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The Profit Wire Review: Dave Gonigam’s $32 Million Prediction

A review of The Profit Wire by St. Paul Research’s Dave Gonigam who has a new $32 million prediction to tune into before the news breaks.

The Profit Wire has launched a new marketing campaign featuring editor Dave Gonigam’s $32 million prediction for August 31.

In the marketing campaign, Gonigam claims he’s about the expose a secret moneymaking opportunity that could help you quickly get rich and earn up to $54,000 within the next six days. To learn about the prediction, you need to subscribe to The Profit Wire.

Should you subscribe to The Profit Wire? What will you learn as a subscriber? What is the $32 million prediction? Find out everything you need to know today in our review.

What is The Profit Wire?

The Profit Wire is a financial newsletter published by St. Paul Research, a Baltimore-based financial analysis firm. The newsletter emphasizes making big trades before news hits the market.

The newsletter is led by editor Dave Gonigam, who previously worked in newsrooms at Fox, CBS, ABC, and NBC. Now, he’s flipped to the other side, helping investors discover the latest news before the media tells the rest of the world.

According to St. Paul Research, The Profit Wire’s investment recommendations can lead to big paydays. Here’s how the company describes the newsletter:

“This one-of-a-kind project uncovered a secret that can predict big news events… before they’re released to the public. The beauty of this system is that it only takes one simple trade. Then once the big news is announced, you could walk away with a huge payday.”

By subscribing to The Profit Wire today, you get a bundle of bonus reports, training guides, and other digital products.

What is the $32 Million Prediction?

As part of a 2020 marketing campaign, The Profit Wire’s team has launched a page discussing the “$32 million prediction” for Monday, August 24 (although the date appears to change regularly).

According to Dave, you have less than one week to capitalize on a huge moneymaking opportunity. Dave claims to have inside trading info: he claims to be one of four people aware of a major news story that will hit the investment space within the next few weeks.

Dave calls it the $32 million prediction because, in the promotional video, he’s surrounded by tables of cash worth $32 million.

Dave claims investors who follow his investment advice can earn huge returns in as little as a week:

“Up until days ago, I was one of only FOUR people who had access to this sensitive information. As far as I know, it’s the ONLY document that could help alert you about big money news…Days…Weeks…Even MONTHS ahead of the media. Giving you the chance to collect HUGE paydays like $8,900, $11,400 or even an exceptional $54,000 as soon as this upcoming Monday.”

How can you make $54,000? What’s the insider info that Dave claims to have access to?

Dave claims his trading success is linked to a quantum indicator called QIT-4. This indicator can predict massive news stories, surprise earnings announcements, major FDA clinical trial results, mergers, takeovers, acquisitions, and more. Investors who have inside knowledge of these news stories can make big investment returns.

According to Dave, his team is disclosing a QIT-4 quantum indicator for the first time ever. This indicator suggests something big is about to happen with a specific publicly-traded company, and Dave wants his followers to take advantage:

“You can target the stock knowing that a MASSIVE story is likely about to be released. Then you cash out a few days later, potentially with a windfall fortune. As you’re about to see…While these news events were completely unpredictable in the past for anyone outside of company boardrooms…This indicator has finally leveled the playing field when it comes to wealth creation.”

Obviously, there are plenty of financial newsletters that claim to have insider information that will help you get rich quick – and The Profit Wire seems to be suggesting having similar information.

The Profit Wire’s sales page adds that the world is rigged against ordinary investors, and that this trade is your chance to get equal. Rich people and executives tell their friends about insider information all the time, helping the rich get richer. With The Profit Wire’s new QIT-4 indicator, it’s a chance for ordinary investors to get a piece of the action.

The video and sales page describes a system you can use to consistently identify winning trades. They claim anyone can use this system. It involves options trading and spotting big media news stories before they happen.

What’s Included With The Profit Wire?

As part of a new promotion, The Profit Wire is bundled with several bonus products, eBooks, and reports. You get access to the report explaining QIT-4 trade recommendations, for example, and how to take advantage of various investment opportunities.

Here’s what you get with a subscription:

Monthly Issues of The Profit Wire: The Profit Wire is delivered once per month. Each issue aims to identify a breaking news story before it reaches the media. By investing based on this news, you can purportedly generate huge returns.

Weekly Issues of In The Money: St. Paul Research has a free newsletter called In The Money. Subscribers to The Profit Wire get three issues of the newsletter every week. In The Money features Alan Knuckman, Greg Guenthner, and Dave Gonigam discussing the biggest market makers and shakers.

