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The Oxford Club Strategic Trends Investor: Review Matthew Carr’s Newsletter

The Oxford Club has launched a new marketing campaign for its Strategic Trends Investor.

In a video and sales page, tech expert Matthew Carr explains how three stocks could turn ordinary investors into millionaires by January 21, 2022.

What are the three tech stocks Carr recommends buying? Can you really become a millionaire within 18 months by following these investment ideas? Find out everything you need to know about Strategic Trends Investor’s new marketing campaign today.

What is Strategic Trends Investor?

Strategic Trends Investor is a financial newsletter from The Oxford Club. It’s one of three financial newsletters offered by The Oxford Club, along with The Oxford Communique and The Oxford Income Letter.

By subscribing to Strategic Trends Investor today, you can purportedly discover hot investment trends before they become popular. The newsletter’s team of analysts track new trends, then recommend publicly-traded companies at the forefront of those trends. By investing in those recommended companies today, you can purportedly earn big returns on your investment.

Here’s how The Oxford Club describes its newsletter:

“Strategic Trends Investor is your essential guide to groundbreaking investments before they’re the talk of Wall Street. We discover market patterns and trends – both time-tested and emerging – that are poised to deliver tremendous profits.”

Strategic Trends Investor is led by analysts Matthew Carr and David Fessler. Carr specializes in emerging trends, while Fessler specializes in energy and infrastructure.

In recent months, Strategic Trends Investor has focused on 5G investing, including purchasing companies with a stake in 5G infrastructure. Earlier this year, the company led a significant marketing campaign for Strategic Trends Investor highlighting a small device that is the “linchpin” of 5G communication technology.

Other notable stock recommendations from Strategic Trends Investor have included:

  • Canopy Growth (which rose 232% after being recommended in the newsletter)
  • Cloud technology company Five9 (they recommended buying at $7 and it now trades at $105)
  • Multiple 5G recommendations, including various technology and communication companies that have “doubled” investors’ money

What’s Happening on January 21, 2022?

As part of a 2020 marketing campaign, Strategic Trends Investor claims a major event will occur on January 21, 2022.

The team claims that by investing in three stocks today, you could become a millionaire by January 21, 2022.

To learn about this investment opportunity, you need to subscribe to Strategic Trends Investor today, which gives you access to a report discussing the event.

Here’s how Strategic Trends Investor teases the event:

“This trend is so powerful…You could cash out for huge gains and know the EXACT DAY you’re going to do it. That hard date is January 21, 2022…Matthew knows beyond a shadow of a doubt this is going to be the day…Possibly minting a new class of millionaires around the world…Despite EVERYTHING that’s happened in the markets.”

The ‘trend’ they’re talking about is technology: the team believes technology stocks are currently depressed, despite the fact that we’re relying on tech companies more than ever before.

“If you can be brave right now, when most folks are scared…And embrace this buying opportunity, you could come out of this far ahead. There are three companies I’m going to tell you about today…And I believe putting just $500 in each could be a game changer for you.”

The team adds that this unique opportunity is “your shot at a 2009 do-over”. The last time tech stocks were this cheap was in 2009. More than a decade later, the biggest tech stocks and online companies have multiplied in price multiple times over.

What Are the Three Companies Set to Soar 10x by January 2022?

Strategic Trends Investor gives away one of the three recommended companies for free upfront. To learn the names of the other two companies, you’ll need to subscribe to Strategic Trends Investor.

Square (SQ): Square is a payment processing company beloved by small businesses and online retailers. Small businesses have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, so investing in a small business payment processor may seem unusual. However, Matthew claims there’s a unique reason to invest in Square.

“Square is just one of the three companies approved by Congress to offer loans to small business. Meaning this company was selected because of its ability to keep small business alive! Congress allotted $350 BILLION to this small-business relief effort. That is a TON of money. And it’s going to find its way to the folks who need it! But they’re going to use Square as a pipeline to deliver it!”

Matthew adds that Square is his number one investment coming out of the coronavirus crash. Thanks to popular apps like the Cash App, Square is poised to reap huge returns in the coming years.

Matthew believes all three recommended stocks – including Square – will jump 10X by January 21, 2022.

As far as we can tell, there’s no specific event taking place on January 21, 2022. However, Matthew believes that the market will have recovered from the coronavirus pandemic by this date.

Matthew also gives other investment recommendations upfront, although they’re separate from the January 21, 2022 report:

Teladoc Health (TDOC): Teladoc Health has doubled in price already in 2020, yet Matthew claims it’s still a great time to buy. Matthew claims telemedicine is rapidly becoming the new normal, with more patients livestreaming doctors’ visits instead of visiting in-person.

