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Whitney Tilson’s Recovery Investing Event is May 28

Whitney Tilson is hosting the Recovery Investing Event on May 28, 2020 with financial investment leaders Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, Dave Lashmet and Dan Ferris to share insights and strategies using a system that can rebuild wealth despite the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Recovery Investing Event hosted by Whitney Tilson is scheduled to happen on May 28, at 8pm ET. Whitney Tilson is an investing legend and hedge fund manager who knows how people can rebuild their wealth by trading and has been doing it for many years through his Empire Financial Research service.

He predicted all the major financial events that happened in the last 20 years, such as the dot com crash, the housing bust or the bottom of stocks in 2008 and this year, so he knows exactly what he’s talking about when giving advice on finances. He is even infamous for his TaaS stock picks too.

What Will Investors Learn During the Recovery Investing Event?

As soon as signing up to the Recovery Investing Event, people will receive the 5 Ticking Time Bombs in Your Portfolio report that talks about the 5 stocks headed towards a plunge in the near future. These stocks are also very likely to not survive.

They’re probably in the portfolios of many Americans at the moment. Their companies most of the time lurk in mutual funds and ETFs, so the 5 Ticking Time Bombs in Your Portfolio is a must-read for every investor. Besides, it’s 100% FREE and set to be sent by email to those who register to the Recovery Investing Event.

Attendees will also get video messages from established traders and investors, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, Dan Ferris, and Dave Lashmet.

What Are the Other Things Taught at the Recovery Investing Event?

Those who lost money during the March crisis can recoup in a very safe manner, whereas those who recently bought a stock or two made a very good choice. No matter what some investors did or didn’t do, they can learn where their stocks are heading next by attending the FREE Recovery Investing Event.

They will find out if the stock market will continue to recover or another crash is expected. Furthermore, they’ll learn when it’s the exact day in which they need to buy back in the most popular stocks in the world, so about the perfect time for re-entering their favorite stocks. The name and ticker symbols of stocks be given for FREE.

Is Recovery Investing Event Really FREE?

Yes, it’s absolutely FREE to attend the Recovery Investing Event by entering the email address into the provided online form. Those who do this will have a link for the May 28 webinar sent to their email. A text message will also be sent right before the event as a reminder, but only to subscribers who sign up to the FREE VIP text reminder service.

The VIP subscription gives further instant access to the This Embattled Stock is a Potential Nine-Bagger in Waiting special report that presents the name and the ticker symbol of a stock Whitney very much hates and thinks can soar into something incredible in the following years. Whitney says that the last time he witnessed such a good setup, he made 17 times his money.

Furthermore, this report contains secret information that mainstream media and the government don’t want released. The same report also includes an exclusive interview with experts in the type of investment Whitney thinks can bring incredible profits at least 17 times more than the investment.

The Recovery Investing Event is a one-night-only broadcast, so it shouldn’t be missed by those who are serious about making good money from trading.

Click here to see the Empire Stock Investor and Whitney Tilson’s TaaS Stock Investment Opportunity.

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