Daily Issues of 5 Minute Forecast: St. Paul Research also has a free newsletter called the 5 Minute Forecast. The daily newsletter rounds up market news for every trading day.

Access to Model Portfolio: The Profit Wire’s subscribers get access to a model portfolio. Every Thursday, Dave sends an update about his model portfolio, his outlook on open positions, and any action he plans to take that week.

Flash Profit Alerts: Dave sends an urgent alert for ‘flash profit’ opportunities. When Dave believes it’s the right time to buy or sell a specific stock, Dave sends an urgent email explaining the exact steps to take.

Urgent Alert: How To Claim Your First $14,826 Profit Wire Before The News Breaks: This report explains how QIT-4 alerts work, including how you can invest on insider knowledge to unlock huge gains.

A QIT-4 Trade Recommendation: Dave uses an alert system called QIT-4 to identify major news stories before they happen. When a stock flashes green with a QIT-4 alert, it means a major story is about to break for that stock. Dave sends weekly QIT-4 trade recommendations to The Profit Wire’s subscribers.

Bonus #1: Passcode to The Profit Wire Command Center: Subscribers get access to The Profit Wire’s command center, which includes live events, news analysis, and investment breakdowns, among other information.

Bonus #2: Join the 1%: How to Win the Lottery, Live Happily, and Avoid Going Broke: This report explains how to “potentially take home a bonus like $14,826 each and every week from the comfort of your own home” by following Dave’s investment recommendations.

Bonus #3: The Quarterly State of the World Economy Report: This report, delivered once every three months, rounds up international market news and analysis from the previous quarter, highlighting major changes investors need to know about. It’s an in-depth breakdown of the global economy paired with easy-to-read graphics.

All Access Pass to Riches: 4 Tools of the 1% to Grow Your Gains: This brief 20-minute report explains the biggest investing mistakes people make after a major news story is published, The Profit Wire’s method to reduce risk in markets by 75%, and the three-step process “for a $1.59 million check in just three months”.

5-Part Training Series: In this video training series, Dave and his top analyst walk investors through the process of making a trade, including how you can get started with just $500 and set yourself to make money “regardless of what the market is doing” and “even if there’s a market crash”.

These products are all digital. After signing up for your subscription to The Profit Wire, you’ll immediately gain access to all of the materials above.

The Profit Wire Pricing

The Profit Wire is one of the costlier financial newsletters sold by St. Paul Research and Agora Financial.

1 Year Membership: $2,000 per year

It’s unclear if your subscription will be automatically renewed. With similar financial newsletters, your subscription is automatically renewed one year after your initial purchase. Contact the company in advance to avoid an automatic renewal fee of $2,000 or additional charges.

The Profit Wire Refund Policy

The Profit Wire does not have a refund policy. Once you have paid your $2,000 membership fee, you cannot obtain any type of refund.

About Dave Gonigam

The Profit Wire is led by editor Dave Gonigam. Dave has been the managing editor of The 5 Min. Forecast since September 2010. He has worked with St. Paul Research’s parent company, Agora Financial, since 2007.

Prior to joining Agora Financial, Dave had 20+ years of experience as an Emmy award-winning television news producer. Today, he uses that newsroom experience to predict market-making news stories for followers of The Profit Wire. Just like a news wire, The Profit Wire aims to alert investors to the biggest and best profit-making opportunities before they occur.

You can view Dave’s LinkedIn profile here. Between 1987 and 2007, Dave worked as a newswriter, executive producer, or director for various television stations across the United States.

About St. Paul Research

St. Paul Research is a financial newsletter company operated by Agora Financial. The Baltimore-based company offers several free and paid financial newsletters, including free newsletters like The Daily Edge and In The Money and paid newsletters like Breakthrough Technology Alert, Daily Double Club, and Seven Figure Signals.

You can contact St. Paul Research via the following:


Phone: 844-362-3697

Mailing Address: 808 St. Paul St., Baltimore, MD 21201, USA

Final Word

The Profit Wire is a high-priced email newsletter that claims to help ordinary investors get rich quick. By following the investment recommendations of Dave Gonigam and his team, you can purportedly earn returns as high as $54,000 in under a week.

The Profit Wire makes big claims about its investment guidance, yet it refuses to back up these claims with any type of refund policy. It’s unusual to spend $2,000 on a digital newsletter – and not receive any type of refund if you’re unsatisfied with the information.

If you like the idea of The Profit Wire and trust Dave Gonigam’s QIT-4 system for spotting major financial news before it occurs, then you can subscribe today via the official website.

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