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Dave Forest Strategic Investor: Lithium Tech Fuel, Tesla Deal and Geo-Tech Mining Boom?

Strategic Investor by Dave Forest of Casey Research has a new Lithium Tech Fuel report about a $4 lithium company and a Tesla deal that could send this geo-tech metal stock price soaring thanks to lithium ion batteries being the tech fuel of the American Mining Boom in the 21st century.


Casey Research's Dave Forest has done it again in the world of geo-tech metals, having been both a geologist and technology specialist; where in the latest report inside the Strategic Investor newsletter service, he details a $4 lithium tech fuel company that could make a deal with Tesla for lithium ion batteries.

Angel Investor, Dave Forest Trusts $4 Company to Sign Billion-dollar Deal with Electric Cars Mogul, Tesla

Dave Forest has been a long time pioneer in a few respected areas of business, research and financial markets. The newest edition of the Strategic Investor newsletter outlines how Lithium and other geo-tech metals are the tech fuel of the 21st century and the company's who operate within this space stand to benefit greatly given the use and demand of lithium only growing.

Using the assess, consolidate, position and speculate approach towards being a Strategic Investor, Dave Forest is applying this formula into one of the best chances to get in on the American mining boom as top tech companies are desperate to secure lithium ion battery resources and could send tiny companies to the moon in value.

Since COVID-19, Tesla’s stock quickly plummeted to the $350 USD ranges. At the time of writing, it managed rise to a solid $1,208.66 USD. In fact, the company recently opened reservations for its all-electric Cybertruck in China and is supposedly bringing a battery-production factory to life. With all the moves they are making today, editor and angel investor, Dave Forest found a tech fuel investment that cannot go unnoticed.

In a recent presentation, he highlighted select facets of a $4 company that could potentially sign a billion-dollar deal with Tesla so that the former can supply the latter with 46 years-worth of critical metal. This partnership is deemed crucial for Tesla as its electric cars require it for their lithium-ion battery producing factory. If this deal goes through successfully, investors are expected to make generous profits as, the factory has a production goal of 500,000 batteries a year.

Curious to know what this $4 company is? Everything there is to know about it will be provided by Dave Forest in his, “Strategic Investor” newsletter.

What is Strategic Investor?

Strategic Investor is a monthly newsletter from Dave Forest and Casey Research that provides an outline on how to make profits off of strategic resources. According to Dave Forest, strategic resources includes anything that is likely to “power American industries,” with emphasis placed on technology. These could range from lithium and copper to gold, oil and natural gas to name a few.

The most recent release of Dave Forest's Strategic Investor report is all about the American mining boom and has an extremely compelling presentation about a $4 lithium company that could make a deal with Tesla soon.

What is Dave Forest’s career composed of?

Dave Forest supposedly worked professionally in the mining and petroleum industry for well over 20 years. As a geologist, he is believed to be fascinated by the likes of oil, natural gas, uranium and renewables. However, after joining Casey Research in 2004, he grew to become a technical analyst expert, finding minerals-related stocks with full potential.

Some of his past successes include establishing mineral exploration and development companies, a 10-million-ounce gold deposit in Columbia and getting a modern exploration license in the economy of Myanmar, Southeast Asia. Today he spends much of his time traveling and reviewing investment opportunities across the globe, while serving as the editor of Strategic Investor.

How does the Strategic Investor membership work?

The Strategic Investor membership focuses on unveiling the most sought-after resource investments in the world. Every month investors are entitled to a new report that provides an update/ break down on what’s going on within the mining sector. To ensure that beginners with no knowledge feel just as comfortable as experts, Forest asserts that each report has been written in simple terms.

Forest’s goal with this newsletter is to:

  • Provide details on each recommendation he makes throughout the year
  • Provide a complete and honest assessment on the company’s financial situation
  • Provide an in-depth look at short- and long-term prospects of the resource under consideration
  • Grant 24/7 access to the members only website
  • Show his model portfolio and full archives filled with issues and reports

In addition to the aforementioned membership perks, individuals will also be provided with four bonus reports. Here’s a quick summary of what one can anticipate learning:

#1. The American Lithium Boom: How to Invest in Silicon Valley’s Fuel Source

Based on Forest’s speculations, Tesla currently relies on a company that owns rights to a large supply of lithium. In addition, he will unveil reasons as to why this respective type of mine is superior to any other of its kind, why this company is a perfect match for Tesla and their effectiveness in putting together a battery assembly line.

#2. The #1 Copper Investment in America

Forest supposedly found an “American copper royalty company” with over 44 copper projects under their belts – spread across 5 continents. As for this company’s operations in America, there is one in Nevada, four in Arizona and one in Utah. In this report, investors will come to learn of the company’s connections with copper mining, how royalty companies’ function, the role they play in electric cars and why they might serve as a stable investment.

#3. The Nickel Explosion: How to Multiply Your Money on Tesla’s New Battery

For those interested in investing in pure nickel in America, Forest supposedly found another small company with operations in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula that could be worth considering. This report will expound on the company alongside Tesla’s newest battery design, deemed in need of nickel.

#4. The 5G Master Key

The 5G Master Key is a report that focuses on a company that supposedly resolved a major flaw that could prevent 5G from being deployed. So far, they’ve impressed many American wireless companies and reasons for this will be revealed here.

How much does the Strategic Investor membership cost?

For a full year of the Strategic Investor membership, the current going price is $49, down from its original price of $199. In addition to the discounted membership rate, Forest and his team are also offering a 60-day money back guarantee. If investors feel that the investment performance is not as they expected within the first two months, a full refund can be requested.

When this subscription ends, the membership will be automatically renewed at $129 per year. If one feels it’s best to cancel the membership altogether, this should be done at least one business day before it expires to avoid renewal fees.

That said, for any questions regarding this service, the promotion or to simply place an order over the phone, individuals are encouraged to call (888) 512-2739 and  reference to the code found on the official Strategic Investor Lithium Tech Fuel report page.

Final Thoughts

Strategic Investor is a monthly subscription newsletter led by Dave Forest. As per the claims made, he will cover the mining industry as an investment. As a geologist and someone with theoretical and hands-on experience in this field, Forest is deemed a good fit. Besides, it is always motivating to see someone with passion doing research, as they are likely to invest much of their time into it.

On that note, the first year is $49, which is quite inexpensive considering the amount of research and writing that goes into preparing each issue. To add to that, each order comes bonus reports filled with investment-related details and a 60-day money back guarantee, which is risk-free. To learn more about Dave Forest’s Strategic Investor, click here.

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