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Technology Profits Confidential Apple Fi 5G Killer: Apple’s Greatest Breakthrough Yet

A look at Ray Blanco’s Technology Profits Confidential financial newsletter service presents Apple-Fi, The 5G Killer research report on a radical new internet being built based on Apple Inc’s Greatest Breakthrough Yet.


5G has recently become all the rage, as it was considered superior in boosting our browsing experiences, aiding in surgery and enhancing virtual reality among others. Interestingly, one particular investor, Ray Blanco affirms that now is not the right time to invest in 5G because it will soon become something of the past. How? As per his claims, 5G will be overtaken by what he calls, “the 5G Killer.”

To be more specific, Apple Inc. supposedly discovered “the 5G killer,” which redefines the role of Wi-Fi. As a result, anyone can access to it, even without the need for “modem, towers [or] cables.” In fact, he deems that this new discovery, dubbed, “Apple-Fi” is poised to be much safer, bigger, and faster. The team is scheduled to reveal details regarding Apple-Fi on Monday, June 22, 2020, possibly making it the talk of the day, let alone the year!

What can one expect of Apple-Fi?

As revealed in a recent presentation, Apple-Fi:

  • Is expected to be a cheaper and faster version of the internet
  • Is expected to deliver high-speed internet everywhere in the world for up to 90% off
  • Is expected to wipe out traditional network providers
  • Is expected to soar Apple’s market cap, as all money will now be going into their pockets
  • Is expected to be offered for $4.99 per month

All that being said, investors interested in taking advantage of this revelation should do so before June 22 so that can big money can be made. They are surely to succeed because Apple-Fi is said to be offered at a low cost and to think that they’ve achieved something like this without relying require towers, routers, etc. is impressive.

So, what’s next? Do we go about buying Apple stocks? The answer is no. Instead, investors are said to have much greater profit-generating opportunities by stocking up on all of the partnered companies involved. These are small, satellite chip-making, and antenna-supplying companies. What are these companies? This is where it is best fit to introduce Ray Blanco and his, “Technology Profits Confidential”.

What is Technology Profits Confidential?

Technology Profits Confidential is a financial newsletter with the goal of helping investors decide when the right time is to get into some of the technology sector’s favourable companies. Given that both the tech and biotech fields can be difficult to decipher by oneself, Ray Blanco has decided to use the service as an informative platform. As a result, one can anticipate increasing profits with limited risks.

Who is behind Technology Profits Confidential?

Ray Blanco is the editor and tech investor behind Technology Profits Confidential. Having worked for Seven Figure Publishing since 2010, today he serves as the Chief Technologist Analyst. Not only will he cover the dos and don’ts of investing in the tech field, but he will also teach members when “the right time” is. With over 15 years of experience within his grasp, and connections with company insiders, there’s not a detail that can go missing.

What does my Technology Profits Confidential membership entail?

The moment one completes their registration to Technology Profits Confidential, Blanco will unleash three special reports. The first is called, “Apple’s Greatest Breakthrough Yet: Retire Rich On the Apple-Fi Revolution.” In it, he will list all of Apple’s partners involved in this endeavor. This includes the company names, ticker symbols and analyses on why he thinks they contribute to Apple’s success. Some of these companies are responsible for transmitting Wi-Fi from their satellites in space to the supposed device, satellite manufacturers, manufacturing firms, space firms, you name it!

The second special report, “The Two Hidden Companies Driving the Virtual Reality Revolution,” reveals details on two companies known for their powerful visuals behind the widely known Oculus virtual reality device and cutting-edge motion sensor technology respectively.

The third special report, “Invisible Power: From Tesla’s Lab to Your Home,” indulges on the notion of invisible power coined by Nikola Tesla. In it, one will come to learn of an energy revolution poised to bring gains.

The general membership entails the following benefits:

  • Monthly Technology Profits Confidential issues where each one covers tech and biotech analyses, recommendations and stories that help to develop one’s knowledge of the tech and biotech fields
  • Weekly Portfolio Updates so that members are alert and updated on open positions or are introduced to new investments
  • Access to All Special Reports, which is simply an access to a virtual library filled with all of his reports
  • A free daily subscription to 5 Minute Forecast, America Uncensored, The Rundown and Technology Profits Daily
  • Monthly members-only phone calls, where Blanco will host a private phone call to share what he’s researching

What is the current going price of the Technology Profits Confidential membership?

The Technology Profits Confidential membership is currently priced at $49. In addition, this membership will be backed by a 90-day money back guarantee. Should his service not please members or bring any kind of profits, customer service should be contacted at (844) 370-6637 so that a refund can be issued.

Final Thoughts

Technology Profits Confidential is an entry level financial newsletter that focuses on investment opportunities within the tech and biotech industries. With Ray Blanco as the editor, members will not only be provided with recommendations and analyses, but also tips and tricks for making it in the world of investing. For $49 a year, members also get access to a private website filled with suitable resources, interviews conducted with industry experts and the possibility of conversing with Blanco himself.

Given its price factor and the money-back guarantee, individuals will not have much to lose. This can serve as a great chance to learn from those with decades of experience. Mark your calendars, as June 22, 2020 is soon approaching! To learn more about Apple-Fi, Ray Blanco and his Technology Profits Confidential, click here.

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