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Stansberry Venture Technology Review (Dave Lashmet) Worth It?

Stansberry Venture Technology from Dave Lashmet of Stansberry Research group features a new investment newsletter service that highlights the The 20x Weight Loss Drug and will give members the company’s most close-guarded secrets.

Stansberry Venture Technology is a financial newsletter from Stansberry Research.

As part of a new marketing campaign, the Stansberry Venture Technology team claims to have identified a “20-bagger” investment opportunity. A biotech company is preparing to launch a weight loss drug, and Stansberry Venture Technology wants to tell you about the opportunity.

Can you really make 2,000% returns by following Stansberry Venture Technology’s investment advice? Should you subscribe to Stansberry Venture Technology? Find out everything you need to know about Stansberry Venture Technology and its new 20-bagger marketing campaign today in our review.

What is Stansberry Venture Technology?

Stansberry Venture Technology is an investment analysis newsletter that aims to identify strong investment opportunities for subscribers.

The newsletter Is published by Stansberry Research, with each monthly issue created by David Lashmet (Editor), John Engel (Analyst), and Bill McGilton (Analyst).

Here’s how Stansberry Research describes Lashmet and the work he does for subscribers:

“In Stansberry Venture Technology, Dave Lashmet scours the public markets for little-known, small-cap companies that are producing the next wonder drug or technology. And you can access these opportunities even if you’re not a millionaire or a venture capitalist.”

Venture capital firms invest in companies like Facebook and Amazon before they go public, then earn huge returns. Stansberry Venture Technology aims to identify similar opportunities for ordinary investors.

Stansberry Venture Technology is priced at $5,500 per year. By subscribing today, you can get access to a range of bonus reports and other digital products.

What is the “20-bagger” Investment Opportunity?

Stansberry Venture Technology has launched a new marketing campaign in 2020. The company claims to have identified an investment opportunity that they expect will grow 2,000% or more in the near future.

Here’s how the official website explains the opportunity:

“I just closed the biggest win in Stansberry Research history – up 1,138%…now, I’ve just found our first 20-bagger.”

For those out of the loop, “bagger” is a term used by some investment analysts and gurus to describe gains. A 10-bagger is a return of 1,000%, while a 20-bagger is a return of 2,000%.

The Stansberry Venture Technology team is so confident in its research that it believes 2,000% is actually a low return for this stock:

“One company’s product will fulfill a fantasy shared by nearly every American…That’s why a 2,000% gain could be low. But once this hits mainstream headlines, this opportunity will likely disappear overnight.”

Instead of keeping this 2,000% investment opportunity to themselves, the Stansberry Venture Technology is sharing it with new subscribers.

After hyping up the company and its discovery, Dave gets to the point: a small drug company has created a compound for weight loss.

By subscribing to Stansberry Venture Technology today, you can discover the name of this company and why the team expects 2,000% growth in the future.

A Small Drug Company That Could Grow 2,000%

We can’t disclose the name of Stansberry Venture Technology’s recommended investment without spoiling their marketing campaign, but we’ll share some of the same hints shared on the Stansberry Venture Technology sales page.

Here are some things we can share about the company:

• The 2,000% investment opportunity is a small drug company
• This small drug company has created a new chemical compound “with the power to erase a disease”
• Dave Lashmet (Editor of Stansberry Venture Technology) believes this “will be the biggest medical story in our lifetimes”
• Dave describes it as a “penicillin-like discovery [that] could transform hundreds of millions of lives…all over the world”
• The FDA calls this drug a “breakthrough”, and they’re preparing to make a decision on this drug in the near future

Weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry. People take supplements, diet pills, therapies, and treatments to lose weight. Some people undergo surgery. People have tried to look for weight loss shortcuts for years without success.

According to Stansberry Venture Technology, patients following this new drug “lost around 25% of their weight in 12 months”. Because of these results, the company believes the FDA will approve the drug in the near future for weight loss.

How much money can you make by following Dave’s investment advice? As mentioned above, he feels a 2,000% return is conservative:

“If you do choose to invest, I think you could easily see 2,000% gains in the coming years, as this tiny drug maker disrupts a $634 billion-dollar market. That’s enough to turn every $5,000 investment into more than $100,000.”

