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The Big Lie: Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Review

The Big Lie is the newest once-in-a-generation wealth shift presentation for the Stansberry’s Investment Advisory, a leading financial newsletter research publication service by Stansberry Research.

Stansberry Research has launched a new marketing campaign for Stansberry’s Investment Advisory titled ‘The Big Lie.’

The marketing campaign features a video and sales page, talking about America’s growing wealth gap. While the media blames COVID-19 for increasing the wealth gap, they should be blaming the existing financial system.

What will you learn in The Big Lie? Should you subscribe to Stansberry’s Investment Advisory? Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know about Stansberry Research and The Big Lie today.

What is Stansberry’s Investment Advisory?

Stansberry’s Investment Advisory is a financial analysis newsletter priced around $200 per year. It’s the flagship newsletter from Stansberry Research.

Each monthly issue of Stansberry’s Investment Advisory explains how investors can make money from the most promising emerging trends and the most influential economic forces affecting the market. As the official website explains, the newsletter emphasizes giving investors maximum returns in multiple markets:

“We’ll show you how to make outstanding gains…no matter what’s going on in Washington or on Wall Street.”

By subscribing to Stansberry’s Investment Advisory, you get monthly issues of the newsletter. You also get bonus reports and access to the Stansberry model portfolio, which holds 20 to 30 stocks across multiple industries. The company describes its investment recommendations as low to medium risk. The newsletter is catered towards beginner investors and those planning for retirement. Stansberry Research recommends starting with around $1,000.

Stansberry’s Investment Advisory is led by Stansberry Research founder Porter Stansberry. According to Porter and his team, the goal of the newsletter is to provide you with information that will:

  • Generate safe gains from your investments
  • Help you take advantage of emerging trends in multiple sectors of the market, from tech to energy.
  • Learn which sectors to avoid before they plummet, including a ‘blacklist’ of stocks in which you should not invest

The sales page for Stansberry’s Investment Advisory features testimonials from clients who have earned 525% gains in just four days by following the investment recommendations.

Stansberry Research claims to have “hundreds of thousands of investors in more than 120 countries” who subscribe to the newsletter.

As part of a 2020 marketing campaign, Stansberry Research is promoting subscriptions by talking about ‘The Big Lie’. We’ll talk about that lie below.

What is The Big Lie?

For a 2020 marketing campaign, Stansberry Research is bundling Stansberry’s Investment Advisory with several bonus reports and eBooks. One eBook is called The Battle for America, and it discusses ‘The Big Lie’ investors are being told about the modern financial system.

You can learn more about ‘The Big Lie’ in a video presentation and sales page. You’ll learn about how mainstream media and politicians are lying to you about income inequality, the wealth gap, and other features of our financial system:

“While America’s in crisis, The Big Lie is quietly reshaping our entire financial system. Some will get rich, but most will get left behind. What will happen to you?”

In the presentation, Stanberry Research founder Porter Stansberry discusses various aspects of ‘The Big Lie.’ Here’s how he explains that lie:

“How many times have you heard this phrase recently…“We’re all in this together.” I’d guess hundreds. It’s in advertising all over the news and social media, and it’s being broadcast over the intercom system in grocery stores. You hear it from your neighbors and politicians at every level…Just take a look at some of the top commercials running right now. Now I might be one of the few people in America who will tell you the truth about this, especially on such a large public platform, but…“We’re all in this together” is a bald-faced lie meant to manipulate and mislead you.”

Porter goes onto explain that “we are not in this together” and that anyone who believes we’re in this together is “in grave danger.”

After a lengthy sales page, Porter gets to the point of his presentation: corporations and politicians are using COVID-19 to push us together without tackling underlying issues of the modern financial system. In today’s financial system, income is no longer tied to productivity, which is why the wealth gap has grown over the past few decades.

“The underlying economic problem in America today is that money no longer flows to everyone equally in the way that it used to. That much is obvious, right? As our country has gotten richer than ever… the income disparity widens every year. But most Americans don't understand why this is happening. And here's the secret: The real underlying cause of our wealth and income disparity in America is that wages are no longer connected to gains in productivity.”

For those out of the loop, you can find graphs showing the difference between America’s productivity growth and income.

