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The 1K Club Review (Rob Booker and Markay Latimer) Worth It?

The 1K Club Review with Rob Booker and Markay Latimer features an online trading education program and community with a 30-minute trading day masterclass blueprint where members get the best investment ideas from the team.

The 1K Club is a subscription-based trading community. You pay to join the community, then become part of a special group of traders.

Led by Rob Booker, The 1K Club is advertised online with claims of making huge gains. The sales page for The 1K Club mentions traders earning returns of $12,270 to $27,050 from single trades.

Will you really get rich quick by joining The 1K Club? Is The 1K Club worth the price of admission? Find out everything you need to know about this unique trading community today in our review.

What is The 1K Club?

The 1K Club is an online community featuring trader education, investment recommendations, market analysis, and more. The community is led by Rob Booker.

You can get unlimited VIP access to The 1K Club for $297. Or, you can pay $49 per year.

The 1K Club makes claims similar to other trading communities online. The sales page for The 1K Club is filled with claims of traders making enormous returns. Traders have purportedly made 5-digit returns consistently by following investment recommendations from Rob Booker and The 1K Club community. Although the sales page features a “high risk” disclaimer, The 1K Club is clearly targeted to people who want to get rich quickly.

By joining The 1K Club today, you get access to investment ideas, training materials, and other tools and techniques.

What’s Included with The 1K Club?

The 1K Club includes a basket of products to help traders go from beginner to advanced investors. You pay to join, then get instant access to all of the products listed below.

Your The 1K Club subscription includes:

The 30-Minute Trading Day Blueprint: Rob describes this eBook as “your personal money-making handbook”. Rob discusses his three favorite trading patterns. He also explains how his strategies can help you “trade 100% risk-free” while targeting “the fast money trade”.

The 30-Minute Trading Day Masterclass: This video features Rob Booker discussing more trading strategies. He claims this is a similar lesson to the one he has taught 100,000 trading students around the world. With The 30-Minute Trading Day Masterclass, Rob aims to answer common questions, how to get started with a $500 investment, and how to get “automatic trade protection” to safeguard your losses.

Monthly Trading Ideas: Rob sends subscribers an “idea of the month”. Rob recommends a specific investment to his followers. As mentioned above, Rob claims his previous investment recommendations have led to five-digit returns among followers.

Urgent Updates: Rob sends subscribers periodic updates throughout the month when they need to take action on a specific stock. Rob explains how to take action on a trade, how to lock-in potential profits, and when to buy or sell a stock he has previously recommended.

The Markay Market Breakdown: Rob sends this report to subscribers at the end of each month. The report highlights Rob’s overall thoughts on the market, events to watch for in the next month, and how to make money from the market’s major trends this month.

“Peek Over My Shoulder” Trading Video Series: The 1K Club also comes with a series of training videos explaining how Rob trades during an average day. Rob explains how to spot trading patterns in real time. He also explains some of his lifestyle habits that have helped him become a successful trader, including his 30-minute nightly habit that has helped him turn $2,000 into $2 million in the past two years.

Customer Service: Subscribers also get access to a US-based customer service team.

The 1K Club Pricing

The 1K Club is priced at $49 per year or a one-time fee of $297. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

VIP Unlimited: $297 (one-time fee)

1 Year Subscription: $49 (per year)

As a VIP subscriber, you get unlimited access to The 1K Club as long as it stays open. VIP subscribers also get access to a monthly “VIP Mastermind Call”. Rob sets up a group call with his VIP subscribers to discuss recent trades they have made, answer questions on the overall market, and discuss which trends they should target next. Rob claims to charge $1,500 per month for these calls.

The 1K Club Refund Policy

The 1K Club has a 365-day refund policy. You can request a complete cash refund within one year of your purchase.

If you request a refund, you can keep all the digital products listed above. All the products are digital, so you don’t have to return anything to qualify for The 1K Club’s refund.

How Much Money Can You Make with The 1K Club?

Like most investment systems online today, The 1K Club is careful when advertising its gains online. Rob Booker is also careful to insist he provides “investment ideas” and not specific trade recommendations individual to each investor (something only a licensed professional can do).

The sales page for The 1K Club comes with a “high risk warning” that claims Rob only provides investment ideas, and that the information provided is “not an offering, recommendation, or a solicitation” of any specific stocks.

However, the top of The 1K Club sales page prominently features some of the returns Rob claims to have shared with investors through The 1K Club, including:

  • $27,050 returns from Apple
  • $12,270 returns from Microsoft
  • $11,900 returns from Goldman Sachs
  • $11,900 returns from Visa

Yes, Rob claims to have helped investors earn identical, high returns on separate trades involving Goldman Sachs and Visa.

Overall, Rob is more realistic with his advertised gains than most other investment gurus online. You can find other experts advertising million-dollar returns, guaranteed profits, and six-figure earnings. Rob and The 1K Club seem more realistic.

Who is Rob Booker?

Rob Booker is a Florida-based trader who runs a company called Daily Profits Publishing. He also shares his investment wisdom through, where he analyzes markets and discusses trends.

Rob Booker is also responsible for other “get rich quick” trading systems online, including Monster Trades and “B.F.T.s”.

Who is Rob and where did he come from? What kind of experience does he have? You can view Rob’s LinkedIn page here. We know Rob graduated with a B.A. from Brigham Young University in 1995. He then attended the University of California’s Hastings College of the Law, graduating in 1998.

After that, Rob’s LinkedIn profile lists just one entry: “trader, author, and troublemaker”, a position he has held from January, 2000 to present. Similarly, Rob’s Twitter profile (which is locked but has 17,000+ followers) describes him as a “full time trader” and a “part-time troublemaker”, adding that Rob makes “cool stuff for traders”.

Other websites describe Rob as “a financial trader with more than a decade of experience, particularly with the foreign exchange market”.

As far as we can tell, Rob has been a full-time trader, author, and investment analyst since 2000, giving him 20 years of experience.

Rob is also well-known for his Traders Podcast, where he teaches listeners some of the strategies he used to become a millionaire.

Rob wrote a book called Adventures of a Currency Trader, where he discusses his trading strategies and career as a foreign currency trader.

Earlier this year, Rob Booker teamed up with Markey Latimer to launch Profit Accelerator. Markay claims to have turned $2,000 into $2 million in two years. By subscribing to Profit Accelerator, investors can get 1-2 trade recommendations each week by following specific trade patterns.

Beyond this information, we know little about Rob’s past, his experience, or other information. He appears to be a day trader who now markets his personal brand online as an investment guru, sharing his trading strategies and secrets with investors.

Contact The 1K Club

You can contact Rob Booker, Daily Profits Publishing, and The 1K Club team via the following:

Mailing Address: 495 Town Plaza Ave, Ponte Vedra, FL 32081

Phone (United States): 888 203-6792

Phone (International): +1 321 888-3692

Final Word

The 1K Club is an investment community featuring monthly trade recommendations, digital training products, and other materials. Priced at $50 per year (or $300 for lifetime access), The 1K Club emphasizes fast returns, low-risk investing, and five-digit gains.

The 1K Club is led by Rob Booker, a Florida-based trader who runs Daily Profits Publishing. Rob cautions that his advice is high risk and that five-digit returns are not typical, although The 1K Club seems marketed towards traders who want fast gains from individual trades.

The 1K Club also comes with a generous 1-year refund policy, giving you 365 days to request a complete refund on your purchase. We don’t typically see a refund this generous in the investment guru space – and you’re allowed to keep all digital products bundled with The 1K Club.

To learn more about The 1K Club and how it works, visit online today at

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