Dave claims investors can expect similar gains to his other recommended investments, including:

• Buying a $16 stock called Regeneron before it rose 3,193%
• Buying a $7 stock called BioMarin before it rose 1,068%
• Buying Alnylam Pharmaceuticals before it rose 879%
• One customer testimonial on claims he’s “up $8,000 so far on just one recommendation” from Dave Lashmet in the biotech space

Clearly, Dave believes in the power of this drug and the small drug company behind it. By investing in this company today, you can purportedly make huge returns.

What’s Included with Stansberry Venture Technology?

To learn about Stansberry Venture Technology’s recommended investment, you need to subscribe to Stansberry Venture Technology today. As part of a recent promotion, Stansberry Research is giving new subscribers a bundle of digital products.

Here’s what you get with all new subscriptions to Stansberry Venture Technology:

Monthly Issues of Venture Technology: Each month, you receive an issue of Venture Technology. Each issue explains Dave’s explanations of the latest happenings in venture investing, including the best ways to exploit the unique profit opportunities like a venture capitalist would.

Access to the Stansberry Venture Technology Model Portfolio: The Stansberry Venture Technology model portfolio has 15 to 25 active positions on stocks. Subscribers get access to this model portfolio, including the best time to buy and sell certain stocks. While other Stansberry Research portfolios are more moderate or conservative, Stansberry Venture Technology’s model portfolio is described as “very speculative”. It’s recommended for investors with a minimum of $50,000 to invest.

The Venture Technology Handbook: This eBook introduces you to the Stansberry Venture Technology investment philosophy, including how high-risk, high-reward investments can generate huge returns for investors.

Bonus Report #1: The Next 4X Jump in Biotech: How to Profit Off the First Potential $1 Trillion Drug Franchise in History: In this report, Dave and his team highlight a small biotech company that has created a miraculous weight loss drug. Dave believes it will be the first $1 trillion drug in history, giving investors returns of 2,000% or more if they jump on board today.

Bonus Report #2: The Universal Cancer Cure: This report highlights another biotech company making a potential cure for cancer. Like other Stansberry Venture Technology investments, this company could skyrocket if the treatment is successful.

Special Readers-Only Reports: Dave and his team release guides highlighting various investment opportunities, including expert advice from the world of venture technology investing. All subscribers receive free access to these reports.

The Stansberry Digest: The Stansberry Digest is a free newsletter from Stansberry Research. As a subscriber to Stansberry Venture Technology, you receive free issues of The Stansberry Digest every weekday.

Stansberry Venture Technology Pricing

Stansberry Venture Technology is priced at $5,500 per year.

You cannot purchase Stansberry Venture Technology online. You must purchase it over the phone by calling a representative from Stansberry Research at (888) 863-9356.

Stansberry Venture Technology Refund Policy

Stansberry Venture Technology comes with no refund policy whatsoever. Like other Stansberry Research products, all sales are final. Once you have spent your $5,500 per year membership fee, you cannot get your cashback – even if you’re unsatisfied with the research or content.

About Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research is a financial analysis firm founded in 1999. The company has 500,000 subscribers (including free and paid subscribers) around the world.

Stansberry Research offers a range of newsletters catered to all types of investors and risk classes. Popular newsletters include Stansberry’s Investment Advisory, True Wealth Real Estate, DailyWealth Trader, and Retirement Millionaire.

Stansberry Venture Technology is published by three members of the Stansberry Research team, including David Lashmet, John Engel, and Bill McGilton.

You can contact Stansberry Research via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (888) 261-2693
  • Mailing Address: 1125 N Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21201

Final Word

Stansberry Venture Technology is a high-priced financial analysis newsletter from Stansberry Research. The newsletter aims to identify venture capital-like investment opportunities, focusing specifically on the biotech and pharmaceutical space.

As part of a 2020 marketing campaign, the Stansberry Venture Technology team claims to have spotted a small drug company that has created a world-changing weight loss drug. The Stansberry Venture Technology team expects the company’s stock to rise at least 2,000% in the near future, making it an excellent investment opportunity.

You can discover that company by subscribing to Stansberry Venture Technology today. At $5,500 per year, it’s one of the most expensive newsletters from Stansberry Research. It also does not appear to come with any refund whatsoever. However, Stansberry Venture Technology claims to offer powerful investment recommendations to help ordinary investors earn large returns.

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