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T3 Live Strategic Swing Trader: Endless Earnings Profit Season

T3 Live’s Strategic Swing Trader is a subscription-based trading group.

By subscribing to Strategic Swing Trader, traders can discover new trading strategies, investment analysis, and more from Sami Abusaad and his T3 Live team.

Strategic Swing Trader is marketed through a video and sales page titled “Endless Earnings.” By following the Strategic Swing Trader strategies, you can purportedly make endless earnings even if you have limited trading experience.

Is T3 Live’s Strategic Swing Trader worth the price? What will you learn by subscribing to Strategic Swing Trader? Find out everything you need to know about Strategic Swing Trader today in our review.

What is Strategic Swing Trader?

Strategic Swing Trader is a private trading group from Sami Abusaad and his T3 Live team.

Priced at $49 for your first month, Strategic Swing Trader emphasizes using a trading strategy called swing trading to unlock huge trading profits.

The sales page for Strategic Swing Trader is filled with claims about earning “10x” ROIs and other big returns. By following the investment ideas of Sami Abusaad and the T3 Live team, traders can purportedly enjoy similarly large returns.

After your first month for $49, Strategic Swing Trader is made available on the official website and is priced at $129 per month.

What Will You Learn in Strategic Swing Trader?

In exchange for your monthly membership to Strategic Swing Trader, traders get access to exclusive investment ideas, investment analysis, private trading groups, and other information.

Some of the things included in your monthly membership to Strategic Swing Trader include:

Daily Newsletter: Every morning at 8:45 am, Strategic Swing Trader subscribers receive an email in their inbox with Sami’s top new swing trade ideas for the day. Each newsletter features 2 to 6 trade recommendations, which means investors get 2 to 6 stocks they can buy every day to make a big profit. Sami does all of the screening, running stocks through his swing trading analysis system before subscribing to them.

Research and Trade Analysis: Sami and his T3 Live team claim to do all the hard work for you, allowing traders to view the best research, then make trades based on the actionable recommendations. Sami claims to spend a considerable amount of time finding profit plays “you can bank on each day.” Expect breakdowns of specific stocks, analyses of the latest market conditions, and other investment research information.

Sami’s Strategic Swing Trader Course: As part of a 2020 promotion, new Strategic Swing Trader members get access to Sami’s Strategic Swing Trader course. In the course, traders learn about Sami’s trading strategies, investment philosophy, and swing trading methods for maximum profit.

Swing Trading Information: As the name suggests, the Strategic Swing Trader membership system is based on the idea of swing trading. Members get complete information about swing trading plays on the market, including the best swing trades you can make today for maximum profit.

Trade History Tracking: Strategic Swing Trader features trade history tracking, with each new swing trade updated regularly on a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet lists the specific trades, recommended entry prices, recommended exit prices, share size, and other information. You can track the T3 Live team’s model portfolio, copying the exact trades they make to earn huge returns through swing trading. The spreadsheet is organized by trading strategy.

Year-Round Earnings Plays: Strategic Swing Trader regularly releases earnings plays. Every day, Sami scans the perfect earnings plays market and then shares them with subscribers via a daily email. Sami claims to find 150 to 200 of these plays during a typical earnings season, with investors told to expect “lucrative trades.”

Bonus #1: 10x your Earnings Potential with Sami’s Endless Earnings Engine ($95): As part of the 2020 promotion, new Strategic Swing Trader members get access to an online course with 10x earnings potential. The course is not included in your subscription: you add it to your purchase for an extra $95. During the course, Sami teaches students how to predict a stock’s reaction to earnings reports using 6 specific setups, including the specific easy-to-learn patterns to watch for on markets. Sami also shares his personal trade management system, including the exact entries, exits, and updates to his plays.

Bonus #2: Amplify Your Membership with Sami’s Strategic Swing Trading Course ($95): Also priced at $95, this course explains Sami’s swing trading strategy. It features 5 hours of video training, where Sami explains how to implement his 7 easy-to-learn trading strategies. The course also comes with a 199-page swing trading course guide.

Overall, Strategic Swing Trader is marketed as the ultimate swing trading package, delivering actionable investment advice, coaching, and education to help you become the world’s best swing trader.

What is Swing Trading? How Does Swing Trading Work?

Swing trading is a trading style where traders seek to sell (get short) at potentially pivotal highs, then reverse and buy (go long) at significant lows.

In other words, you’re trading stocks and other assets based on the ‘swings’ of the market.

Swing trading has traditionally been difficult for average traders. It’s a more advanced trading strategy. It would be best if you were good at fundamental analysis and technical analysis, allowing you to catch momentous price movements – and predict them correctly to take advantage of swings.

Sami Abusaad and the T3 Live team aim to make swing trading easy for ordinary traders – including those with limited trading experience. Whether you’ve traded before or you’re new to the space, Sami and the T3 Live team can teach you how to swing a trade for maximum profit.

A big part of swing trading is trading on the news, daily market movements, and earnings class. Each day, an average swing trader might scan markets to catch up on the latest news and developments. They gauge overall market sentiment, specific sector sentiment, and their current holdings. Then, they use this information to determine the best opportunities.

Sami Abusaad and the T3 Live team are particularly interested in earnings seasons. By taking advantage of momentum swings during earnings seasons, traders can maximize profitability.

How Much Can You Make with T3 Live, Strategic Swing Trader, and Swing Trading?

Like most investment analysis publishers, T3 Live fills its sales page with earnings disclaimers, telling viewers that they do not provide financial advice or guarantee earnings.

However, all of this information is found in fine print at the bottom of the page. The rest of the sales page mentions huge profits average traders can expect to earn by following Strategic Swing Trader.

Some of the advertised returns include:

  • $38,197 in 1 day
  • $37,000 in 4 weeks
  • $87,013 in 1 day
  • $53,000 in 2 days

One customer claims he is up “$79,051” for this earning season and makes $3,500 to $5,000 per trade by following Strategic Swing Trader’s investment ideas. Another claims he made over $8,000 just today.

Strategic Swing Trader Pricing

Strategic Swing Trader is priced at $129 per month. As part of a recent promotion, however, Strategic Swing Trader is available for $49 for your first month. You can also pay $1,295 for an annual membership:

  • First Month: $49
  • Monthly Subscription: $129 per month
  • Annual Subscription: $1,295 per year

About Sami Abusaad

Sami Abusaad is an investor and the Director of Education at T3 Live. As a professional trader, Sami Abusaad makes a full-time living from trading.

Sami graduated from St. Mary’s College of California with a degree in accounting. He later worked as a Senior Associate for KPMG, auditing Fortune 500 companies.

In 2007, Sami joined Pristine Trading. T3 Live merged with Pristine in 2015, and Sami was named Director of Education.

Today, Sami is the company’s specialist for day trading, swing trading, gap, climactic, and reversal strategies.

Final Word

Strategic Swing Trader is an investment analysis subscription priced at $129 per month. Led by Sami Abusaad and the T3 Live team, Strategic Swing Trader delivers actionable investment ideas to traders, helping them maximize earnings.

You can subscribe to Strategic Swing Trader today for $49, then pay $129 per month thereafter. To learn more about Strategic Swing Trader and how it works, visit online today at

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