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Microcap Confidential Review: Altimetry’s Stock Analysis Research

Microcap Confidential by Altimetry is a financial newsletter research service presented by Jared Kelly and Professor Joel Litman that uses FBI-level forensic analysis to see which stocks could soar multiple times over, but what is the cost?


Microcap Confidential is a financial newsletter priced at $3,000 per year that is presented by Jared Kelly and Joel Litman.

As part of a summer 2020 marketing campaign, the team has released a video highlighting tiny stocks that “could soon rise 1,000%”. The company claims unique opportunities appear after every crisis – and this unique opportunity could generate enormous returns for investors.

Is Microcap Confidential worth the price? What will you learn with a subscription to Microcap Confidential? Find out everything you need to know about Microcap Confidential today in our review.

What is Microcap Confidential?

Microcap Confidential is a financial newsletter published online by financial research firm Altimetry. The financial newsletter works similar to other stock-picking newsletters: it highlights hot stocks for investors, recommending specific investments that can net big returns.

As part of a new marketing campaign, Microcap Confidential has identified several small stocks they expect to make considerable gains in the coming months. These stocks could rise 1,000% in the coming months as the American economy recovers, according to the Microcap Confidential team:

“Professor who advises the FBI creates new ways to see which tiny stocks could soon rise 1,000%. A rare investment that appears after every crisis…And why it could soon make you 10 times your money.”

By subscribing to Microcap Confidential today, you can discover those hot stocks. A Microcap Confidential subscription is priced at $2,000 to $5,000 per year, depending on where you purchase your subscription.

Which Small Stocks Will Rise 1,00%?

Microcap Confidential claims they expect some small stocks to rise by 1,000% or more in the coming months. As the global economy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, Microcap Confidential expects a rare investment opportunity to appear. By following Microcap Confidential’s investment advice, investors can purportedly earn 10-times the returns on investment.

microcap financial

The new video makes dramatic claims about how much investors can expect to earn by following the firm’s investment advice:

“Today, we’re sharing what could be the biggest money-making opportunity of the next decade. A chance to realistically make 10 times your money on a single investment.”

During the presentation, Jared Kelly and Joel Litman discuss how current market conditions are an opportunity for smart investors. The pair mentions a specific investment opportunity expected to generate 1,000% returns “no matter where the market goes next.”

“…there’s a single investment right now that could turn every $5,000 into $50,000 if you understand how it works. And I know this because I said the exact same thing back in 2009… the last time we came out of a major crisis. With spectacular results.”

After a lengthy video, Jared Kelly and Joel Litman discuss specific types of stocks that rise in good and bad markets.

microcap financial review

The investment theory is based on small-cap audits – and the mistakes within those audits.

More substantial companies rarely get away with fraud. Larger companies are closely monitored by authorities. Smaller companies, however, regulate themselves. They submit accounting data to auditors, and auditors report those numbers without verifying them.

By identifying small-cap stocks that hired poor-quality auditors, investors can get unique market insight:

“Yes. But not so with microcaps like mCig. And that gives you a MASSIVE advantage…You see – tiny companies with little oversight and a small budget often hire the most inexperienced auditors in America. Accountants who are poorly rated, and even negligent. As a result, they make big mistakes that don’t get caught.”

This problem occurs even with meticulous auditors. The problem has become so bad that the government created an auditing oversight organization called the PCAOAB, or the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board.

The Microcap Confidential team checks PCAOAB reports to identify bad auditors. Then, it looks at companies that were audited by these auditors. Based on this analysis, it determines individual stocks are distorted. Some shares are undervalued because of bad auditing, while other stocks are overvalued.

“What makes Professor Litman’s forensic analysis so profitable is a basic rule of the markets. In short: A stock with HIGHER earnings than what they’ve publicly reported will go up, Joel says… bull market or bear market. That’s because… as he puts it… cash is king in the investment world. Sooner or later, a company making cash that’s hidden on its public filings will eventually see its reported PROFITS catch up to reality. And when that happens, the results will surprise the investing public – and cause a huge upward correction in the stock price.”

If investors can spot distortions – these ‘earnings surprises’ – before they go public, then they can capitalize on an opportunity for the market notices.

During a recession, these auditing mistakes are magnified. Individual companies are doubling or tripling their revenue, yet poor-quality audits report losses. When audits finally report income correctly, the market is surprised by the impressive earnings, leading to a sharp jump.

By following this investment system, Microcap Confidential subscribers can purportedly buy small-cap stocks that gain 1,000% or more in any market condition. The sales page is filled with stories of investors gaining 100% to 700% by following Microcap Confidential’s investment recommendations. The company claims to have recommended SIMO (1,701% gains), AAXN (1,772% gain), JAZZ (1,257% gain), and MLNX (1,107% gain), among other small-cap stocks that experienced huge gains.

