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Sigma Surges: Rogue Investing Jonathan Burke, Dr. Kent Moors

Rogue Investing and John Burke have announced an online event named Sigma Surges.

The free webinar is scheduled for November 20 at 1pm EST. By attending the event, researchers can discover an investment system that purportedly leads to gains of 201% to 800% every 3 days.

Can you really earn huge ROIs through the Sigma Surges investment system? What will you learn during the Sigma Surges webinar? Is the webinar really free? Find out everything you need to know about the Sigma Surges webinar and how it works today in our review.

What is Sigma Surges?

Sigma Surges is a webinar scheduled for November 20 at 1pm EST.

The webinar is hosted by Rogue Investing’s John Burke, who interviews a former CIA operative named Dr. Kent Moors.

During the webinar, Dr. Moors purportedly reveals an investment system with 93% accuracy of creating gains of 201% to 800% every 3 days.

By following the recommended investment system, investors can purportedly earn huge ROIs.

In fact, the Rogue Investing claims you can expect to “double your money every 14 days on average” with this system.

The webinar is free for anyone to attend. Just enter your email address into the online form at the Sigma Surges webpage.

If someone was able to reliably double their money every 14 days, they would quickly become the richest person in the world. Obviously, you should be skeptical anytime an investment guru advertises gains this high in a short period of time.

Although we’re skeptical of the advertised ROIs, let’s take a closer look at the Sigma Surges investment system and how it works.

What Will You Learn During the Sigma Surges Webinar?

The Sigma Surges webinar explains how the Sigma investment analysis system works.

The purpose of the webinar is to convince you to sign up for Sigma Trader, an investment analysis newsletter offered by Rogue Investing.

During the webinar, John Burke interviews Dr. Moors, who explains how his Sigma investment system works – including how investors can use it to double their money every 14 days or earn returns of 800% every 3 days, among other impressive gains.

Here’s how Rogue Investing explains the webinar and how much money you can expect to make by following the investment advice:

“Legendary CIA operative, Dr. Kent Moors, reveals his proprietary 93% accurate SIGMA SYSTEM…How he used it to grab gains like…201% on Future Fintech…430% on Marathon Patent Group…800% on Tellurian…Every 3 days…”

Dr. Moors may be an expert, but he claims any ordinary investor can use his system to earn huge returns. In fact, Rogue Investing claims the average investor who follows the Sigma investing system doubles their money every 14 days:

“…And how you can implement his breakthrough system to double your money every 14 days on average…”

Earning 100% returns every 14 days is insane. To put those investment claims in perspective, someone who invested $1 into the Sigma system today and earned 100% returns every 14 days would have $67.1 million within one year.

Instead of keeping this investment system to themselves, Jonathan Burke and Dr. Moors want to share it with the world.

“Now, Kent Moors is sharing the distillation of his years in the world of intelligence, physics, geopolitics, and investing, a trading technology unlike anything before.”

Dr. Moors claims he personally invested $1.3 million of his own money into the Sigma investing system to test the process. His test led to 129 winning trades and 44 triple digit returns in less than 4 months.

“For the first time ever….Kent is sharing exactly how his system works, and how you can begin profiting.”

We can’t spoil the content of the webinar or the Sigma investment system upfront.

However, we will say that earning 100% returns every 14 days using the Sigma investment system is extremely unrealistic. These types of returns are unheard of, and it’s unusual that Rogue Investing claims these are the “average” returns of their system.

When Does the Sigma Surges Webinar Take Place?

The Sigma Surges webinar airs regularly through Like other investment analyst website webinars, Sigma Surges is not live: it’s just a video that replays constantly throughout the day.

When you visit the website, you might see the webinar starts 10 minutes after you arrived at the site. In reality, this is clever marketing to convince you that you stumbled upon the site at the right time.

As far as we can tell, the Sigma Surges webinar is never a genuine ‘live’ event, although it is a legitimate video interview with John Burke and Dr. Kent Moors.

Who is Dr. Kent Moors?

John Burke describes Dr. Kent Moors as “one of the most highly-decorated intelligence officers in the entire world” and a “former CIA operative.” According to Burke, Dr. Moors spent decades working with the United States government, foreign governments, hedge funds, and other organizations.

There’s limited information about Dr. Kent Moors’ CIA background available online. However, he’s best-known today as an investment analyst working for and, among other websites.

According to those websites, Dr. Moors advises the governments of Russia, Kazakhstan, Iraq, the Bahamas, the United States, and Canada on oil policy. Dr. Moors is also a professor of public policy at Duquesne University, where he leads the Energy Policy Research Group.

Over the decades, Dr. Moors has written six books. Today, he publishes investment recommendations through email newsletters like Energy Advantage, Energy Inner Circle, Micro Energy Trader, and Oil & Energy Investor, among other newsletters.

Dr. Moors is also an editor for Rogue Investing.

Sigma Surges Webinar Pricing

The Sigma Surges is free for anyone to attend. Just enter your email address into the online form, and you’ll receive a link to the webinar before it airs.

Like with most things online, the Sigma Surges webinar isn’t truly free: you can expect to receive advertisements and promotional offers from Rogue Investing. However, you can unsubscribe at any time, and there’s no obligation to buy any products and services through Sigma Surges.

Rogue Investing describes the webinar as a “VIP invitation only” event normally priced at $495. However, the event is free for anyone to attend online with just an email address.

About Rogue Investing

Rogue Investing is an investment analysis platform offering a range of articles, newsletters, and other products and services to investors.


Rogue Investing is led by Corey Snyder (founder and publisher of Rogue Investing) and editors Dr. Kent Moors and Chris Hood.

Notable products from Rogue Investing include Rogue Investing Daily and Sigma Trader.

What is Sigma Trader?

The purpose of the Sigma Surges webinar is to convince viewers to sign up for Sigma Trader, an investment analysis newsletter.

In the Sigma Trader newsletter, investors learn about Dr. Moors’ investment system. As mentioned above, that investment system purportedly leads to average gains of 100% every 14 days.

Sigma Trader is a new newsletter, and there’s limited information online about the topics covered by Sigma Trader or the average returns of the newsletter, among other information.

Final Word

Rogue Investing has launched a new webinar for its Sigma Trader financial newsletter. That webinar, called Sigma Surges, features a man named Dr. Kent Moors who has purportedly created an investment system that will double your money every 14 days.

Ultimately, you should be skeptical any time an investment guru claims to offer “average” returns of 100% every 14 days. It’s normal for investment gurus to advertise “maximum” gains of “up to” 800%, but claiming investors can double their money “on average” is unusual. These returns are not realistic for average investors.

However, if you want to learn more about the Sigma investment system and how it works, it’s free for anyone to attend the Sigma Surges webinar online today through

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