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Warren Buffett’s #1 Private Investment: Casey Research’s Strategic Investor by Dave Forest

Casey Research has launched a new marketing campaign for Strategic Investor featuring Warren Buffett’s #1 private investment.

By subscribing to Casey Research’s Strategic Investor today, you can learn about private investments made by Warren Buffett that could lead to gains of 7,991% or higher.

What’s the story with Warren Buffett’s private investments? Can you really earn gains of 9,000%? Find out everything you need to know about Casey Research’s Strategic Investor and their new Warren Buffett marketing campaign today in our review.

What is Strategic Investor?

Strategic Investor is an investment analysis newsletter published online by Casey Research.

The newsletter is led by geologist and investor David Forest, who emphasizes making calculated and strategic investments to maximize returns.

Through the Strategic Investor newsletter, David shares strategies for assessing stocks, consolidating positions, choosing a position, and speculating.

Strategic Investor traces its history all the way back to 1983 when Casey Research founder Doug Casey published a book called Strategic Investing. Today, David Forest and the Strategic Investor team aim to share the best investment ideas, stock recommendations, and market analysis with subscribers.

As the official Strategic Investor sales page explains:

“Right now, there is a huge shift happening in the markets…huge distortions that we are ready to take advantage of. Most investors ignore these… in fact; most can’t see them at all. They stick their money in an ETF and call it a day. Then they don’t understand why they’re perpetual losers. Value investors… trend followers… they also have blinders on. Our advice allows you to emerge a victor from the financial battlefield of the future.”

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at Strategic Investor’s 2020 marketing campaign featuring Warren Buffett’s private investments.

What is Warren Buffett’s #1 Private Investment?

In November 2020, Casey Research launched a marketing campaign for Strategic Investor featuring Warren Buffett’s #1 private investment.

The marketing campaign consists of a lengthy video and sales page featuring investment analyst Rachel Bodden.

In the presentation, we learn about specific investments that have historically shown gains of 2,487% to 7,991%, including how ordinary investors can experience similar gains for as little as 15 cents.

Here’s how Bodden begins the presentation:

“Today’s show is a special one. It starts with an in-depth look at Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, one of the richest men on the planet, with a net worth of $80 billion. Today, we’re going to discuss one of his least-known wealth building techniques…It’s a strategy that he’s never revealed in-depth to the general public.”

To be clear, Warren Buffett is not associated with Casey Research or Strategic Investor in any way. Strategic Investor has no inside knowledge of Warren Buffett or Berkshire Hathaway. As far as we know, Warren Buffett is unaware that Strategic Investor or Casey Research exists.

It’s no secret that Warren Buffett has made large investments into private companies to build his $80 billion fortune.

Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway have famously invested in Coca-Cola, Apple, Southwest Airlines, and other notable companies over the years.

However, did you know that two of Warren Buffett’s most successful investments were not stocks at all? Here’s how Bodden explains it:

“…you probably didn’t realize that two of Buffett’s most lucrative investments of all time weren’t stocks at all. They were a specific type of private investment that netted him a combined $27 billion — almost twice as much as his return in Coke… and more than 10 times his total return in Southwest Airlines… Buffett even used this technique to grab 46 million shares of Kraft Heinz for 1 cent apiece.”

Bodden describes this investment strategy as “a weird loophole” hidden in the SEC’s trading code. We’ll talk more about that loophole below.

What is Warren Buffett’s Private Investment Strategy Loophole?

Rachel Bodden and the Strategic Investor team describe how Warren Buffett has used a loophole in the SEC’s code to get rich.

That loophole has historically been reserved for the ultra-wealthy. Today, however, it’s accessible to average investors for as little as $0.15:

“…while this private investment was reserved exclusively for the ultra-rich for decades…It’s now — finally — also available to you and me… starting for as little as 15 cents. You see, thanks to a weird loophole in the code of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the average investor can now take advantage of these once-private deals.”

