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Palm Beach Venture Review: Billionaire’s #11 Pre-IPO Deal by Teeka Tiwari

Teeka Tiwari’s Palm Beach Research Group shares the Palm Beach Venture’s special pre-IPO alert training workshop event where members can get in on a Biotech sweetheart deal via his private placement service by tuning into the Set For Life Summit.

Palm Beach Venture is a financial newsletter from Palm Beach Research Group.

Led by editor Teeka Tiwari, Palm Beach Venture aims to help investors get life-changing returns. Teeka and his team search the world for untapped markets, then alert investors to an opportunity to make “10x-500x returns”.

As part of a 2020 marketing campaign, Teeka has launched a video discussing a new investment opportunity. Teeka claims to have identified an investment opportunity for a VC-backed company. That company is preparing for an IPO, and Teeka believes it will generate huge returns for investors who buy today. You can purportedly buy pre-IPO shares for just $0.75 apiece.

Can you really get 10x to 500x returns by following Palm Beach Venture’s investment recommendations? What will you learn in Palm Beach Venture? Is Palm Beach Venture worth the $2,500 per year subscription fee? Find out everything you need to know about Palm Beach Venture today in our review.

What is Palm Beach Venture?

Palm Beach Venture is a financial newsletter priced at $2,495 per year. The letter is led by Teeka Tiwari and William Mikula.

Teeka Tiwari is a former hedge fund manager. He’s a prominent member of Palm Beach Research Group, where he serves as editor of the company’s flagship newsletter, The Palm Beach Letter. He’s also the editor of Palm Beach Venture, the newsletter we’re reviewing today.

In Palm Beach Venture, Teeka aims to identify venture capital-style investing opportunities. These high-risk, high-reward opportunities can purportedly generate returns of “10x-500x”, according to the Palm Beach Research Group official website.

Here’s how the company describes the investing opportunities shared by Palm Beach Venture:

“Their goal is to profit from untapped markets propelled by massive, unstoppable trends. And cash in on deals that can make 10x–500x returns before the mainstream hops on board. It’s a perfect asymmetric bet—where you can risk a small amount of money for life-changing gains.”

Subscribers get monthly market updates with the best investment opportunities. Teeka claims to scour the globe to find “the best sweetheart deals you’ve only read about”.

Palm Beach Venture wants to tell investors about the next Facebook, Google, and Amazon investment opportunities before these companies go public. By getting a share in these companies today, investors can reap huge rewards when they go public in the future.

About the #11 Venture Capital Fortune Investment Opportunity

As part of a 2020 marketing campaign, Palm Beach Research Group has launched a video featuring Teeka Tiwari discussing a new investment opportunity.

Teeka claims that one venture capital firm has generated a billion-dollar fortune from 10 smart deals. Now, Teeka wants to share the 11th smart deal with subscribers.

By subscribing to Palm Beach Venture today, new subscribers get access to a series of reports, including Teeka’s Urgent Pre-IPO Briefing. In this briefing, Teeka shares information from one of his sources.

Here’s how Teeka describes his inside source at a venture capital (VC) firm:

“Teeka’s contact is one of the most successful VCs of our generation. 10 deals alone have built his billion-dollar fortune. And his next big deal is set to go public on the Nasdaq (Or NYSE) in 2020. Inside #11, you’ll discover how to invest alongside this billionaire, under the same exact terms… BEFORE the deal’s funding round could close on August 21.”

Teeka claims the deal’s funding round will close on August 21, giving investors just a few days to get involved. However, if you take action quickly, you can buy pre-IPO shares of this company for just $0.75 apiece.

It’s no secret that investing in the right companies before the IPO can be a successful investment strategy. However, investors typically need to be accredited (i.e. wealthy) to invest in companies like this before they go public.

Teeka claims his pre-IPO recommendations never require investors to be accredited. Instead, you can participate in the funding round no matter your current level of wealth.

What is the #11 Pre-IPO Company?

Teeka claims to be sharing inside information with the internet. The video explaining the #11 investment opportunity claims “the following message is private” and it “contains sensitive info”. Investors are led to believe it’s insider information, although it’s unclear how ‘insider’ this information really is.

Teeka does not disclose the identity of its #11 company upfront. Instead, you need to subscribe to Palm Beach Venture to discover the name of the company – which is reportedly selling shares to non-accredited investors for $0.75 apiece before its IPO.

It’s unusual for pre-IPO companies to openly sell shares to non-accredited investors before their initial public offering. However, the United States government has passed certain laws making it easier for non-accredited investors to participate in pre-IPO funding rounds.

Teeka claims that pre-IPO investors have a huge advantage over retail investors. By investing in the company before it IPOs, you can earn exponentially larger returns. Teeka uses Nikoa as an example.

Teeka explains that retail investors earned 100% returns on the Nikola IPO – which are great returns. However, pre-IPO investors earned returns of 4,360%.

Teeka mentions countless other examples of pre-IPO investors generating larger returns than retail investors.

By following Teeka’s investment advice with this company, you can purportedly earn returns of 10x to 500x. In other words, each $0.75 share will be worth $7.50 to $375.

