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Weiss Ratings Safe Money Report: Next Phase of 2020 Collapse

The Next Phase of 2020 Collapse presentation by Weiss Ratings features the Safe Money Report on how to protect your finances and build wealth safely during the financial pandemic and collapse of 2020.


Weiss Ratings has launched a new marketing campaign discussing the ‘Next Phase of 2020 Collapse’. By subscribing to the Safe Money Report today, you can learn how to prepare yourself for the impending catastrophe.

New subscribers to Safe Money Report receive a bundle of reports discussing the 2020 crisis. These reports present the weakest and strongest banks of 2020, stocks to avoid during the crisis, and why you should invest in gold and silver.

What is the Collapse of 2020? Is the Safe Money Report worth the subscription? Find out everything you need to know about the Collapse of 2020 and Safe Money Report today in our review.

What is a Safe Money Report?

Safe Money Report is a financial analysis newsletter published by Weiss Ratings. The newsletter emphasizes making safe, smart investments to protect your wealth in any market condition. Subscribers receive one issue of Safe Money Report per month.

Weiss Ratings is a business analysis firm founded in 1971 by Martin Weiss. The company assigns ratings to companies based on hundreds of factors – similar to how Moody’s, S&P, A.M. Best, and others rank organizations. After auditing a company’s financials and analyzing other factors, Weiss assigns a rating. The firm has been operating since 1971, although they recently branched into the online financial newsletter space, publishing newsletters like Safe Money Report and others online.

By subscribing to Safe Money Report, you can purportedly capitalize on significant opportunities, get extra profits, and discover the latest market news and analysis from the Weiss rating team.

As part of a 2020 marketing campaign, Weiss Ratings is bundling a series of reports and eBooks with Safe Money Report. New subscribers receive instant digital access to a range of eBooks that help them prepare for the ‘Collapse of 2020’.

What is the Collapse of 2020?

According to a new video and sales page, investors can prepare themselves for the ‘Next Phase of 2020 Collapse’ or the ‘Collapse of 2020’ by taking specific actions today. Investors can buy gold and silver, for example, sell individual stocks, and take their money out of individual banks. The package of reports explains how investors can do all of that to protect their portfolio.

Altogether, the Collapse of 2020 bundle promises to help you:

  • Find financial safety in an unsafe world
  • Build a protective firewall around your stock and bond portfolio
  • Safeguard your retirement
  • Avoid losses in real estate and business

Take advantage of some of the best crisis profit opportunities you may ever see

The collapse of 2020 eBooks & Reports

To help you prepare for the Collapse of 2020, Weiss Ratings is bundling a package of reports and eBooks with Safe Money Report. Those reports and eBooks include all of the following:

2020 Financial Pandemic: Your Guide to Financial Safety: This eBook teaches you how to protect your savings, investments, real estate, and other assets you own, giving you “the keys to defending your regular brokerage account, 401(k) or IRA.” The report highlights powerful tools you can use to insulate your stock portfolio and real estate assets, including specific instructions on what to buy and what to sell.

The Weiss Ratings ‘X’ List: America’s Weakest and Strongest Banks: You put your money in the bank and assume it will always be there. Unfortunately, banks can and do fail. During an economic crisis, banks with too many bad loans could be forced to declare bankruptcy. This report highlights the banks that can weather the storm – and the banks that cannot.

Weiss Guide to Prudent Gold & Silver Investment: It’s no secret that gold and silver are safe havens for investors during times of crisis. This report explains how (and when) to invest “a reasonable portion of your wealth” in gold and silver bullion. The report particularly recommends buying smaller denomination coins because they’re easier to spend in a crisis.

America’s Weakest and Strongest Stocks & ETFs: This report highlights the ETFs that have consistently beaten the market – and the overrated ETFs that have done the opposite.

Bedrock Income Portfolio: This report highlights the ‘best of the best’ income investments recommended by Weiss Ratings, including the companies that have achieved the highest ratings from Weiss Ratings.

Dynamic Income Portfolio: In this report, Weiss Ratings discloses investments that can quadruple the S&P’s returns and “turbocharge the income” in your portfolio “without adding wildly excessive risk.”

Overall, Weiss Ratings describes this package as “everything you need to safely grow your wealth today.”

How Investors Can Prepare for the Collapse of 2020

According to Weiss Ratings, here’s how investors can prepare for the impending ‘Collapse of 2020’:

Step 1) Sell approximately half of all stocks or stock mutual funds in your brokerage account, 401(k), or IRA, focusing on the most vulnerable assets first (check the endangered list included with your Safe Money Report subscription).

