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Strategic Investor Review: American Lithium Boom Saudi Arabia Desert

Strategic Investor Review: The American Lithium Boom and Why Top Tech Companies Are Circling a Remote Desert

Casey Research has launched a new marketing campaign for Strategic Investor.

In a new video and sales page, Casey research’s Blair Morse is standing in the middle of the desert discussing how America’s top tech companies are buying desert land to find lithium reserves.

What is America’s lithium boom? What will you learn in Strategic Investor’s newest eBooks and reports? Why are America’s top tech companies circling a remote desert? Find out everything you need to know about Strategic Investor’s new marketing campaign today in our review.

What is Strategic Investor?

Strategic Investor is a financial analysis newsletter published by Casey Research. Led by geologist and investor David Forest, Strategic Investor aims to highlight upcoming trends for investors.

Doug Casey, founder of Casey Research, wrote a book called Strategic Investing in 1983. Today, Strategic Investor builds off the principles in this book.

Here’s how Casey Research explains the ethos behind Strategic Investor:

“The strategic investor always has a plan of attack. His strategy involves 4 steps: 1) Assess 2) Consolidate 3) Position 4) Speculate…. As Doug said, a strategy is an overall plan for accomplishing an objective. It’s a word with military connotations…and that’s appropriate, since you are engaged in a battle—at a minimum, a battle for investment survival. That’s never been more important.”

Today, Strategic Investor editor Dave Forest claims to travel extensively to identify the newest and most exciting investment opportunities:

“I’m constantly talking to people…Traveling…And doing boots-on-the-ground research. It’s critical to uncovering trends months before the mainstream media catches on…And how I get my edge. It led me to calling the renter trend, the legal marijuana boom, and the blockchain explosion.”

As a geologist, Dave particularly focuses on mining and petroleum investments. After spending 20 years working in the mining and petroleum industry, Dave founded his own mineral exploration and development companies, raising over $80 million in financing from some of North America’s best-known resource investors.

However, Strategic Investors covers far more than just resource investments. Some of the recent recommendations from Strategic Investor have included blockchain investing, weed stocks, and other unique opportunities.

You can subscribe to Strategic Investor for $129 per year. As part of the new promotion, your subscription is $49 for your first year.

What’s the Story with Tech Companies Circling a Remote Desert?

As part of a 2020 marketing campaign, Casey Research has published a video and sales page for Strategic Investor online. That video and sales page features Casey Research analyst Blair Morse.

Blair is standing in the middle of a barren desert with nobody and no buildings in sight – yet he claims America’s largest tech companies are fighting over this barren stretch of desert because of its lithium reserves.

Lithium plays a crucial role in technology. Tech companies traditionally source lithium from various developing countries. Moving forward, however, many tech companies are attempting to secure their own reserves.

Strategic Investor claims to have spotted this trend before it has become mainstream – and smart investors can jump on board to make a fortune:

“Some folks are calling this remote place the “New Saudi Arabia.” The next ultra-wealthy energy kingdom…But there’s no oil underneath this dirt. There’s no shale nearby. It’s not gold or silver either. Or even rare earth metals. Very few people know the name of this stuff. But it could make you a fortune in the coming years.”

Why are big tech companies so obsessed with random land in the desert? Well, according to Strategic Investor, the very existence of these tech companies depends on this random desert land:

“You see, America’s top technology companies have a massive problem. Companies like Apple, Tesla, Google, Amazon and more spend billions every year trying to solve this problem. Their very existence may depend on it. And this desert right here — holds the key.”

Because of this new trend, Strategic Investor’s team recommends investing in lithium stocks – which they expect to grow significantly in the near future.

Why You Should Invest in Lithium Stocks

Tech companies need lithium to make chips. To protect their future, tech companies are scooping up a growing number of lithium reserves and lithium companies.

According to Strategic Investor, this lithium boom presents an opportunity for investors. Strategic Investor’s team highlights several recent lithium stocks that have boomed in short periods of time, including:

  • Liberty One Lithium gained 308% in 5 months
  • Lithium Energi Exploration gained 857% in 4 months
  • Millennium Lithium Corp rose 6,166%

These gains are incredible even for a surging field like lithium mining. However, Strategic Investor seems to suggest that even brighter times could lie ahead:

“…those numbers may just be the tip of the iceberg. Because lithium prices are on the verge of going into overdrive. Demand is expected to grow 500% by 2025. Even worse, global demand for lithium is expected to outstrip supply by 2023. Another new technology has come to the forefront. And it’s going to put massive pressure on the current supply of lithium.”