What’s Included with a Microcap Confidential Subscription?

A Microcap Confidential includes several bonus subscriptions and products. Here’s what you get.

microcap financial cost

1 Year of Microcap Confidential: Microcap Confidential is a monthly financial newsletter led by Joel Litman. Litman analyzes earning reports on small-cap companies, then identifies investment opportunities based on each company’s poor auditing. Subscribers receive specific newsletter recommendations based on Litman’s forensic analysis of a company’s earnings.

7 Microcap Stock Recommendations: New subscribers receive immediate access to 7 microcap stock recommendations. Litman claims his last seven stock recommendations earned returns of 301% to 1,566%, which means investors (at least) tripled their money by following his investment advice.

Access to Altimeter: Joel Litman has created an online platform called Altimeter. Altimeter is a database of 2,000 stocks, including blue chips, mid chips, and microcaps. Enter the ticker of a stock, and Altimeter reveals earnings distortions for that stock that could net massive gains for investors.

Microcap Forensics: How to Make 100% to 500% Gains on the Smallest Companies: In this report, Joel Litman explains his investment strategy, including how he predicts microcap stocks, how to identify a microcap stock poised for big gains, and red flags for fraudulent microcap companies.

Do Not Buy List: Litman lists stocks he does not recommend buying due to fraudulent CEOs, sketchy accounting, and outright criminal activity. His previous report identified 50 of the worst companies in America, many of which crashed after the report was released.

Harvard Business Club Crash Course: Joel Litman recently filmed an investing crash course in front of the Harvard Business Club. During this presentation, Litman explained how to identify stocks poised to rise 500 to 1,000% or more.

Tell All Chat with Retired Harvard Business School Professor: Litman interviewed a Harvard Business School professor to discuss stock movements, including the factors that cause stocks to crash or skyrocket.

Microcap Confidential Pricing

Microcap Confidential is priced at $2,000 per year. You can purchase Altimetry's Microcap Finance by going directly here.

Microcap Confidential Hidden Fees

When you buy Microcap Confidential today for $2,000, you agree to pay additional fees in the future.

One year after you purchased your subscription, your credit card will automatically be charged $3,000 for an additional year of Microcap Confidential. The company claims this is the full, average price of the subscription, while the $2,000 subscription was a promotional offer.

The company also has a hidden fee for The Altimeter. One year after paying your $2,000 fee, your credit card will be charged $99 per month to maintain access to The Altimeter.

You will continue paying both fees until you contact the company to cancel. If you do not cancel either subscription before the renewal, then you will not receive a refund. The company will notify you by email before charging the renewal.

Microcap Confidential Refund Policy

Microcap Confidential has no cash refund policy.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason within 30 days, then you can request credit at Joel Litman’s online store. However, you will not receive any cash refunds.

About Altimetry

Altimetry is a financial research firm that claims to “see the numbers that Wall Street doesn’t.” The company’s name comes from the study of height or measuring altitude – or the study of things that go up.

Here’s how the company describes itself on the official website:

“Altimetry is a boutique financial research and publishing firm providing individual investors with unique, unbiased investment recommendations and analytics.”

The company’s team includes Professor Joel Litman (Chief Investment Strategist), Rob Spivey, CFA (Director of Research), Paolo Gutierrez (Chief Information Officer), and Sam Latter (Editor in Chief).

You can contact Altimetry via the following:

  • Email:
  • Email Form:
  • Phone (United States): (800) 701-9346
  • Phone (International): (617) 229-6511
  • Mailing Address: 110 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02141

Final Word

Altimetry offers an investment analysis newsletter called Microcap Confidential. That newsletter identifies small stocks expected to make huge gains. The company claims investors could earn returns o up to 1,000% by following their investment advice.

There are several issues with Altimetry’s Microcap Confidential.

The lack of refund policy is a huge red flag. When you’re spending $2,000 to $3,000 on a package of digital products, you expect the company to back up its claims with a definite refund policy. Microcap Confidential offers in-store credit – but no real money back refund policy. That’s unusual for such a large purchase.

The team also makes big claims about its earning results, suggesting investors can earn 300% to 1,000% returns by following their recommendations. Its possible investors will earn similar gains by following the stock tips in Microcap Confidential – but it’s also likely investors will lose money.

Nevertheless, the Altimetry team seems reputable and certified. Joel Litman has legitimate experience as a financial analyst and investment advisor. He has appeared on multiple media outlets and at various reputable business schools.

Overall, Microcap Confidential seems to work like most financial newsletters: they emphasize their best investment recommendations and suggest investors can expect similar claims moving forward. It’s possible Microcap Confidential provides effective investment recommendations, although it’s hard to verify the dramatic earning claims made by the company.

If you believe in Joel Litman and the Microcap Confidential team, then subscribe to Microcap Confidential today.

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