Step 2) Buy hedges like DOG, an ETF that rises 10% every time the Dow Jones drops 10%.

Step 3) Wait for a strong rally in the market to unload the rest of your vulnerable stocks.

Step 4) Stash your cash in a genuinely safe place, “even if it pays zero interest” (the Weiss team recommends buying 13-week Treasury bills).

Step 5) Check the safety or your bank. Your bank might seem fine today – but some banks inevitably fail during any crisis.

Step 6) Buy gold bullion bars and coins. Weiss has been recommending gold since 1999, and it’s up 450% since then. Weiss expects the price of gold to rise even higher during the next crisis.

Step 7) Buy the right stocks and ETFs. Weiss recommends avoiding the weakest stocks and ETFs while investing in the strongest.

Safe Money Report Pricing

Safe Money Report is available at two membership levels, including a Standard ($29) and Premium ($59) membership.

Standard ($29)

One year digital-only subscription for Safe Money Report

  • 4 bonus reports

Premium ($59)

One year digital and print subscription for Safe Money Report

  • 4 bonus reports
  • 3 extra reports

Both subscriptions automatically renew one year after your initial purchase.

What’s Included with Safe Money Report?

Subscribers to Safe Money Report get access to all of the following:

Monthly Issues of Safe Money Report: Subscribers get one issue of Safe Money Report each month. The report highlights current market conditions, smart strategies for investors, and new opportunities to safeguard your portfolio. The report emphasizes safe, long-term, low to medium-risk investment strategies.

Bedrock Income Portfolio: Subscribers get access to Weiss’s list of the best-rated assets to help your portfolio earn income in any crisis.

Dynamic Income Portfolio: Weiss also gives subscribers access to their Dynamic Income Portfolio, which highlights investments that can quadruple the S&P.

Flash Alerts: Subscribers receive flash alerts when market conditions occur that demand attention now.

Bonus Report #1: Weiss Ratings Daily Briefing: Free daily newsletter from Weiss Ratings discussing current market conditions, including what to expect from markets today and tomorrow.

Bonus Report #2: The Weiss Ratings ‘X’ List: America’s Weakest and Strongest Banks: This report explains which banks could fail – and which banks almost certainly will not fail – during the next crisis.

Bonus Report #3: Weiss Guide to Prudent Gold & Silver Investment: Easy to follow steps on how, when, and where to invest wealth in gold and silver bullion.

Bonus Report #4: America’s Weakest and Strongest Stocks & ETFs: This report lists the best ETFs for any market condition, including one ETF that has been the market 5 to 1 since 2007.

Bonus Report #5: Four Horsemen of the American Apocalypse: Protect Yourself and Profit (Included with Premium): This guide explains how massive debts could cause the next big crisis to unfold. It explains why a disaster could occur – and how to protect your wealth, your real estate, and your retirement if it does happen.

Bonus Report #6: Shield Your Wealth in Terrible Times (Included with Premium): This report explains step-by-step strategy investors can use to shield their wealth in good and bad market conditions.

Bonus Report #7: Oil & Energy Fire Sale: 12 Super-Energy Stocks Selling for a Pittance (Included with Premium): This report describes how to invest in oil and energy stocks while the assets are at record lows, allowing investors to “take advantage of bargains the likes of which no one has seen for almost 30 years”, according to Weiss Ratings.

Access to Q&A Webinars: The Weiss rating team holds periodic webinars where they answer questions and discuss current market conditions.

Safe Money Report Refund Policy

Safe Money Report has a one-year refund policy. You can request a refund at any point in your one-year subscription – even “in the very last minute of your subscription” if you are unsatisfied.

You have 30 days to request a complete refund on your automatic renewal, which is charged one year after you first purchased Safe Money Report.

Contact Weiss Ratings

Weiss Ratings is a Florida-based business analysis firm. You can contact the company via the following:

  • Phone: 877-934-7778
  • Mailing Address: 4400 Northcorp Parkway, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

Final Word

Weiss Ratings has launched a new marketing campaign for its financial newsletter, Safe Money Report. The marketing campaign discusses the upcoming ‘Collapse of 2020’, highlighting some of the disastrous things that could occur by the end of this year. The company explains why certain things could occur – and how to bulletproof your investment portfolio to protect your assets.

Investors gain access to all of these reports by subscribing to Safe Money Report today.

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