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Stansberry NewsWire: Everything Investors Need to Know About Wall Street

The new Stansberry Newswire service allows investors to get a direct line into Wall Street by receiving up to the minute news updates, market research and expert analysis for free.


Created by Scott Garliss and Greg Diamond, Stansberry NewsWire is the investors’ direct line to Wall Street, seeing it reveals what the trading desks are doing and even thinking each day.

In other words, it sends straight to people’s phone updates on trading, breaking news, the most interesting financial experts’ commentaries, and even investment ideas.

All in all, Stansberry NewsWire has been built for those traders who like to know everything and to put new trades on a few times a week, every day. More than this, it’s being put together not only by Scott Garliss and Greg Diamond but also by a team of Wall Street experts and analysts with 50 years of experience in the financial sector.

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Who is Scott Garliss?

Over the past 20 years, Scott Garliss gained a lot of investing experience by working with some of the US’s top banks such as FBR Capital Markets, Wachovia Securities, First Union Securities, and Stifel Nicolaus. His job was to reach out to the most important clients of these firms and to keep them informed about the upcoming political and economic events, so mostly about what was sure to cause movement on the markets and to influence how much the clients’ holdings were valuing.

In short, Scott is a very good analyst of the markets. He joined NewsWire to offer others his expertise on what’s happening behind the Wall Street’s scenes.

Who is Greg Diamond?

With 13 years of portfolio management and trading across all asset classes experience, Greg Diamond has helped with the trading of a $3 billion hedge fund and another pension fund of $35 billion. He was the speaker at many business schools, not to mention he’s a Market Technicians Association’s member.

Furthermore, he’s a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) too. With Stansberry Research’s NewsWire, he supervises the equity recommendations that are being sent, also the global macro environment that includes futures, currencies, interests’ rates, commodities, and many others.

What Does Stansberry NewsWire Has to Offer?

NewsWire from Stansberry Research is available for FREE, through the website, the Stansberry NewsWire app, or by text message. Those who sign up to it receive:

  • Minute-by-Minute Updates, every day, many times
  • Morning Market Snapshots
  • Daily Market News Headlines
  • Evening Market Recaps
  • Investment Ideas

Why Investors Need Stanberry Research’s NewsWire?

Successful investors know they require daily and immediate access to a type of market research that’s focused on taking action. This is why the market needs to be directly listened to, and not through pundits. Relying on mainstream financial news agencies and market analysts means relying on people who have a hidden agenda or are getting paid to say certain things.

NewsWire has been created to eliminate all the noise and to provide raw data to investors, just like a direct line to Wall Street would. The information it shares is valued at about $50,000 has to be spent every year. However, NewsWire is FREE, not to mention put together by market analysts with more than 50 years of experience on Wall Street, also by Scott and Greg.

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