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Set For Life Summit Review: Teeka Tiwari Pre-IPO Workshop

Set for Life Summit by Teeka Tiwari of Palm Beach Research Group is a new event taking place on September 9th at 8PM ET that features Palm Beach Venture Boom’s latest opportunity about a rare Pre-IPO deal that is a Billionaire’s 11th sweetheart deal that individuals can take full advantage in this private placement service.

Former hedge fund manager Teeka Tiwari is hosting a workshop on Wednesday, September 9 called the Set For Life Summit.

During the summit, Teeka and his team will explain how to invest in a growing company during the pre-IPO phase. Teeka explains that IPOs are minting “a new billionaire every week” – and finally, ordinary investors can get involved.

What will you learn during the Set For Life Summit? Is the Set For Life Summit worth attending? Let’s take a closer look at the summit and what’s involved.

What is the Set For Life Summit?

The Set For Life Summit is a webinar featuring Teeka Tiwari and his team at Palm Beach Research Group. The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, September 9th at 8pm ET.

Anyone can attend the webinar for free. Just enter your email into the online form, and you’ll receive a link to join the summit on September 9th. Although the summit is free to attend, Palm Beach Research Group will send you various marketing emails in the leadup to the summit.

Attendees also receive bonus products, including a pre-IPO workshop, a specific pre-IPO investment recommendation, and a question and answer session with Teeka Tiwari.

Teeka claims pre-IPO investments are creating one new billionaire every week. Every week, an investor becomes a billionaire because of a smart investment in the right company before it goes public. By investing in a company before its initial public offering (IPO) on the stock market, you can purportedly make huge gains. Imagine investing in Apple, Microsoft, or Amazon before they went public. Those are the kind of gains Teeka wants you to imagine with his Set For Life Summit.

Here’s how the Palm Beach Research Group team introduces the summit:

“And Wall Street IPO expert and former hedge fund manager Teeka Tiwari says now is your time to secure a lifetime of wealth. This year, we’ve witnessed some of the fastest and largest gains in stock market history…With IPOs surging 20%… 56%… 75%… 153%… and even as high as 201%… in just one day. Not bad…”

In fact, Teeka claims investors can do way more than just double or triple their money. By following his investment recommendations, investors can earn returns as high as 499,000%:

“But forget about doubling or tripling your money in the retail markets, after companies IPO. Because if you get in before they go public — in PRE-IPO deals — this year, you could have experienced gains like…3,405%, 35,198%, 50,400%, 130,650%, 253,400%, Even 499,000%.”

Teeka adds that investing just $1,000 in one of his recommended pre-IPO investment opportunities “could build you an entire nest egg”. By investing $10,000, you could have a fortune and be set for life. That’s why the summit is called the ‘Set For Life Summit’.

What Will You Learn During the Set For Life Summit?

During the Set For Life Summit, attendees will discover all of the following:

  • Million dollar deal opportunities, including a specific pre-IPO company that is preparing to go public in late 2020 or early 2021; Teeka claims this investment opportunity could make investors rich quickly, and it’s one of the first times investors can participate in a pre-IPO funding round
  • How nine $100 billion+ companies in the United States became rich because of a rarely-granted guarantee from the United States government
  • The $2.6 trillion federal agency that created America’s most profitable sector
  • The government guarantee that makes companies in this profitable sector 25x more profitable
  • Teeka’s top investment recommendation that “could ultimately set you up to make one million dollars or more”

As with other financial webinars, the Set For Life Summit emphasizes making a lot of money quickly. By following the investment recommendations in the webinar, you can purportedly make some of the gains mentioned above. The company cautions that gains like this are extraordinary – not normal. However, the sales page is filled with claims of huge investment returns – and Teeka believes his recommendation is mostly risk-free due to the unique guarantee from the United States government.

What is a Pre-IPO?

Typically, investors can only buy a share in a company after it goes public – after it goes through an initial public offering (IPO).

Traditionally, to invest in a company before an IPO, you need to be an accredited investor. An accredited investor is someone like a venture capital firm. Or, some wealthy individuals are accredited investors. Ordinary investors don’t have this elite ‘accredited’ status, so they were historically unable to participate in private funding rounds.

