a range of paid financial analysis email newsletters, including Early Stage Playbook, Crowdability IQ, Income Unlimited, and Trend Trader.

You can contact Crowdability via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-844-JOBS-ACT (1-844-562-7228)
  • Mailing Address: 205 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013

Final Word

Trend Trader is a financial newsletter delivered to traders via email. Each month, Lou Basenese and his team of analysts identify a new tech trend and the hottest companies within that space. By investing in the recommended companies, you can purportedly earn huge returns.

As part of a summer 2020 marketing campaign, Lou Basenese is discussing a tiny, 2mm, patented device required for 5G communication equipment. Apple, AT&T, Verizon, and other giant companies are reportedly preparing to license this patent, which would cause the company’s share price to skyrocket (it’s currently $2 per share).

To learn more about the 2mm 5G device and the company that owns the patent, subscribe to Trend Trader today.

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