Let’s say you follow Teeka’s recommendations and buy 100 shares of the company for $0.75 today in the pre-IPO phase. You pay $750 for these 100 shares. If these shares reach their target returns of 500x, then your shares will be worth $375,000.

Teeka expects the company to launch its IPO as soon as September 2020, although it could also happen later in the year.

What’s Included with Palm Beach Venture?

As part of a promotion, Palm Beach Research Group bundles Palm Beach Venture with several bonus reports and subscriptions. Here’s what new subscribers receive:

Monthly Issues of Palm Beach Venture: Palm Beach Venture is a monthly financial newsletter that aims to identify venture capital-style investment opportunities. You get monthly updates from Teeka and his team. Teeka travels the world and has inside sources at venture capital firms. He shares his information with subscribers in monthly reports, helping investors buy shares of exciting companies before they IPO.

Teeka’s Urgent Pre-IPO Briefing: New subscribers get access to a report called Teeka’s Urgent Pre-IPO Briefing. Teeka claims a company is expected to go public on the Nasdaq or NYSE in 2020. By investing before the end of August 2020, investors can buy shares as low as $0.75. Teeka claims his source works at a venture capital firm. This company has generated a billion-dollar fortune by investing in 10 huge companies before they IPO. Now, Teeka believes his recommended investment will be the 11th investment opportunity.

Quarterly Pre-IPO Recommendations: Once per quarter, Teeka shares pre-IPO recommendations with his subscribers. Teeka recommends investing in high-risk, high-reward companies that have the potential for huge gains. As mentioned above, you never need to be an accredited investor to participate in these funding rounds. Instead, anyone can participate regardless of their level of wealth.

Small-Cap Recommendations: Palm Beach Venture is all about high-risk, high-reward investing, and that’s why Teeka and his team also send small-cap recommendations to subscribers. Teeka and his team aim to identify small caps poised to skyrocket, including legal cannabis. In months where you don’t receive pre-IPO recommendations, Teeka shares small-cap stock recommendations with Palm Beach Venture subscribers instead.

Model Portfolio: Subscribers get access to the Palm Beach Venture model portfolio. Subscribers can view open positions, buy-up-to prices, and actions to take. The model portfolio contains many of the stocks recommended in the pre-IPO and small-cap newsletters above. You can track the performance of these stocks, learn when to sell them for maximum profit, and discover other stocks to buy.

Mobile Alerts: When Teeka and his team identify a pre-IPO recommendation or small-cap play, they send a mobile alert to investors, allowing you to take action at any time from anywhere in the world.

Members-Only Website: Subscribers get access to a members-only website featuring all of the information above, including the model portfolio, the latest issues of the newsletter, and other updates. There’s also a crash course in Palm Beach Venture-style investing called the Palm Beach Venture Manifesto.

Palm Beach Venture Pricing

Palm Beach Venture is priced at $2,495 per year.

If you are already a member of Palm Beach Confidential, then you can access a discounted rate on Palm Beach Venture by calling 800-681-6533 to speak with Palm Beach Research Group’s customer service team.

Your subscription will automatically renew one year after your purchase. Palm Beach Research Group sends an alert before renewing your subscription. It’s unclear if you pay $2,500 for your renewal or $5,000 (which is the normal price for Palm Beach Venture).

Palm Beach Venture Refund Policy

Palm Beach Venture does not offer any type of cash refund. Once you have paid your $2,495 subscription fee, Palm Beach Research Group will not return your money.

If you are unsatisfied, you have 90 days to request a store credit refund. Palm Beach Research Group will give you $2,495 in-store credit. You can buy other financial newsletters and reports from the company.

About Palm Beach Research Group

Palm Beach Research Group is a financial analysis firm best-known for its financial newsletters. Popular newsletters include Palm Beach Daily and Palm Beach Insider.

Like other financial newsletter companies, Palm Beach Research Group emphasizes big returns for those who follow their investment recommendations. Some newsletters emphasize high-risk, high-reward opportunities – like Palm Beach Research Group. Other newsletters advocate safe, steady investment returns.

You can contact Palm Beach Research Group via the following:

  • Phone: 1-888-501-2598
  • Email:
  • Mailing Address: 55 NE 5th Avenue Delray Beach, FL 33483

Final Word

Teeka Tiwari and the team at Palm Beach Research Group aim to identify venture capital-style investment opportunities and share these opportunities through Palm Beach Venture.

As part of a 2020 marketing campaign, Teeka claims to have identified a unique investment opportunity. Teeka claims to have a source at a venture capital firm. This venture capital firm has generated a billion-dollar fortune through 10 successful deals. Now, the company is preparing for an 11th successful deal. Teeka explains how to buy shares in this company through the end of August for just $0.75.

Overall, Palm Beach Venture is a high-priced financial newsletter with no cash refund policy. Teeka claims investors can generate returns of 10x to 500x, although it’s unclear how realistic those returns are for average investors. To learn more about Palm Beach Venture and the new #11 investment opportunity, visit online today at

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