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Sami Abusaad Ultimate Earnings Play: T3 Live Webinar Review

Sami Abusaad and the T3 Live team have launched a new webinar through

The webinar teaches viewers about the Ultimate Earnings Play, an investment strategy created by Sami. Sami claims he has used this strategy to earn nearly $200,000 in recent months.

Is the Ultimate Earnings Play webinar worth attending? What will you learn from Sami Abusaad during the webinar? Find out everything you need to know about the webinar today in our review.

What is the Ultimate Earnings Play Webinar?

Sami Abusaad is hosting a new webinar called the Ultimate Earnings Play, also marketed as the Endless Earnings webinar.

Anyone can sign up for the webinar for free online through the following webpage:

During the webinar, Sami explains how he has earned huge returns even as markets plummeted. Sami claims he earned $200,000 in profit when the market dived 2,997 points, for example, using his Ultimate Earnings Play investment strategies.

Instead of keeping his investment strategies to himself and earning a fortune, Sami has nicely decided to share them with the world. Today, anyone can learn more about the Ultimate Earnings Play investment strategy by signing up for Sami’s free webinar.

Sami Abusaad is the Director of Training at T3 Live. Recordings of the webinar play regularly through Although the webinar is free to attend, viewers receive promotions for various T3 Live products and services.

What Will You Learn During the Webinar?

Here’s how T3 Live explains the new Ultimate Earnings Play webinar:

“While the Market Dive Bombed by Over 2,997 Points, One Man Has Profited Over $195365…and Counting! A massively underperforming market doesn’t mean your returns have to be. Join Sami Abusaad, Director of Training for T3 Live, and see step-by-step how he’s been able to turn all-time market lows into a massive rainy day fund.”

Some of the topics covered during the webinar include:

Sami’s proprietary trading strategy and why it took 7 years of research (and detailed analysis of 900 trades) to perfect the system.

How anyone can make “big profits from earnings reports all year long” by following Sami’s trading strategy.

How to generate $37,000 of profit in 8 days, $53,000 in 2 days, and $86,800 in 1 day by following Sami’s investment advice, earning consistent profits every trading day.

A market loophole you can use to maximize returns – and why most traders are unaware the loophole exists.

How to earn 4 to 5-digit returns on every trade with “zero mind-numbing research or expensive technical analysis.”

A step-by-step explanation of Sami’s Ultimate Earnings Plays investment strategy, including how to implement the strategy and start trading immediately.

6 Profit Patterns that you can use to create a “virtual flood of profits” for your portfolio, including Sami’s 3 favorite pattern setups “for generating consistent income on earnings every single day the market is open.”

The sales page for the webinar is filled with stories of individuals earning huge returns by following Sami’s investment guidance. You can learn how to make “$5,000 in 1 day” or “$3,000 in 2 days” through Sami’s investment system, for example.

The sales page also emphasizes that these are consistent returns – not unusually high returns or outliers. Individuals are told they can start “generating consistent income on earnings almost every single day the market is open.”

How Does Sami Abusaad’s Ultimate Earnings Play Strategy Work?

Clearly, Sami believes his Ultimate Earnings Play investment strategy can generate large, consistent profits with limited risk on most trading days. But how does the trading strategy actually work? Can you really expect to earn 4 to 5 figures regularly with this trading strategy?

We can’t spoil full details of Sami’s trading strategy upfront. You can attend to the webinar to learn full details. However, we can explain basic information about the strategy.

Essentially, Sami trades based on earnings news. Sami waits for companies to release their earnings reports, making plays before, during, and after the release of those earnings reports.

By buying the right companies before they release an impressive earnings report, you can earn huge returns.

Sami claims his strategy makes it easy to spot trades with “the highest potential for profit with the lowest risk,” giving folks safe and easy returns most trading days.

Bonus eBook with Webinar

Sami’s Ultimate Earnings Play webinar comes with a bonus eBook called The Perfect Earnings Trade Blueprint.

You receive a PDF copy of this eBook just for signing up for the webinar.

The eBook explains how to maximize trade earnings. Readers will learn how to look for earnings trades with “the highest potential for profit with the lowest risk.” The eBook, which was written by Sami Abusaad, claims to take the guesswork out of making money through earnings plays.

Ultimate Earnings Play Webinar Pricing

The Ultimate Earnings Play webinar is legitimately free to attend. Just enter your name and email address into the online form, and you’ll receive a link to the next airing of the webinar.

Like other free online webinars, the Ultimate Earnings Play webinar features offers for paid products, services, and subscriptions. Viewers receive advertisements for various products and services from T3 Live and its partner company, T3 Trading Group.

About Sami Abusaad

Sami Abusaad is an investor who opened his first brokerage account in 2005 with $16,000. He grew that account into $50,000 within one year “by playing swing long in a bullish market.” After a series of bad trades, Sami’s account was $15,000 in the red.

After that painful experience, Sami decided to get better at investing. He started training and learning to trade successfully. Here’s how the T3 Live website explains what happened next:

“He [Sami] noticed a certain pattern that kept forming during the earnings season. After analyzing over 900 trades based on the pattern, Sami developed his Ultimate Earnings Play.”

How Much Money Can You Make?

Like many investment gurus online, Sami Abusaad emphasizes the huge returns individuals who invest can expect to earn by following his investment strategy. Here’s how the official T3 Live website explains it:

“This single strategy has been responsible for huge and consistent profits for Sami. Like as $37,000 in 8 days, $53,000 in 2 days… and even… $86,800 in 1 day. His students also report routinely pulling in four and five-figure trading paydays by following Sami’s proven earnings trading strategy.”

The sales page is filled with ordinary traders claiming to have earned 4 to 5-figure returns by following Sami’s investment guidance. The page has no testimonials from customers who have lost money on Sami’s trades. In fact, Sami claims his strategy can help traders start “generating consistent income on earnings almost every single day the market is open.”

In other words, Sami seems to suggest folks can earn a lot of money in a short period of time through his Ultimate Earnings Play strategy.

Final Word

Sami Abusaad and the T3 Live team have launched a new investment webinar where they teach viewers about the Ultimate Earnings Play, an investment strategy that involves buying stocks before they release earnings reports.

The webinar’s sales page is filled with stories of viewers earning huge returns following this investment strategy, and individuals that invest are told to expect “consistent income on earnings almost every single day the market is open.”

The webinar is free to attend. You can attend online through

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