The loophole does not involve:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Options trading
  • IPOs, pre-IPOs, or venture capital investing.

To describe the loophole, Rachel introduces Dave Forest of Strategic Investor. Dave Forest talks about an investment asset called warrants, including why warrants are available to ordinary investors for the first time in decades.

What Are Warrants? How Do Warrants Work?

Warrants are investment vehicles that have been around for about 70 years. Historically, warrants were reserved for the wealthiest, savviest investors.

Today, thanks to a change in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s code, ordinary investors can access warrants.

Dave Forest claims warrants are the easiest way to make a ton of money:

“And the way I trade warrants couldn’t be simpler. They’re some of the easiest transactions you’ll ever make. It’s not some complex, risky, and overly technical strategy. In fact, it’s the easiest way to make a lot of money that I’ve seen in my entire life. Warrants give individual investors a direct way to profit like Warren Buffett, right from their existing brokerage account, with securities that can cost a dime or less.”

The presentation mentions the massive returns investors can expect to earn by trading warrants. Some warrants have earned returns of 2,487% to 7,991% in recent years, for example.

How Do Warrants Work?

The Strategic Investor team describes warrants as a get rich quick tool, allowing ordinary investors to earn huge returns with limited risk or downside.

Obviously, it would be best if you were skeptical whenever someone promises to help you get rich quickly. So what are warrants, and how do they work? Will you actually get rich quickly by trading warrants?

As The Street explains, a stock warrant is a financial contract between a company and investors.

When an investor buys a warrant, the investor has the option to purchase a company’s stock at a specific price and by a specific date.

When you hold a stock warrant, you can choose to receive newly issued stock from the same company that provided the warrant. After a certain date, the warrant expires, although you are still allowed to make a stock warrant purchase (through common stocks) at a later date if you choose.

Historically, warrants were used as a “sweetener” – like a type of stock but better. Companies would reward employees or high-value investors with warrants.

The main advantage of a warrant is that it allows you to buy a high-flying stock at a discount price.

Let’s say you buy 5 warrants for Company X today. Those warrants have a strike price (the agreed-upon price) of $10 apiece, close to where Company X is currently trading. Over the next five years, Company X’s stock increases to $1,000 per share. However, you can still buy the company’s stock for $10 apiece, netting you instant profit.

Of course, what Strategic Investor doesn’t mention is that you can also lose money with warrants: they’re not a guaranteed moneymaking vehicle or get the rich quick scheme.

Let’s say you buy those same 5 warrants for Company X today, giving you the ability to buy shares for $10 apiece anytime within the next 5 years. 5 years from now, Company X is only worth $0.01 per share. Your warrants are worthless. In this case, you’re considered “out of the money” because the strike price is significantly higher than the actual price of the stock.

Two other major downsides of a warrant stock are the lack of voting rights or dividends.

How Much Money Can You Make with Warrant Stocks?

Strategic Investor’s presentation is filled with bold claims about the amount of money investors can expect to make from warrant stocks.

As mentioned above, warrant stocks are not a guaranteed moneymaking vehicle: like ordinary stocks, warrant stocks can go up or down. You could make money or lose money with warrant stocks, and returns aren’t guaranteed.

Nevertheless, Strategic Investor’s team enthuses the potential gains of warrant stocks, including the hugely successful warrant stock trades made by Warren Buffett over the last few decades.

Some of the advertised returns on the Strategic Investor sales page include:

Aurora warrant stocks rose 1,529% in 80 days as the cannabis company exploded with growth

An anonymous hedge fund operator made 23,737% using warrant stocks while the S&P rose 1,008% over the same time period, beating the index by 23x

As Barrick’s stock went up 69%, private investors who bought warrant stocks made 15,000% returns, a 217x better performance than the common stock

Xilinx’s special warrant stocks went up 2,117%, while its public stock rose 100% over the same time period

Dave specifically describes how his readers have made gains “as high as 3,194% with warrants,” claiming that readers have turned $1,000 investments into $31,940

As mentioned above, Dave Forest believes warrant stocks are “some of the easiest transactions you’ll ever make” and are “not some complex, risky, or overly technical strategy.” He describes them as “the easiest way to make a lot of money” that he has ever seen – and now he wants to share his warrant stock investment tips with the world.