Today, things have changed, and certain investors can now participate in certain types of pre-IPO funding rounds.

Let’s say you hear about a company that is preparing to launch an IPO in the middle of 2021. Analysts believe the shares will be priced at around $30 apiece at the opening of the market. At that point, anyone can buy the stock. Investors might believe the IPO price is too low, jumping on the stock and pushing it higher. Or, momentum may push the stock lower.

During the pre-IPO phase, however, you can invest in a company before the craziness of the IPO day. Instead of buying the company at $30 per share, for example, you can buy the company for $1 per share or less.

Obviously, this is an extreme example. Most pre-IPO investments are unsuccessful, and most venture capital investments fail.

However, venture capital firms just need one winning stock. They just need one Apple, Facebook, Amazon, or Microsoft. By buying the right company early, you can erase the losses of other companies. It’s a high-risk, high-reward industry.

Fortunately for investors, Teeka claims he’s found a perfect investment opportunity. By joining the Set For Life Summit, you can get Teeka’s top pre-IPO pick.

What is Teeka’s Top Pre-IPO Pick?

Teeka Tiwari will reveal the name of his pre-IPO pick during the Set For Life Summit. We won’t spoil the name of the company upfront. We’ll let Teeka explain the name of the company during the summit.

Here’s how the Set For Life Summit explains the pre-IPO company:

“During the Set For Life Summit, you’ll discover how to claim Teeka’s new buy alert. Inside: the name of his TOP pre-IPO pick. It’s a tiny company, operating in the heart of America’s #1 sector. The pre-IPO deals in this sector are so potentially lucrative, the smart money just bought up $5.5 billion worth… the biggest buying frenzy in U.S. history.”

Some of the things we know about Teeka’s pre-IPO pick include:

  • It could generate returns up to 499,000%
  • Investors are making billions in this sector, described by Forbes as the “most profitable sector” in America
  • Teeka claims the company is not involved in cryptocurrency, technology, marijuana, or healthcare
  • Teeka claims this investment “is not even a gamble” because of a unique United States government guarantee: because it’s in America’s #1 sector, the US government protects the sector in certain ways

If you read between the lines, then you can guess what Teeka is hinting. However, you’ll need to attend the Set For Life Summit to discover the specific pre-IPO company – and how you can buy a stake in that company.

How Much Does the Set For Life Summit Cost?

The Set For Life Summit is free for anyone to attend. You can attend the summit for free just by entering your email address into the online form.

By entering your email address, you automatically agree to receive emails from Common Sense Publishing, LLC, a subsidiary of Palm Beach Research Group. You can opt out of those emails at any time.

Like other Palm Beach Research Group webinars, you can expect to receive advertisements for various company newsletters and online reports. The company dangles a carrot in front of you (like the one pre-IPO stock recommendation), and you need to pay to learn more.

What’s Included with the Set For Life Summit?

The Set For Life Summit is not only free – it also comes with bonus materials. By signing up for the Set For Life Summit, you get access to several bonus products from Teeka and his team.

Here are some of the bonuses included in the Set For Life Summit:

Teeka’s Legacy Investment Keynote Speech: In this video, Teeka explains his investment strategy and unique investment opportunities available today.

Private Placement Playbook: How to Make Millions in the Private Placement Market: This eBook explains how ordinary investors can take advantage of private placement investors (say, investing in a company before it goes public).

Text Message Reminders: By signing up, you agree to receive text (SMS) reminders from Teeka and the Palm Beach Research Group team, including text advertisements, promotions, and other reminders.

Final Word

Teeka Tiwari and the Palm Beach Research Group team have heavily marketed a pre-IPO investment opportunity in recent weeks. That pre-IPO investment opportunity could generate huge returns for investors – even if you just invest $1,000 into the recommended company, you can become ‘set for life’ according to the Set For Life Summit team.

Overall, Palm Beach Research Group frequently advertises huge gains and safe investments, hyping returns while enticing ordinary investors. It’s possible Teeka Tiwari has found a ‘unicorn’ investment opportunity – like the next Facebook, Amazon, or Google. However, it’s also possible the company will fail like most other pre-IPO companies.

However, the Set For Life Summit is genuinely free for anyone to attend, and you can sign up today just for entering your email address.

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