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The Great Devaluation by Adam Baratta: Global Monetary Reset Book

The Great Devaluation by Adam Baratta is a new book from Wall Street Journal’s best selling author of Gold is a Better Way that talks about how to embrace, prepare and profit from the coming global monetary reset.


It has been recently publicized that Wall Street Journal’s best-selling author, managing director of Advantage Gold and CEO of Gold is a Better Way, Adam Baratta will be giving away his latest book called, “The Great Devaluation” for free. To purchase this book, a VIP referral from Revealed Films is needed.

As for the reason why the financial expert’s book is being offered for free, it simply rests in the fact that he, alongside Revealed Films, wants investors to be kept in the loop. Given the 2020 economic hurdles, this guide would be important now than ever before.

Once the public launch of his book takes place, Baratta will also host a live webinar, which is part of the VIP package. This is a webinar that one cannot miss, as Baratta’s gold recommendations in the past all skyrocketed soon-after similar events like this. With that in mind, here’s everything there is to know in terms of what the VIP Access entails.

What is The Great Devaluation?

The Great Devaluation is a book written by Adam Baratta, where the expert reveals everything there is to know regarding the upcoming economic shift or “global monetary reset.” In fact, he believes that individuals can still find profitable opportunities during this turmoil. In Baratta’s words, this book will serve as a “post-coronavirus” blueprint that can potentially secure and rebuild one’s wealth. To him, the stock market crash of 2020 is nothing in comparison to what’s to come.

Who is Adam Baratta?

Adam Baratta is viewed as one of America’s leading gold investors, market analysts, and authors. As the CEO of Advantage Gold, Baratta built his company to the point where it has been ranked the “#1 Most Trusted Gold Firms in America,” by TrustLink for four consecutive years. He even runs a private platform specifically designed for elite gold investors; at the time of writing, it housed more than 7,000 members.

What makes his actions noteworthy is that he never keeps anything to himself. In particular, Baratta has been sharing everything he knows with students around the world by participating in a number of conferences and seminars. Besides these platforms, the expert also recognized as the author of “Gold Is a Better Way: And Other Wealth Building Secrets Wall Street Doesn’t Want You to Know.”

Why is the upcoming monetary reset crucial?

Baratta deems that the next phase of the 2020 crisis will be far more damaging to the financial systems. The argument made here is that the dollar is currently in a bubble that is sure to burst. Thus, the consequences are anticipated to be worse than that of the Great Depression.

Although a devalued dollar is unthinkable, and many might feel that this is just a scare, Baratta trusts that it is soon approaching. Not only because of excessive money printing, but also due to:

Asset bubble formation caused by speculative investing and excessive debt

The Evident wealth gap, which is likely to create economic and political instabilities and shifts in mindsets

Ongoing populism, more specifically, social unrest and “disgust with the status quo”

Increased tariffs, which limit free trade

The Buffet Indicator was at 155% in February of 2020, which implies that the market is overvalued.

All that being said, Baratta believes that the dollar’s value is set to drop by 50% in the time to come, and this is sure to affect one’s model portfolio.

What's The Great Devaluation trying to say?

The Great Devaluation includes Baratta’s predictions on what the central banks and governments might do as a result of a devalued dollar. Individuals who get hold of this book will come to learn:

  • What’s to come as a result of “out-of-control spending” and “money printing”
  • 3 steps to protecting one’s assets and how to grow one’s wealth regardless of this issue
  • Shocking truths about the actions of the Fed at this very moment
  • Actionable items towards survival

What will be offered through Adam Baratta’s VIP Access?

In addition to the free pre-order copy of The Great Devaluation, which will be shipped the week of August 4, individuals will also get the VIP All-Access Event Ticket to the book launch webinar. As a bonus, one will be able to sit through a 90-minute summit that compares and contrasts all of Baratta’s predictions to what already took place.

What's The Great Devaluation worth?

The Great Devaluation ($24.99) along with Baratta’s 90-minute seminar ($79) and a VIP ticket to the Great Devaluation webinar ($24.99), is worth a combined $113.95. However, as a limited time offer, he is presenting these three sources of knowledge for free.

How to claim Adam Baratta’s VIP Access?

To claim Adam Baratta’s VIP Access, including all three gifts, individuals will have to reserve a spot by filling out a form here. Upon completion, a member of his team will reach out to confirm the order and address. Bear in mind that shipping is only free within the U.S.

Final Thoughts

Since COVID-19, many countries across the globe feared not only the health consequences but also financial insecurities. According to Baratta, things are not looking so great, and financially speaking, it could worsen one’s condition. To protect oneself from such hardships, he is currently offering his most-recent book for free, which educates individuals on how to embrace and prepare for what’s to come. Besides this book, he is also setting up two webinars: one for the book launch and one covering his predictions that came true. Adam Baratta’s VIP Access is a great opportunity to take advantage of, and likely to bring some sense of clarity. To learn more about The Great Devaluation, click here.

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