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Trade360 by TradeSmith: One-Stop CrowdTrading Investment Platform

A simple overview of the Trade360 CrowdTrading Platform from TradeSmith for investors looking to add active social trading features for financial markets they may be interested in buying and selling within.


In a recent presentation, host, Jared Kelly expounded on a code that supposedly predicts when to enter and exit the stock market. Established back in 2017, he affirms that it recently protected several individuals from submitting to the economic effects of COVID-19. During this session, Kelly joined by software architect and expert, Keith and investor, Whitney Tilson.

As the trio covered the ins and outs of the stock market, existing indicators, and useful software, an algorithm-focused system and more popularly known as TradeStops, it is deemed capable of:

  • Tracking investments and alerting investors when to buy and sell
  • Saving investors time, money and risks
  • Pinpointing when a crash is coming
  • Using trailing stop for each stock to determine perfect sell dates
  • Indicating the length of buy hold/sell
  • Indicating how much to buy/sell and what to buy
  • Predicting without considering the sentiment

This system alerted Tilson of a new buy calling, which he wants to share with everyone. How can one gain access to this free recommendation? Now is the best time to introduce Trade360.

What is Trade360?

Trade360 described as a platform that offers a “360-degree support” when it comes to financial health. More specifically, designed to educate individuals on different approaches to picking stocks. Much of the work is said to be completed, which is what makes this service unique. All Trade360 tools come with guided instructions.

What does Trade360 include?

Trade360 is said to include the following tools:

#1. Proprietary volatility trailing stops: The volatility trailing stops tool indicates the best time to sell a stock.

#2. Red light/ green light indicator: The red light/green light sign tells investors whether an inventory can be sold or bought, respectively.

#3. Alerts: Investors can choose to set alerts so that they are sent directly to one’s phone or email. Also, there are re-entry alerts, which indicate whether a stock has finally entered the “green zone.”

#4. Position size calculator: This calculatorwill compute the optimal position size for each stock based on one’s respective portfolio.

#5. Risk rebalancer tool: As the name suggests, this tool for helping reduce the risk of one’s portfolio in simple click-and-choose steps.

#6. Market health tool: Rather than having a tool that assesses one stock at a time, Trade360 supposedly houses the market health tool, which analyzes the entire market and spits out indexes that support “buy mode.”

#7. Ideas Lab tool: This tool helps individuals so no longer have to wonder which stocks to buy. Based on the embedded algorithms, individuals are likely to be presented with a list of buys.

#8. PureQuant Portfolio Builder: The PureQuant Portfolio Builder supposedly builds a “fully-allocated, done-for-you model” within minutes. Individuals will simply have to identify their preferred sources of investment ideas, feed them into PureQuant and, as a result, it should tell one how much to invest, and the number of stocks one should have.

How to set up Trade360?

According to the claims made, the set-up is as simple as syncing one’s respective brokerage and investing accounts and importing any existing newsletter subscriptions. These could include that of Stansberry Research, Empire Financial Research, or Altimetry, to name the least. In doing so, each newsletter’s model portfolio will be kept in  Trade360.

How much does Trade360 cost?

To get access to all of the tools mentioned above, individuals will have to invest $2,599 for one year of Trade360. The cost is reduced from the retail price of $3,499. In addition to this, individuals will gain access to

  • One year of Empire Investment Report (free)
  • The Recovery Portfolio (free)
  • 30-day full credit guarantee in the form of TradeSmith
  • Special Report #1: 10 Stocks to Profit from the Coming Market Upturn
  • Special Report #2: How to Know the Exact Day to Buy These 10 Popular Stocks
  • Access to the training center

What is Empire Investment Report?

Empire Investment Report is a monthly research service based on Tilson’s approaches to picking stocks. In particular, he will go over his investing ideas and how these align with that of Trade360.

What is The Recovery Portfolio?

The Recovery Portfolio is Tilson’s fully allocated model portfolio that houses ten stocks (i.e. five low risks and five aggressive) approved by Trade360. Once individuals become a member of Trade360, this portfolio will be accessible. Bear in mind that trades still need to be placed manually.

For more information on the perks above and how to go about placing an order, individuals can contact member services representatives at (866) 275-5537 or by visiting

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Trade360 contains a suite of tools meant to support individuals’ trading needs. Developed by the TradeSmith team, offers the tools include understanding how much one should invest, quantities to purchase/sell, and figuring out which sectors are worth investing in among several others. Though a membership price of $2,599 may seem like a lot, it also comes with a monthly newsletter called Empire Investment Report, which is led by Whitney Tilson.

Tilson is an investor, former hedge fund manager, newsletter publisher, and philanthropist. According to existing members of the Empire Investment Report, he usually recommends large-cap U.S. stocks with a holding period of 3 to 5 years. This service is only free for the first year. Hence individuals will have to decide whether his goals align with one’s own. To learn more about Trade360 and Empire Investment Report, click here.

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