What’s Included with Strategic Investor?

If you subscribe to Strategic Investor today, you get access to Dave Forest’s guides on warrant stocks, investment recommendations, and other guides.

Here is everything included with a new subscription to Strategic Investor:

12 Monthly Issues of Strategic Investor: As a Strategic Investor subscriber, you receive one new issue of the financial analysis newsletter every month. Each month, Dave and his team provide market analysis, investment ideas, recommendations, and more.

Model Portfolio: Want to track the specific trades made by Dave Forest and the Strategic Investor team? Want to buy and sell the same stocks they do? Subscribers get access to the Strategic Investor model portfolio, allowing them to track the portfolio's performance over time, copy the positions, and enjoy returns as high as 3,194% through warrants and other assets.

Urgent Profit Report #1: The Warrant Play Set to Triple or More: This eBook explains how arrant trading works, how ordinary investors can get involved, and the specific plays investors can make to maximize profits and minimize risk while trading warrant stocks.

Urgent Profit Report #2: The 2021 Gold Spike Action Plan: Strategic Investor recommended gold for months. In March 2019, the firm predicted gold would rise to $1,500. Today, gold is worth more than that. This eBook features the top 5 gold and silver stocks to consider buying right now. Dave claims these stocks “could rise 500% or more.”

5-Video Course: Dave Forest’s Warrants Master Course: This course walks you through warrant investing, including how to look for the ‘W’ codes in your current brokerage account and start buying warrants today. After following this course, Dave claims anyone will be able to “profit from warrants even if you just learned about them in this presentation.” Dave claims readers have earned returns of 3,194% by following his warrant advice in the past.

Bonus 3-Volume Profit Library: Strategic Profits Library: This 3-volume bundle lists the best four tech stocks to buy right now, in-depth research on America’s upcoming economic book, and other investment recommendations for investors who want to make huge gains in a short period of time with minimal risk.

Access to Past Issues & Reports: As a Strategic Investor subscriber, you get access to the company’s complete library of past reports and guides, including every report published by Casey Research.

Strategic Investor Pricing

Strategic Investor is priced at $49 for your first year, then $129 per year thereafter:

1 Year (12 Issues): $49 for your first year ($129 per year thereafter)

You can cancel your subscription at any time. As a new subscriber to Strategic Investor, you receive all of the bonus guides listed above.

Strategic Investor products are all digital. There are no physical products or physical books included with your purchase. All content is delivered digitally to your email inbox.

Strategic Investor Refund Policy

Strategic Investor comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

You can request a complete cash refund within 60 days if you’re unsatisfied for any reason.

About Casey Research

Strategic Investor is published by Casey Research, a financial analysis and publishing firm founded by Doug Casey.

The company offers a range of financial analysis newsletters, including Casey Daily Dispatch, The Casey Report, Crisis Investing, Strategic Investor, and Strategic Trader.

You can contact Casey Research via the following:


Email Form:

Phone: 1-888-512-2739

Mailing Address: 55 NE 5th Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33483

Final Word

Casey Research has launched a new marketing campaign for Strategic Investor. That marketing campaign discusses how Warren Buffett has used warrant stocks to make billions of dollars – and how ordinary investors are increasingly taking advantage of warrant stocks to make huge returns.

Dave Forest of Strategic Investor explains how to invest in warrant stocks, which warrant stocks to buy and earn returns as high as 3,000% by investing in the right warrant stocks.

Overall, it would be best if you were wary when someone promises you large, easy, risk-free returns in a short period of time. However, Strategic Investor has a 60-day refund policy to back up its claims. You can buy a subscription, then return it within 60 days if you didn’t make huge returns in that window.

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