As electric cars become more popular, and a growing number of electronics require lithium ion batteries, demand for lithium is expected to continue surging.

By 2025, approximately 30% of vehicles sold in America are expected to be electric. All of these vehicles require on lithium to operate. As time moves forward, electric cars will continue growing in popularity.

Strategic Investor’s team cites a report from Elon Musk. When prompted about the dwindling supply of lithium, Elon Musk claimed he would do whatever he had to do secure his company’s future supply of lithium batteries.

What is The American Lithium Boom?

To learn more about America’s lithium book, you can subscribe to Strategic Investor today. All new subscribers receive a digital copy of The American Lithium Book, an eBook that explains America’s booming demand for lithium among electric car companies and tech companies.

Here’s how the eBook’s author, Dave Forest, explains the book:

“In The American Lithium Boom, I’ll tell you more about the largest discovery of lithium in American history. And about the small company that owns the rights. I’ll explain why this type of mine is different from any other lithium mine — and why that could make it very lucrative.”

By identifying the best lithium sources, lithium mines, and lithium companies before the rest of the market does, investors can reap huge rewards.

We can’t spoil the contents of the book. However, a significant number of North America’s lithium reserves are found in a triangle ranging from Whitefish, Montana to Chihuahua, Mexico to Santa Barbara, California. By targeting the right miners in these regions today, investors can purportedly earn huge returns.

What is The #1 Copper Investment in America?

It’s not just lithium: electric cars also require copper and other metals.

As a new subscriber to Strategic Investor, you also receive a copy of an eBook called The #1 Copper Investment in America.

The eBook explains why copper is one of the most underrated ways to get a slice of the electric car boom. The book discusses the best copper mining companies and copper sources.

In The #1 Copper Investment in America, investors will discover specific copper mines and copper companies they can buy today in the United States. One recommended company owns 44 copper projects across 5 continents, including 4 projects in Arizona, 1 in Nevada, and 1 more in Utah.

What is The Nickel Explosion?

The new marketing campaign for Strategic Investor recommends one final resource play: buying nickel mining companies. You can read about the best specific nickel investments in Casey Research’s eBook, The Nickel Explosion.

In The Nickel Explosion, Casey Research and the Strategic Investors team will explain how to multiply your money by buying the nickel Tesla needs for its new battery.

Casey Research claims to have identified the location of the nickel resources “that could power Tesla’s new battery design.” By investing in this nickel source before the rest of the market finds out, you can get an advantage over the rest of the market.

What’s Included with Strategic Investor?

By subscribing to Strategic Investor today, you can get access to all of the eBooks above and more.

New Strategic Investor subscriptions come with all of the following:

  • One year subscription to Strategic Investor
  • Bonus Report #1: The American Lithium Boom
  • Bonus Report #2: The #1 Copper Investment in America
  • Bonus Report #3: The Nickel Explosion

Strategic Investor Pricing

Strategic Investor is priced at $49 for your first year, then $129 per year thereafter.

All subscriptions automatically renew at $129 per year unless you contact Casey Research to cancel.

Strategic Investor Refund Policy

Strategic Investor comes with a 60 day refund policy. You can request a complete refund within 60 days and get all your money back.

About Casey Research

Casey Research is a financial analysis and publishing company that offers a range of free and paid newsletters.

Casey Research is known for publications like The Casey Report, Crisis Investing, International Speculator, and Strategic Investor. Key members of the Casey Research team include Doug Casey (founder), Nick Giambruno (editor of Crisis Investing and The Casey Report), E.B. Tucker (Editor of Strategic Investor), and David Forest (Editor of International Speculator).

You can contact Casey Research via the following:


Phone: 1-888-512-2739

Mailing Address: 55 NE 5th Avenue Delray Beach, FL 33483

David Forest also works as Editor of Strategic Investor. David Forest is a Canadian geologist with 20+ years of industry experience.

Final Word

Casey Research’s Strategic Investor has launched a new marketing campaign focusing on America’s upcoming lithium and copper boom.

According to Casey Research, today’s biggest tech companies and electric carmakers are scooping up desert real estate to capitalize on lithium and copper sources. Investors who buy the right copper and lithium mining companies today can reap huge rewards as the electric car industry surges over the coming years.

To learn more about Strategic Investor’s new marketing campaign and the upcoming lithium boom, visit online today at

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