Between the 1950s and 1970s, American productivity and income increased at roughly the same rate. As American workers became more productive, American workers earned more money. They were creating more value for their work and receiving more income.

Starting in the 1980s, things changed. American productivity continued to rise, yet American income no longer matched this rise in productivity. American workers were still becoming more productive and generating more value from their work year after year, yet income was not growing to reflect this higher productivity.

Porter Stansberry talks more about The Big Lie in his book ‘The Battle for America.’ You get a free copy of The Battle for America with every subscription to Stansberry’s Investment Advisory.

What is The Battle for America?

The Battle for America is a book that discusses various aspects of America’s financial system, ranging from financial jubilees in the 1930s to why you should buy cryptocurrency to protect your wealth.

The argument boils down to the idea that there’s a battle in America between two groups, and smart investors are preparing their portfolio for either group to win the next election.

Some of the topics covered in The Battle for America include:

  • How financial jubilees occurred in the United States during the 1930s, including what laws were passed, how these laws affected regular folks, and how some assets soared thousands of percent during those periods
  • The nine things you need to do to survive when the dollar collapses, including secrets that could save your life in a disaster situation or crisis
  • The way the United States government seized gold of US citizens in response to the Great Depression and why they could do it again
  • A unique way of earning US currency that will soar in a crisis
  • Why the debts Americans owe today on college, cars, and credit cards are much more dangerous than the debt owed before the 2008 financial crisis
  • How to buy the world’s “trophy assets” while they’re selling at rock bottom prices

Overall, The Battle for America is a crisis management handbook that explains how to safeguard your wealth in uncertain times, including which assets to buy, how to manage your investments effectively, and how to profit while other investors’ portfolios are sinking. It emphasizes buying gold and similar recession-proof assets to protect your wealth.

The Battle for America is one of several bonus eBooks included with new subscriptions to Stansberry’s Investment Advisory as part of the Big Lie marketing campaign.

Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Pricing

Stansberry’s Investment Advisory is priced at $199 per year, although you can buy it for $50 to $80 per year through The Big Lie promotion.

  • Standard Subscription (Includes The Battle for America eBook and 4 Bonus Reports): $49
  • Premium Subscription (Includes The Battle for America eBook and 10 Bonus Reports: $79

One year after your purchase, your credit card will be automatically charged the full price of $199 per year. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

What’s Included with Stansberry’s Investment Advisory?

Your subscription to Stansberry’s Investment Advisory includes all of the following:

12 monthly issues of Stansberry’s Investment Advisory

Access to the Stansberry’s Investment Advisory model portfolio (20 to 30 positions)

The Battle for America eBook

Bonus Report #1: The Battle for America Missing Chapter

Bonus Report #2: The Currency Trade

Bonus Report #3: The Bitcoin Quick Start Guide

Bonus Report #4: The Forever Secret

  • Bonus Report #5: Buck Sexton’s new eBook (included with Premium)
  • Bonus Report #6: The No. 1 Gold Stock to Buy in 2020 (included with Premium)
  • Bonus Report #7: The Secret Currency (included with Premium)
  • Bonus Report #8: How to Make a Fortune in the ID Coin Revolution (included with Premium)
  • Bonus Report #9: Data is the New Oil (included with Premium)
  • Bonus Report #10: Two High-quality Stocks Yielding 8% and 10% Today (included with Premium)

Contact Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research is a Baltimore, Maryland-based financial analysis organization. The company offers a range of free and paid financial newsletters. The newsletters provide various advice to investors, including information on stock picks, market analysis, and more.

You can contact Stansberry Research via the following:

  • Phone: (888) 261-2693
  • Email:
  • Mailing Address: 1125 N Charles St, Baltimore MD 21201

Final Word

Stansberry Research has launched a new marketing campaign for its flagship newsletter, Stansberry’s Investment Advisory. In a video and sales page, Stansberry Research founder Porter Stansberry discusses ‘The Big Lie’ people are told about income inequality and the wealth gap.

As part of the promotion, you can subscribe to Stansberry’s Investment Advisory for a discounted rate today and get access to 10 bonus reports and one bonus eBook, The Battle for America, that discusses ‘The Big Lie.’

To learn more, visit online today at

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