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Pre-IPO Code Review: Jeff Brown 2021 Webinar Event Details

The Pre-IPO Code is a financial webinar that explains how to invest in a company before its IPO.

Led by Jeff Brown and the Brownstone Research team, The Pre-IPO Code is Jeff’s first broadcast event of 2021. Throughout 2020, Jeff led several similar webinars.

How does The Pre-IPO Code work? What will you learn during the event? Find out everything you need to know about The Pre-IPO Code today in our review.

What is The Pre-IPO Code?

The Pre-IPO Code is an upcoming financial webinar scheduled for Wednesday, January 13 at 8 pm EST.

The webinar is the first broadcast event of 2021 featuring Jeff Brown and his team at Brownstone Research. Jeff Brown is a former Silicon Valley tech executive who now works as a private investor. He shares his analysis through Brownstone Research, focusing specifically on upcoming tech trends and venture capital-style early investing.

During The Pre-IPO Code, Jeff will explain a new way to invest before a company’s IPO day.

Typically, a company launches its initial public offering (IPO) when it’s ready to sell shares to the world. After the IPO, anyone can buy shares of the company. The company is public.

The webinar’s sales page is filled with stories of investors making gains of 8,100% by investing in Yahoo before its IPO – or returns of 360,000% by investing in Groupon before its IPO.

What if you could invest in a company before its IPO? That’s what Jeff wants to explain.

How Does The Pre-IPO Code Work?

It’s no secret how to invest in a company before its IPO: accredited investors, venture capital firms, and billionaires have always been able to invest in companies before a public offering.

However, the general public is not generally able to invest in a company before its IPO. Otherwise, there would be no point in an IPO.

During The Pre-IPO Code, however, Jeff explains a new regulatory shift that allows certain members of the general public to invest in certain companies before their initial public offering.

Jeff claims this announcement is a big deal. In fact, he claims it “may be the biggest event of Jeff Brown’s 30-year career.”

Here’s how the webinar’s sales page explains it:

“Come IPO day, you could potentially see gains beyond most people’s wildest dreams…Make no mistake: Gains like these can’t be promised. In fact, Main Street investors were completely LOCKED out…Until now. That’s why Jeff has put together this training.”

You don’t need to be anyone special to invest in a company before its IPO. In fact, anyone can do it from their ordinary brokerage account just by entering a special “pre-IPO code.”

Who Can Invest in a Company Before Its IPO?

As mentioned above, pre-IPO investing has always been available to accredited investors, billionaires, hedge funds, venture capital firms, and similar institutions.

However, pre-IPO investing has not traditionally been available to the general public.

According to Jeff Brown, you can start investing in companies before their public offering regardless of your connections, wealth, or accreditation status. You, as an ordinary investor, can quickly start investing in companies before their IPO:

  • No matter your net worth
  • No matter your connections
  • No matter whether or not you’re an accredited investor

As Jeff Brown explains, this regulatory change allows ordinary investors to “get a real stake in billion-dollar tech unicorns – before IPO day.”

Instead of waiting for an IPO to invest in Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google, Apple, and other tech giants, you can buy shares in private companies today, then reap the rewards when those companies eventually go public.

Ideally, you’ll buy shares of a company at a discount rate today, and the company will price its shares much higher during the IPO.

The sales page for The Pre-IPO Code is filled with stories of accredited investors who did exactly that, earning returns as high as 432,900% by making pre-IPO investments in Snap.

What Will You Learn During The Pre-IPO Code?

During The Pre-IPO Code, Jeff Brown will explain how to invest in companies before their IPO.

Jeff will explain the regulatory code change that allows you to invest in companies before their IPO, including the step-by-step guide anyone can use to invest in a private company.

Topics covered during The Pre-IPO Code include:

  • A three-part master class explaining how to invest in companies before their IPO
  • A step-by-step guide ordinary investors can use to buy shares of a company before their IPO
  • How to log into your brokerage account, type in a special pre-IPO code, and buy shares of the company
  • How to access potential millionaire-making opportunities by investing in the next tech unicorn today, buying private shares at a fraction of the price of their IPO price

How to Invest in a Company Before Its IPO

We can’t spoil The Pre-IPO Code upfront and tell you exactly how to invest in a company before its IPO. However, here’s the vague, step-by-step guide shared by Jeff Brown and the Brownstone Research team upfront before the webinar:

  • Step 1) Log into your brokerage account
  • Step 2) Type in a pre-IPO code
  • Step 3) Click buy

That’s it. As mentioned on The Pre-IPO Code’s sales page, you could earn returns of 8,100% to 432,900% by picking the right company.

Of course, you can also lose a significant amount of money by investing in the wrong company. Plenty of venture capital firms lose money because the company never goes public or goes bankrupt long before achieving ‘unicorn’ status.

Of course, The Pre-IPO Code’s sales page does not guarantee any returns – although it’s filled with advertised returns of 8,100% to 432,900%.

How Much Does The Pre-IPO Code Webinar Cost?

It’s free to attend The Pre-IPO Code webinar.

Just enter your email address into the online form.

In exchange for entering your email address, you agree to receive emails from Brownstone Research. Expect to see advertisements for other Brownstone Research products, including paid newsletters from Jeff Brown and his team.

About Brownstone Research and Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown is a financial analyst who recently launched a firm named Brownstone Research.

At Brownstone Research, Jeff uses his 30+ years of experience as a tech executive to share investment wisdom, venture capital-style investing tips, and more.

Brownstone Research is best-known for its newsletters, including The Bleeding Edge (free), The Near Future Report ($199), Exponential Tech Investor ($4,000), and Early Stage Trader ($5,000), among others.

When you sign up to attend The Pre-IPO Code, expect to receive advertisements for all of these products and more.

You can contact Brownstone Research via the following:

  • Phone: 1-888-493-3156
  • Email:
  • Mailing Address: 55 NE 5th Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33483

Final Word

Jeff Brown and the Brownstone Research team just announced their first webinar of 2021: a free event called The Pre-IPO Code.

During the webinar, Jeff will explain the step-by-step strategy you can use to invest in companies before they go public. By following his recommendations, ordinary investors could earn huge returns by investing in the right ‘unicorn’ companies before their IPO day.

To learn more or attend the webinar today, visit

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