Anthem (ANTM): Anthem is one of the largest healthcare providers in the United States. In 2009, the company was sitting at $36. In 2020, it just hit $300. Matthew believes Anthem is well-prepared to handle the telemedicine revolution.

Zebra Technologies: Zebra Technologies makes wearable electronics. They’re working with the NFL to create an on-field player tracking system that tracks players’ vitals and other information, displaying real-time feeds to a tablet. It’s a leader in the smart health and fitness device space, and Matthew believes it can grow even further.

You can discover more of Matthew’s recommended stocks by subscribing to Strategic Trends Investor today. All new subscribers receive a copy of the report ‘3 Ways to Secure Your Retirement by January 2022’.

What’s Included with Strategic Trends Investor?

Your subscription to Strategic Trends Investor includes a package of products and reports. Here’s what you get as a new subscriber to Strategic Trends Investor:

12 Monthly Issues of Strategic Trends Investor: Each month, you receive a new issue of Strategic Trends Investor highlighting investment ideas, market analysis, trade recommendations, and more. The goal of the newsletter is to identify major trends before they become mainstream, giving investors an edge.

3 Ways to Secure Your Retirement by January 2022: This report highlights three stocks that could rise 10x within the next 18 months, according to the Strategic Trends Investor team. The three stocks include publicly-traded companies who should experience massive gains as the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing continue – including payment processing companies like Square that the United States government has chosen as benefits distribution partners.

The $3 Stock Vital to the 5G Revolution: This report explains one $3 stock that’s crucial to the 5G revolution. The stock is for a publicly-traded company that owns a specific patent on a communication technology device. Because the company owns this patent, they’re set to benefit significantly as 5G network equipment is installed across the United States and around the world.

How to Get Rich from the New NFL: This report highlights companies like smart device maker Zebra Technologies, which recently signed a partnership with the NFL for player tracking equipment. By investing in Zebra and other ‘smart NFL’ companies, you can purportedly earn huge returns.

Precision Medicine Billions: Your Slingshot to the 1%: This report discusses medical companies like Anthem and Teladoc Health that are at the forefront of the telemedicine revolution. An increasing number of people are visiting doctors remotely instead of in-person, and medical companies that plan ahead are set to reap huge rewards.

Weekly Wire Report: Subscribers receive a weekly email with the latest market analysis and investment opportunities.

Strategic Trends Investor Pricing

Strategic Trends Investor is priced at $49 to $79 per year, depending on your subscription:

Basic Subscription: $49

  • Digital-only annual subscription to Strategic Trends Investor
  • Bonus report ‘3 Ways to Secure Your Retirement by January 2022’

Premium Subscription: $79

  • Digital and print annual subscription to Strategic Trends Investor
  • Bonus report ‘3 Ways to Secure Your Retirement by January 2022′
  • Bonus report ‘The $3 Stock Vital to the 5G Revolution’
  • Bonus report ‘How to Get Rich from the New NFL’
  • Bonus report ‘Precision Medicine Billions: Your Slingshot to the 1%’

There’s also a third subscription package called a ‘Standard Subscription’, although it’s priced at $129 per year and contains fewer bonuses than the Premium Subscription.

Your subscription will automatically renew one year after signing up for Strategic Trends Investor. All renewals are priced at $79 per year. To avoid this renewal fee, contact the Strategic Trends Investor team.

Strategic Trends Investor Refund Policy

Strategic Trends Investor comes with a 365-day 100% money back guarantee. You can request a complete refund within 365 days of your purchase.

About The Oxford Club

The Oxford Club is a financial newsletter company with a 30-year history of providing financial analysis, investment recommendations, and more.

You can contact The Oxford Club via the following:

  • Phone (United States): 866-237-0436
  • Phone (International): 443-353-4540
  • Mailing Address: 105 W. Monument St, Baltimore, MD 21201

The Oxford Club is closely linked to Agora, a major financial newsletter provider. William Bonner, the founder of Agora, is also one of the founders of The Oxford Club, which officially launched as the Passport Club in 1989 before adopting its current name in 1991.

Final Word

Strategic Trends Investor is a financial newsletter featuring market analysis, stock recommendations, and other information for investors.

As part of a 2020 marketing campaign, Strategic Trends Investor is bundling several bonus reports with new subscriptions. One bonus report recommends three tech stocks that are set to grow up to 10x before January 21, 2022.

To learn more about the recommended stocks and other investment opportunities, sign up for The Oxford Club’s Strategic Trends Investor today.

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